Staff vs. 1h and OH PvP

At work so I can't really look up all the goodies that com eon the items but I'm curious as to how much I would gimp myself by taking the PvP staff instead of the 1h and OH that I seem to see everyone have? I can't stand the looks(or lack thereof) that comes with 1h/oh, I much rather prefer the staff, seems more castery. Just wondering if it's only a marginal difference in stats/enchantments or would I be missing out on a a lot? Thanks peeps.
The +40 int OH enchant is the only big difference.
Staff looks amazing but it is a loss of stats. In the end it doesnt really matter but if you wish to min/max, the 1h/oh combo is the way to go.
I wish they would put a socket or increase the stats on 2h's a bit. PvP gear(or really, top level gear for that matter) should be more about personal preferences/looks than about which item is mathmatically better. I think I'll be taking the staff anyway, the differences probably won't make THAT much of a different heh. Thanks for the replies.

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