A Brief History of Alterac Valley

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Fully support 100%. Man this thread brings back so many memories. The only thing that sucks is that even if they were to do it I've gotta wait. Man I miss the old AV. Seriously blizz, you're looking for good ideas for pvp and the greatest idea of all is already done and stored somewhere in house. Just needs a little TLC and you've made a huge portion of your customer base completely stoked.

If there's one thing I've always loved about AV is playing in the 51-60 bracket (shame for the Death Knoobs of course) was a massive turtle. I hate zerging the enemy boss and ignoring other players. It's just boring as hell. I'm here to PvP, not farm honor.
I agree 100%

I miss the old AV days when it was an epic battle and not a race to who can cap towers.
I look back with joy upon the endless hours of fun I spent in classic AV when I hit level 60 on this Warlock (first toon). I got to exalted with AV rep before continuing my leveling, it was just too much fun.

Here is a series of screenshots I fondly label as "The Last Charge of the Frostwolves", but I am honestly not sure if this was just before the change or if I am simply being emotional and forgot when these screenshots were taken.


Bring back AV!
All I have to say, is yes please.

PVE: Epic Raids, quick 5 mans.
PVP: Quick Arena's, Quick BG's

Give us our epic back.
I remember the first day I played AV, I called off of work it was so crazy. It's a shame stuff like this isn't in the game any longer. Long live vanilla.
In almost 7 years playing this game this is probably the most well done thread I ever seen. Not only vote positive guys but request stick as well.

Its awesome we got true players fighting to get AV back to what it should be. Would sugest also posting this at the general forums and keep it bumped.
Please bring back the old incarnation of Alterac Valley!

EDIT: /sign
awesome post I had almost forgotten how great it used to be it changed so much.
I would love to see this in the game since I sadly missed out on the original version. /sign
I agree with this on so many levels. There is a reason why the only PvP faction I am exalted with is the Frostwolf clan and old school AV was it.
happy days ever In old Av i remember the first time i went it, it wast just a fealing that finaly i find the perfec game to play, now i waiting to feel that again...
I concur.
Yes, I for one supports this worthy cause. AV as it stands now is just a trivial race-to-the-end-boss game. It is unexciting and pointless as a PvP battleground. Might as well turn it into a PvE instance that forces the party to kill all NPCs before they reach the end boss.

Unfortunately, it is my belief that Blizzard wants to keep all BGs short and sweet so that players get no chance whatsoever to farm for HP, and thus keep the player base playing and paying for a longer period. Sadly, Blizzard has forgotten that the fun factor is what gets the players to keep coming back for more.
As stated before, Blizz is killing this game with shear stupidity, Av is just one of the many examples. True pvp no longer exists in the world of warcraft, what blizz considers pvp is the "zerg rush". Its sad to see this game die, but this is one of the many changes they need to make in order to restore it to its former glory, But they wont....
This is one of the best posts I have ever read on this forum.

The message is straight forward and true. It was written in a style that had me eager to read each sentence with anticipation. The facts are all correct. The ideas (whether Foury's or not) are all welcomed and backed by logical explanation.

I support this post and it's message to the developers.
Thanks for a wonderful post, Foury.

Dear Blizzard Development and Blizzard Management,

I hope that you have taken the time to read this thread and will take heavy consideration to the thoughts, messages and ideas conveyed within.

Zanaz (Horde Shaman since 1.0)

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