A Brief History of Alterac Valley

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Man, what I wouldn't give to once more defend the Druids from the Horde onslaught as they attempt to summon the mighty Ivus in the Field of Strife! :.D
09/01/2011 04:06 PMPosted by Kosh
Man, what I wouldn't give to once more defend the Druids from the Horde onslaught as they attempt to summon the mighty Ivus in the Field of Strife! :.D

One of my fondest Alterac Valley moments in this game was when they mistakenly put the Cataclysm brackets and numbers in. We were losing by quite a lot - after 30 minutes we'd finally lost Balinda, Icewing and Stonehearth Bunkers and were now pushed back into Dun Baldar.

We managed to get the druids out to summon Ivus and they went over the bridge... and cleared the Horde for us all the way back to Iceblood Graveyard. We lost 3 druids, but it was amazing none the less. We eventually won the game after an hour total, thanks to the druids. :)
I never experienced AV till wrath unfortenetly. Seeing as how I LOVE world pvp and huuuuuuge battles and the idea of using actual tactics and strategy in a BG just seems wonderfuly epic.


If they stopped wintergrasping/tol barading and just put the old AV back as some sort of weekly with the old AV quests serving as weeklies.....have to be better and easier than a new map.
I would be in that....I think it's a great idea. I hate the zerg mentality of AV players. The old AV was fantastic fun and one came away feeling like one had really played ones best, win or lose. This new game is no challenge, just rushing to the end and getting sworn at and insulted when ones team loses.
Man how I miss the old AV, lets bring it back in one form or another.
I hope that we get some type of response from Blizzard over this topic.

I hope that in the next Dev Q&A they will address AV.

I hope that Foury's great crusade is being taken seriously.

I hope that we get proof that what we say matters.

I hope for Vanilla Alterac Valley.

I know at least four people in real life who would renew their subscriptions to WoW if I told them they were bringing back Old AV, because we all were diehard fans of the BG and used to fight together. We all ground to High Warlord and ripped it up together as our self-made special ops team in that BG (Formed a guild called Shock Troopers and traveled in a pack when we could get together.) We spent days in that wonderful place.

Now I am the only one of us who plays anymore because unlike them, I have hope that PvP will be restored to its original glory. Perhaps one day the Shock Troopers will fight again.

I love this thread.
I love this thread and agree 100% with the OP. Old AV was immaculate and truly epic. It is my favorite memory of World of Warcraft and I have participated in just about every aspect of this game over the years.

In fact, my displeasure with PvP in general has caused me to cancel my account for long periods of time on two occasions. I hate arenas and small scale pvp, and nothing has been the same since old AV was nerfed into oblivion.

Blizzard, you'd have me as a paying subscriber for life if you brought old AV back or a new BG with the same type of hours long battles that I miss so greatly and got many of my friends into this game.
My favorite battle ground now is Alterac Valley in a HUGE turtle..I just wish it couldve lasted longer...
If I could make love to this thread, I would.

Go Foury!
This is just so beautiful......
I will not let this thread rot i will bump this each day!
Thank you for your effort in making this topic. It was a great read. Sadly, it's all for not. Blizzard simply does not care. Not for PVP, not for PVPers. At one time they may have, but with their current development team, all they have time for is PVE content. Raiders are the favorite children of this game, there is no denying that. There is no changing it.

If Classic AV were brought back ten, even five months ago I would have stuck with the game. But now it's not worth it. No matter what happens, I'm leaving this game behind. Blizzard will not bring back this epic battleground because they are too busy making new raids and dungeons.

Hell, we aren't even getting a new battleground for the very last patch of the expansion, leaving us with two remakes and an island with some quests that nobody cares about. Hand-me-downs and broken toys. Yeah. I wish you the best of luck with your campaign. Maybe if the subscription losses get to a critical point, they'll fire Greg Street and bring in a developer who knows how to handle this game. We can only hope.
Believe. Blizz has showed signs of caring sporadically. Remember when the marks of honor were taken out and we got rewarded for having them? That could have been the first step on the road to AV redemption.
Until I see a Blue post I lost all faith that anything will ever change for the better in the PvP community. Blizzard is more occupied with making the next shiny "thing" that will hold our attention for a week and then it'll be same old !@#$ different day.
In every single AV I've been in I haven't seen a single Horde player. Ever.
Awsome post, just awsome and I support 100%. Keep fighting the good fight.

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