A Brief History of Alterac Valley

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Blizzard has been quick to accommodate the gogo kids by gradually stripping AV in to what it is now.

The biggest slap in the face is when AV takes 20 minutes and people start freaking out about how long it's taking to win...
Old AV please come back!
AV's that lasted the entire weekend.

Summoning Ivus.

Snowballs on the bridge....

Rockin good times!
I think Blizz should turn over AV development to Foury. If anyone can fix it then he can, and he has the conviction to do so. He's been at it for a while now, and I don't think he's going away till he gets what he wants. ;)

Keep it up, Foury!
I came in at the end of the glory days of AV. I did not expereince the day long battles but did enoy the hour long battles. There are days I dont want to quest and I dont want do pve. I just want to do some pvp, and I would prefer the old style AV. I would like to see it off the random Q list. I couldnt get most of my friends to go in with me because of the time it took, but I didnt care and went anyways.

AV is the most mourned for BG in wow. It is so bad now I never Q directly for it and dread it when I do get it in randoms. It is almost always about zerging now. The few times people break the zerg and we have to slug it out, feels me with fun memories. I hate how they yell out now ( we ust need to down 2 towers and can win this), and that is from the ones who sort of care. More often you hear, lets zerg and get it over with.

Out of habbit I find myself quite often defending a tower or gy. I just hate riding past a tower and seeing only one of our guys in it waiting for it to cap, or seeing a freshly taken GY with no one defending it while it is capping.

I wonder how anyone gets the achievement today where you have to take a tower defend a tower/ take a graveyard defend a graveyard / kill somebody on the field of strife. By the time towers start getting taken the game is almost over with. It is almost suicidal to try to kill somebody on the field of strife because if rush out to meet the other team, chances are you ran out by yourself and they will just use you as a speed bump as they zerg.

Great Post, wish blizzard would take your advice.
I really enjoyed classic AV a great deal

It was a very epic large-scale battleground. It was definately more about the experience than the other honor gained. People who just wanted to chain battlegrounds often did other ones because AV *could* be protracted.

New AV is very disappointing as are Isle of Conquest and Strand of the Ancients.

Isle is basically about which force is able to kill other the other force's vehicles. If glaives die to a bunch of rogues blowing Cloak of Shadows/Evasion and zerging down the glaives...Alliance lose. If the glaive throwers survive alliance usually win. Its fairly boring and usually very short and formulaic.

Strand of the Ancients is very disappointing from a 'veh pvp' standpoint. Vehicles are not very complicated or interesting. They generally have 1-2 abilities and are used to knock down doors or walls. PvP that heavily involves vehicles has basically ended up in PvP centered around CC'ing/slowing vehicles and killing vehicles.

I guess *my* answer to developers as someone who's played the game since release...and played it competitively at a higher spectrum of play...is that "No I'd rather you hadn't dumped time in Strand and Isle of Conquest...they're not at involved or fun as old AV".

I feel like the people who develop/manage PvP changes really sold out people who like to PvP for the sake of doing PvP. Instead the changes tend to cater to people who PvP just to obtain PvP *gear* as fast as possible by getting in an out. I understand PvP isn't very fun when you die in 5 shots from other players in no resilience gear...and that you need to PvP in order to get PvP gear. All that said...once you have your' set of honor PvP gear or your set of Ruthless armor...AV really holds very limited appeal in contrast to Arathi Basic...Warsong Gulch...Gilneas...Twin Peaks...even Eye of the Storm...battlegrounds that *feel* like battlegrounds.
Pre-2.3 AV was some of the most fun I've ever had in this game. Foury, you have my full support!
/sigh I give up.

This is what we are asking for, and WoW is just not gonna give it to us.

Every two weeks, three worlds are matched together for a battle.[1] The match-up favors matching worlds of similar strength or ranking. A world's rank increases as it wins more often.[2] During combat there is no direct way for these worlds to communicate with each other.[3]

There will be one battlefield upon launch which will be broken up into four sub-maps: an initially neutral central zone, and a home map for each of the three worlds participating.[4] Each map is filled with resources and objectives which can be captured by a world, including castles, fortresses, mercenary camps, mines, lumber mills and villages. These sites, with the management of their capture and defense, allow teams of all different sizes to find a way to participate. For example, larger groups or guilds may take or hold keeps, while smaller group sizes or even individual participants might assist by disrupting supply caravans, weakening defenses, or capturing other objectives that will stop reinforcements.[5] Maps will also be populated with defensively-oriented NPCs to set the pace of gameplay, but their presence is to allow defending players a chance to join in the defense as opposed to being a credible or reliable threat.[6] WvW will not only feature PvP, but also PvE content and dynamic events.[7]

When a new match begins, players can join at any time to start from their home map and capture locations there. Resources gained from mines and lumber mills are used to rebuild walls, create siege engines, and generally defend the world's fortress. Once they move to the central map, players joining will start at their world's portal keep. From there they may continue to capture objectives while dealing with players from other worlds seeking to invade opposing home maps via the central map zone.[4] Thus, play will travel between the central map and home maps as worlds gain and lose footholds such as keeps and strategic points that influence bonuses for their home world. At the end of the two weeks, the match concludes, the rank of the world is updated, and a new match begins.

the epic battles were so much fun, every inch of snow ment something, and the cavalry would push 1 side back causing them to lose precious ground, i remember the air support blowing people away, and were either great for defense or a must-kill for offense. i also miss collecting the items off the enemy players for turn-ins, i would love to see this come back for those of us who actualy do pvp for fun
To the OP, this was a well reasoned and wonderfully written post that does an excellent job exploring the issue in detail. Although the post is biased in that it is advocating for a certain position, I feel you do a fair job exploring and addressing the other side of the issue as well (people who don't want it changed or like it short etc.). I really hope that Blizzard takes the time to read this post and voice their feelings on the issue, even if their response isn't good news. For my part I would personally love to see an old-school version of AV return, I have very fond memories of those days even though ret pallies were not particularly powerful at the time. Thanks for taking the time to write this!
I personally hate the fact that there is a time limit on everything these days. Most great games In life, such as Chess, ain't over til the last move is made and the last pieces are taken down. This is what AV used to be like. Not only in av, but just about in EVERY BATTLEGROUND, people strive to avoid pvp at ALL COSTS. Like the dumb alliance dodging BS and going LM at the start of every AB even though anyone above 1k rating KNOWS bs is the best base to grab. Or rushing the mine, a much worse option. Same thing with alli going docks while horde goes WS in isle of conquest EVERY GAME. It's not even a battle anymore.

OLD av must be brought back.. Epic day long battles, vicious NPCs, and huge turtles were WHY people queued. People knew what AV was when they queued. If they didn't like it, they could leave. Bring old AV back. At least keep the new and make old an option on the list if ur so proud of ur sad creation, blizzard.

Also a big part of the problem is converting honor to JP to get pve gear. This brings alot of bad pvers to our games who carry with them a disease I like to call "a losing mindset".
They come in and say right off the bat, let them win. Get rid of conversions and I promise you will see more pvp in ur BGs. Not like u care much blizz. Ur too busy revamping and nerfing the latest raids so the weaker pvers can keep up.
Also a big part of the problem is converting honor to JP to get pve gear. This brings alot of bad pvers to our games who carry with them a disease I like to call "a losing mindset".
They come in and say right off the bat, let them win. Get rid of conversions and I promise you will see more pvp in ur BGs. Not like u care much blizz. Ur too busy revamping and nerfing the latest raids so the weaker pvers can keep up.

I seriously doubt the "losing mindset" is a result of being able to convert honor to JP. You can easily get way more JP by just doing super easy heroics while getting valor points as well. It is also important to note honor -> JP comes at an inflated cost of 350 -> 250.
This guy still sits at level 60 in memory of all the wonderful time I spent in old AV. He'll be wearing his Alterac Valley tabard forever in remembrances of the great times that are now long past.........but never forgotten.

Oh how I wish I could return to those days....
Hey Foury you should take this article to General section, where Blizzard can take this seriously!

10/09/2011 10:00 PMPosted by Drownage
Hey Foury you should take this article to General section, where Blizzard can take this seriously!

Sadly someone already did and the full entire thread was deleted.

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