A Brief History of Alterac Valley

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In many case, instead of creating a new BG how about fixing the ones like AV. I know many who miss AV but wont Q for it directly because of its present state. Even I get down when I chose random and get AV. I tell myself to stick with it because it will be over faster than the deserter penalty, and who knows, maybe it will turn into a real fight.

I'm still wearing 90% of the gear I wore during the glory days of old AV. Those were truly awesome battles, and win or lose.....it was epic to the very end.

Blizzard, I don't care if you ever do anything else to this game again, but if you recreated old AV as it was, I'd be playing WoW for life just for the pure fun of that BG. No rewards, no honor points, no nothing.....it was all about the epic clashes.
Great job OP, and thank you for spending your time being so thorough. I'd love to see your suggestions come true. The zergfest that AV becomes at this stage of an expansion is a terrible thing to behold.

Blizz, please bring back classic AV. And yes, even at the cost of one fewer city of new battleground. It would be like adding a new BG in any event.

Great thread that expresses the sentiment of many of us that fought the great epic battles of Alterac Valley in its early days.

Too much was taken away from that battlefield and with it the "Fun" factor went as well.

None of us think that was the intention of Blizzard when they re-designed it multible times.
But never the less ... that was the end result.

The best designed battleground with goals that required intentional multible PvP action became a fluff fest where premeditated PvP was cried about in chat by the huge influx of 12 year olds with the attention span of a wilted houseplant.

"Give me honor and I want it now so I can dress my toon before bedtime" ... became the goal and Blizzard caved to these punks.

The biggest problem was that ... once these kids outfitted their toons ... they didnt play anymore.
Besides other thngs demanded thier time as well ... Wii, Xbox ... and of course cheat codes so that they can finish those games before bedtime as well.

This thread is representative of many players that have been with this game from the start.
We've stayed through the many buffs and nerfs to our toons as well as the game itself.

I think that counts for something as well.
This thread brought back every classic AV mem i have /cry

I fell in love with that bg, i avoid it now since its so bad
Back up top!
I hate av right now b.c its all about zerging players. I argue with players about defending galv but they refuse all they care about is zerging and that cursed achievement. every time we get to vann someone pulls him without a full group as players are trying to get inside the base and vann and his guards destroyed the raid and of course we didn't cap any GY so we are brought back to the cave. But Horde players rather had quick loss then a long win.. that what piss me off. I am tired of this av I want the old AV that is all about slaughter players all day with elements or air support /bump
I will never stop bumping this thread, FOR ALTERAC VALLEY.
10/11/2011 12:15 PMPosted by Rïçhîè
I will never stop bumping this thread, FOR ALTERAC VALLEY.
May I suggest a sort of reverse-queuing system for players wishing to leave the Classic AV?

Meaning: Right click leave battleground and it puts you in queue until someone from outside queues to enter. When that player queues, an interface appears showing the option to accept to leave AV for the person wishing to leave, and the person outside gets an interface similar to the dungeon finder queue pop up to enter.
Back with more bumps.
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