A Brief History of Alterac Valley

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This thread needs to stay on the first page so that Blizzard will remember Alterac Valley has problems. It seems like they keep forgetting that.
Old AV was the BEST. Nothing like it in any other game much less WoW, yet Blizz did away with it! WHY?!
the problem is guys, classic AV is from classic wow. they are two different games completely, just skinned the same. now, that type of battleground is too confusing and labor intensive for the average player. instead we must drive tanks up a road that leads directly to a giant gold titan portal with walls to break down on the way.

they know they need to do something about pvp. or else when swtor is released, they will lose any and all serious pvp'ers instantly. if you have played the beta, you will agree. i feel like there will be some effort to bring back that organic pvp feel. how they will go about it i have no idea. but at least they know what worked, and certainly what failed. it shouldnt be too hard.
That was truly an amazing post. Sadly i didnt get to experience Av in its glory days but i agree with you wholeheartedly. I sometimes make comments in Av about trying for a turtle or say something about how fast the game is over and im met with such comments as "it takes to long" "turtling is boring" "i want honor". and i always reply yess rush rush towers rush rush drek avoid all horde(im alliance) is soo much more fun than killing horde. often times people agree. most dont. most that dont are the dumbass that run straight to drek and say "all in all in" with all of our towers up......makes me really disappointed sometimes
I'm trying a different tack this time.

"A Treatise on Bluetip Threshers"
Blizzard is a classic example of a very successful company with poor management. They don't care about what the customer wants as long as the money keeps rolling in.
As one senior staff member was purported to have said: " shut up PVP guy"
Bump to the top don't ever stop!
What a swell thread.
As long as this is taken out of the random que, I wouldn't mind queing up for this when I have the time.
/signed in full t3
With the long lost Azshara Crater and world pvp makeing a come back in MoP, maybe AV will come back in a patch or a later xpac but my hope is high.
Blizzard, now is the time you can rectify the mistakes you made with Alterac Valley over the years.

You know it needs to be done.

You know we want it.

You know that many players would return who long play the battleground that was epic.
This BG was everything back in the day, and with an expansion like Mists of Pandaria coming out, and being based around the fight between the Horde and the Alliance, I have to once again bump this thread because this BG symbolizes everything that a BG should be.

We still want AV 1.0.
I remember summoning the elemental lord TWICE... it was !@#$ING AWESOME! but now the matches are so short, I don't think it's even possible to do now. I would love classic AV again, right now when I get AV, I think of it as a pest, and i'm already thinking "Can this be over all ready? this is just a %^-*ing rush game now, then a chance to see if a few people recap."

I want a BG to party in, this one, not any other, this one. I'm fully PvP geared(Or at least as much as I can through Honor, and I would LOVE old AV as a past time.

[SUGGESTION] To help encourage people to que for AV, make sure people can que for both Random BG's and Classic AV. (Optional): Allow AV que timer to continue if you're accepted into a random BG que (like AB)

Classic AV was so enjoyable and adventurous, I wanted to mutalate corpses and take their body parts, and siphon their blood, because I WANTED THAT DAMN ELEMENTAL GOD!
I have to say, nothing has been as much fun for me in this game as AV was. The rivalries, the guilds queuing up just because they heard that certain players/guilds from the opposing faction were in AV. The 3 day long slug fests where you would go to work come home sleep, go to work again and come back and AV was still going on. I absolutely hated when BG's were decided to be cross servers.

The rivalries were so much more intense when you were battling the opposing faction from your server, instead of random Legollaz_334_from some server you have never heard of.
I am back with more bumps.

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