A Brief History of Alterac Valley

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08/06/2011 02:14 PMPosted by Arkaam
Guess ya can't please everybody,AV is one of my favorite bg's. Lot's of space,different ways to win,great landscape to hide and ambush and just a total slugfest most of the time. I love it when it's call to arms.

Thank-you for sharing a dissenting opinion in a reasonable, well-thought-out manner. Most people who dislike Classic AV feel the need to state it in rather brusque terms. It's refreshing to see someone who disagrees politely.

I do wonder, though: Did you happen to play AV prior to the Burning Crusade? If not, given the descriptions available, would you consider trying it out it if both the current and classic AV battles were available to play? It has all the elements you enjoy, plus a whole lot more.

Alterac Valley has grown stale and boring.
We are campaigning to bring back all the NPC's and to remove it from the random queue.
If this interests you, check out the discussions happening below.
Join the Call to Arms.

"Why Isn't AV Fun Anymore?"
"It's Time for Some PvP Lovin'!"
"A 'Brief' History of AV"
Amazing post. I have posted a few in the past to bring back AV to its former glory and every patch/expansion I'm genuinely disappointed.
08/06/2011 03:41 PMPosted by Wiggletoes
First, triple the HP and damage output of the guards, both warriors and archers.

It has been suggested that they are made as challenging as the mobs around Tol Barad. With longer matches, players would buff these NPC's over time, eventually making them level 87 mobs. With the current scaling, level 87 mobs are quite tough.

Second, simplify the summonings for both sides so people actually summon them.

While we want players to actually do the summon quests, we want them to still be a bit of a challenge. Ivus and Lokholar should come out from time to time, but not every single battle.

Third, buff the Horde defensive structure in their home base so it rivals the bridge of Doom.

Or possibly have Frostwolf NPC's aggro onto any players who try to run through the village, similar to how Horde must slay the majority of the residents of Dun Baldar to make it to Vanndar.

Alterac Valley has grown stale and boring.
We are campaigning to bring back all the NPC's and to remove it from the random queue.
If this interests you, check out the discussions happening below.
Join the Call to Arms.

"Why Isn't AV Fun Anymore?"
"It's Time for Some PvP Lovin'!"
"A 'Brief' History of AV"
- Update Drek'Thar's model to reflect the fact that he now fights from the comfort of his wheelchair.Reason: Because it would be awesome, and because it makes sense lorewise.

I approve of this entire post.

Particularly this.

Drek'Thar needs to learn that he must spend his millions of gallons of blood and pounds of flesh on an Elemental or perhaps Restoration respec.
Signed, Old AV was amazing and now whenever new AV pops for a random I can't help but to say WOOF and hope it ends quickly so I can do something more fun.
I had a thought about AV map udating. Think of barrens. can you stroll along it completely as a lowbie? nah, there's a river of lava and a fissure there. Update AV with a couple things: a visit from deathwing, possibly replacing the syndicate with twilight hammer, and the trolls with a set of hatchers. field of strife could be made molten pothole on the sides that funnle pwople closer (but not enough to be rawred by a ring of frost) and such. there's a bit that could be added into the lore with cata.

Also i had read in other posts that PVP doesn't get as much with expansions. this is true. the WOW tcg had a grip on how it should be done, they devoted block to pvp.
classic block
Arena and PVP
they made 3 packs, 3 very good packs around the workings of pvp, including arena and battlegrounds.

I am mainly a raider, and pvp on the side for the enjoyment. I would like to get either classic AV or even a lore updated AV.

Having played the old AV. I will 100% agree that now it is horribly stale compared to what it used to be. Isle is also fairly weak although I guess it is better then what AV currently is. Strand was fun the few times I got to play it in Rated BG's, but for Pug/random que's....its just terrible.

All the other BG's besides thoes three are awesome.

Halla? The one in Nagrand was meh...the bombing was not really fun at all.

Wintergrasp. Towers + Siege... I wasent a fan. And the fact that the underpopulated faction basicly always lost was weak.

TB. I got to play this on a low population where it was basicly only 5v5 or 10v10 at the most which was not very interesting. I recently went to a high population server where there are some good 60 vs 60+ battles which are fun. The battleground still seems abit off though. Every game is just one big rotation of both factions between the bases untill some side slips up.

PVP battlegrounds could certainly use some TLC by the Dev's
This is just one hell of a post. Makes me smile to see a little bit of my work in there too :D
On the topic of what we can actually do about this:

Does anyone think it viable to start a cross-faction, cross-realm PvP guild?

It would be centralised on a forum with all the current information from these threads separated into editable, stickied posts while adding other information such as a list of guild realm 'chapters' so people could see how they can join/start a new realm chapter.

At the beginning of each AV, a message would be broadcast asking people to join their server's Horde or Alliance chapter with an AV-viable character or visit the website to start their realm's Horde or Alliance chapter. Once enough support is garnered, events can be discussed and coordinated through the forum, obviously keeping these to the ToU.

It's a long-shot, but could it be worth a try?
Agreed. WTB old AV back!
Finally! All you pve geared noobs who think they can pvp with no resiliance in the current bg system can actually be useful. PvE geared players can get the NPCs and the PvP geared can kill the enemy faction.
Foury, your elegant wording of the issue adds volumes to it's effect.

You can relive an ounce of the ancient battle levelling an alt through. You will find the roving battles and massive turtles, every now and again. You will never see the elite NPCs or the elemental lord, however.

Please, Blizzard. I loved Alterac Valley like a child. I loved standing beyond the bridge as an elemental shaman and blasting the enemy team with everything I had. I loved rushing into the enemy line as a warrior, fearing them, and going down fighting. I loved teaming up with a few others and helping to summon our NPCs. I loved the brutal fighting that occurred in the Field of Strife.

These days don't have to be gone.
Followed a link from another thread. Here's my post in that thread:

Been hearing a ton of people talk about this as of late! I'm all for it!

Now I'm not saying they should remove the current version of AV. I understand some folks don't want to be sitting there for hours on end. I say leave the current version in the random queue and add the original as an optional one to sign up for. Perhaps make minor changes to discourage a rush to the boss (buff them big time, perhaps adding in a raid wide buff for downing towers, ect.)

As AV currently stands a good number of people have no clue about half the things that can be done in the battle. Sure it's still possible to do them but it takes so much time and effort that you almost never see these things happen. To me it just seems like a waste :-/
Trying to get discussion going in all the AV threads. Here's another one as well as my post over there:

Horde and AV:

Bottom line is that AV in it's current state is more of a joke than anything. Many changes were made to AV over the years when the old Marks of Honor system was implemented. These changes slowly changed it from the blend of PvPvE that it originally was and slowly made it into a rush to see who gets to the end boss the fastest. One of the key problems this creates however is that the map was mainly designed for Classic AV. Both sides had their pros and cons. This made the two sides balanced in their own ways since you would never reach the other side of the map in less than 5 minutes back before the reinforcement counts were added. With the changes however it's essentially become a BG map where victory is determined by the number of AFK's on each side and who gets to where they need to go first. As some of you have pointed out this leaves the map far from balanced.

Now that the Marks have been gone for awhile now I think it may be time to revisit Classic AV. Sure they can leave the current version in if they really want to do so. However tons of people want the original AV back.

Yeah I know.....vocal minority. The irony in this situation is the fact that I constantly tell people that Bliz has been saying for years that a Vanilla/BC server will never be made. However the situation is fairly different. We're talking about one BG and not a whole server. Let's say the numbers of people asking for Classic AV were equal to Classic servers. Personally it'd be far more cost effective to implement Classic AV than it would to implement a Classic server. The numbers asking for AV would easily fill it up. The numbers asking for a Classic server simply wouldn't.
the need make harder for alliance get to horde base, sense was have go long pass to get to there's.Map unbalance sense day 1 for horde in Av, make hard for alliance get to horde base..because just unfair play on blizzard part!
Allys have straight shot to horde base.
I remember going to bed, getting up in the morning, and joining the same AV game I logged off of the night before. I remember being on Horde and getting killed by a ram lol. Trying to push through the Alliance on their bridge. Old AV was awesome.
Request sticky :P

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