A Brief History of Alterac Valley

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Agree completely with this well-thought out post, please bring old AV back!
I couldn't agree more. But sadly after many years and countless threads and posts of support going unheard or ignored we are still stuck with the terrible AV.

While your post is thoughtful and funny while still being 100% correct I doubt Blizzard will listen.

Why you may ask? One very simple reason good sir:

To revert their changes/bring back old AV would be an admission of failure. Blizzard does not do this on a whim, if ever. It's like finding an honest man in Congress.
I recommend we all submit a Sticky Request. Perhaps that will gather their attention?
101% agree, there was nothing better than jumping into a queue only to find yourself in the middle of a war thats already been waging for hours, jump on your mount and get right into the thick of it. grab your whole raid to help summon the mighty ice lord to slowly crush everything in its path. Lets not forget the dreaded crossing of the alliance north south bunker bridge and all in hopes that you would get to participate in the killing of van/drek because to be honest i think i was only there for the kill maybe 5 times due to the unpredictable nature of the BG.........AND WAIT WHATS THAT?!?!?! hours and hours of time put in and you win.....what a feeling of accomplishment, as if you just killed deathwing himself.


make bg's last 10 min honor farm to show off my gear standing in my main city

as a twink (speaking for the lot of them) we que for bg's not to gain honor but to kill eachother and have loads of fun.Having a classic AV would be amazing since it fits in with the whole point of being a twink in the first place
I had an AV the other day that we won by skipping the mini boss completely, which gave us the lead rushing to cap towers/GY.

We spent more time waiting for towers to burn then anything else. That wait may have been 80% of the time spent in that AV, 15% spent mounted to get there and 5% spent killing anything (I think I had 2hks at the end).

I cried a little inside for the old school AVs...it's now, hands down the fastest BG in the game. Asside from destroying and 5 capping AB right from the start or running wsg for a 3-0 win in less then 5 min. But those are rarities. Where AV, going LONGER then 10 minutes is so rare it's almost unthinkable. Both sides rush, whichever goes faster wins.

It's like turning a marathon into a hundred yard dash...

*edit* I wonder how many people these days even KNOW you can summon a huge epicly destructive raid boss for your side...I have yet to see anything else in game as awe inspiring as summoning that thing was. Oh god the chaos it caused...
Everyone from Twink to Endgamer bump this thread.

Bump it till it hurts!

Everyone request this thread to be sticky, make it be seen.
I just though how amazing it would be if this "Classic" AV was available to low levels.

It would be awesome to see an army of 19's/29's/39's etc. fighting it out in AV for hours or days ....<insert manaical tauren laughter>
vote 1 for sticky thread. also agree with it. It is not often foury that you see someone as disillusioned as yourself and the people you represent putting forth an argument in a well thought. easy to understand and digest argument. I agree with you whole heartedly, I started playing AV before the zerg rush but after the pvpve and I would love to see it come back in some form of glory, Maybe there would be some parts that would be changed lore wise, eg someone suggested twilight cultist instead of trolls. i like the idea of updating it for the sake of the lore while bringing back the mechanics that made it sch a golden place of joy and fun for everyone back in vanilla.

Furthermore everyone on this thread has been polite and positive and tried to provide feedback to our cobalt overlords in a constructive manner and you should all be commended, even the guys who disagree. I just wish you were on my server foury, i would join your guild in a heartbeat to attempt a pre made to try an bring back the days of yore.

EDIT: I also had an idea for classic AV, what about on the AV weekends, rather than AV as we know it, Blizz let the old school AV come out to play. This would keep it seperate from current AV and BG's while also allowing people to truly sample such a delectable dish of a bg
I am just curious. How many people does it take to get Blizzard to finally do what their customers want?

Hell this wouldn't even be NEW content. The ideas etc are already laid out for them. And before any Blue posts: YES, I do want it and YES I don't care if it detracts from other areas of development.
They could have very easily at least fixed a few things in AV with the Cataclysm and it would have even made sense lore wise. First of all if we had a world wide cataclysmic event surely this would have shaken the snow that has blocked off the old areas in the east and west loose and if not surely deathwing lighting it up when he was burning the entire planet would have melted the snow. Also with the Cataclysm they could have changed the landscape inside AV itself perhaps making the ground give way around the horde keep so that to get to drek you have to run up a very narrow sliver of land roughly the same width as a road. Another thing they could do is to make it very simple to summon the elementals, make it where all you have to do to summon them is get x hk's (since that seems to be the new thing) and then you go to the npc to summon it. This would make it more likely that elementals would be brought into play every game and increase the chance that the game would be prolonged. However, Overall I think the OP is right we need the classic AV back, in its own separate bracket, maybe do something interesting like call it Caverns of Time: Alterac Valley and put the "official" entrance to this bg inside CoT, and leave the zergfest Failterac Valley as it is. The current AV seems to have a simple win strategy, cap a forward gy, have maybe 1 or 2 guys at each post along the way capping and then zerg the end boss when his guards die. Or like I did a few times, skip everything cap nothing just run to the boss and take him and all 4 guards out at once (during WOTLK when everything pve and pvp related seemed to be aoe spam = win)
I remember in wrath we were losing one AV game and everyone was QQ'ing about how to slow the allies down, someone suggested summoning the elemental (which I didnt even know about at the time). Well needless to say we summoned him brought him to field of strife and put an effective and decisive end to the alliance zerg. Bodies were flying everywhere and I was struggling trying to hit every ally i could to get an hk off them when he hit them. TL:DR we ended up winning from like a 150 point deficit right off the bat.
Round and round the Field they prance,
Protesting Blizzard's silence.
Horde and Alliance, united in dance.
A fight without any violence.

Foury - I am compelled to pile on the accolates found throughout this thread. Phenomenally well-written, and well-thought, proposal to fix the lowest hanging fruit of the broken PvPeen honor farming environment.

The poem quoted above puts it over the top. Great idea, great forum post. I like this guy. If I ever see him heading my way in a BG, I'll kill him last.
I, too, never got to experience old AV. But I've always loved the idea that there was a BG with a purpose other than "run and kill".

I would love to see people actually work at taking the enemy's side instead of just zerging straight to the boss and calling it good.

Bring back old AV!! ...And get rid of Strand. Sounds like a good trade-off to me. >_>
Sorry I've been so silent these last few weeks. Real-life responsibilities are keeping me busy, and I'm sad to say that I will not be able to take much of a leadership role in planning the upcoming Alterac Valley Holiday Weekend Protest as I will be out of town and unable to log on for any significant amount of time.

I'm willing to write the OP for a new thread explaining why/when we are protesting if someone else takes over the organization of exact time and/or same-realm join-as-group queues (with Preform or something like that).

The fight never ends, but we can't each fight all the time. On August 26 at [Time TBA], there will be a protest involving defending your Captain (and /dancing there as well). Is there someone who would make sure this happens? Again, I can supply a new thread OP if needed.

On a side note: Hezza, that AB was fun. We need to do that again sometime when I haven't just switched my keybindings.

Alterac Valley has grown stale and boring.
We are campaigning to bring back all the NPC's and to remove it from the random queue.
If this interests you, check out the discussions happening below.
Join the Call to Arms.

"Why Isn't AV Fun Anymore?"
"It's Time for Some PvP Lovin'!"
"A 'Brief' History of AV"
Coming Soon: Adopt-A-Turtle Campaign
While I don't have much to add to the discussion that hasn't already been said, I would just like to vocalize (right word?) my support for what was said in this thread.
I've been wanting this for 4 years! Posting in full support!
The Adopt-A-Turtle Campaign has begun.


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