H Rebellious Group2 6/7 Heroic LF Ranged dps

Rebellious Group2 is on the hunt for a skilled Dps to fill out our roster.

Looking for specifically a Shadow Priest with a holy offspec. Must pull 28k+ DPS

Other Ranged dps are encouraged to apply.

Our raid times are Mon-Tues-Wed 9-12 server time.

Must have appropriate gear to hop right into heroic modes.


Contact me here or in game

Still lookin for a Prot warrior or paladin

get at me
nice bumps u got there
Gr2 is trying to advance ahead of Gr1 in bosses and they need a competent tank to do it I have faith the competition will stay alive which group will be first to 7/7 HM Firelands let the games begin....
pretty sure we already passed up g1 bruh
Gimmeh a pro tank Chamon!
Still looking for a paladin or warrior tank
1/7 Heroic woots. Still need a tank!
gartz on h shannox bromandoodskimcmanhammers
Still recruiting a prot warrior or paladin. get at me kthx
WTB Geared tank! We has pie
Bump because i like PIE and because i want a tank!!
H ryolith down /woot
Get these guys a tank... Cool group of people here. Miss playing with them from back in the day on my Druid.
Still looking for a skilled tank
Hey im interested...
but i have not raided FL yet since my old server was trash...
Im a quick study though...
let me know if your interested...
Im afraid we are looking for someone more hardmode ready.

Thanks for considering us, GL and Happy Hunting


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