Wow randomly minimizes itself.

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For awhile now my wow would just randomly minimize, at first I thought it was hardware related or possible OH issue. After some digging around I found that at certain times a windows program would start up in the background.

Now that I know what the cause is I am having a hard time eliminating the problem, or possibly fixing it to the point I wont minimize at the wrong time. The issue is with something called Default IME, which at times leads to different sources, earlier it was Windows Media Player, yesterday it led to another section.

Question si how to I fix the issue, I am running Windows 7 Premium.

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I have seen this problem as well but for me it's only right after I log in and then it never happens again so I have ignored the issue. Does your problem happen teh same way or during game play?
Check your AV program? AVG has been known to cause this on occasion.
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I've seen this problem quite a bit. 99% of the time it was one of two programs causing it.

1) iTunes (most common one) -- It's very strange but anytime iTunes tries to update it steals window focus. I've seen a few of my clients have this issue, and I had it on my personal PC. Nothing comes up, but when it initiates the update process in the background it drops whatever window you're currently focused on.

Fixing it requires you going through MSCONFIG startup items and services and removing any reference to iTunes.

2) Antivirus -- Some AV programs do the same thing when they update or when they start a scan.

Plain and simple -- It's just poor program design (not on Blizzard's part, but on behalf of whoever designed a program to steal window focus when it does something in the backround.).
Thanks guys, for me its not Itunes doing it but tracing it back to its process its Windows Media Player, In Msconfig I would look for the instance or something similar but there is a bunch of windows files I do not have an idea which ties directly to it.

Its an annoying problem that seems to happen around the time we do a big pull or mis boss fight....

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Alright so i think i have the fix for you as i had the same problem. I just built a PC and i thought maybe it was a hardware problem, but turns out its a priority issue. Open your task manager, go to the Processes tab and select the Wow-64.exe. Right click on that instance and go to Set Priority, next put it to high. Close the task manager and open should be fixed now.

By the way you have to run wow in the first place to get the Wow-64.exe to show up under processes.
I have been having the same issue for the past week or two. It has become more frequent, and has been accompanied by an error message when I first click on the WoW icon. it tells me it's unable to start, but when I close the message and click it a second time, it starts fine so I didn't worry about it. I changed the priority list because I am running AVG have read that that is often the cause. What worries me however, is that on this computer when I google the problem and click on the results that should lead me to this page, I am redirected to a real estate or yoga website instead of this forum. This leads me to believe it is a malware related issue. I ran the AVG rootkit scan, with no threats found. I ran a full AVG scan, and two threats were found, and removed. I also ran Malware Bytes full scan with no threats found. Is there an explanation for why I am being redirected? Thanks
i know im responding to an old post, but i have track my issue with it back to skype.

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