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Blizzard i was listning to something about mist of panderia and they have this WONDERFUL idea.
you guys already said you werent doing a netrual faction thing. well for the expansion Mist of pandeira(assuming) you should make panderia a playable race. BUT on the charter creation screen put them in the middle of the horde and allince. you start at island of panderia or whatever. then somewhere in your questing place lets say lvl 10 when ur about to lets say be teleported out of the island by some panda mage you get to chose wich faction you want be on. he will ask you wich city would you like to be teleported stormwind or orgimar. and wichever you chose your on that faction and you contuine lvling there. on the charter creation screen put them in middle like i said and you should put them on the top middle or right abouve the gender area. I think i am postive this is a expansion beacause the code was 009 and 041. Everyone (including blizzard) i suggest you watch this viedoe they have some great ideas. (except the brewmaster class idea lol) Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3WGdj9L5co
The guy in charge of the expansion is freaking out because you just spoiled the entire starter area.
did you ever hear of a magical thing called paragraph?
but indeed, yes.

Great idea however it would cause trouble in pvp

i would personally like pandarens in alliance, though i can see why they would go horde
Your spelling made my eyes bleed.
Please...two elf races is enough.
furbolg alliance ftw
zones in MoP

Pandaria (duh)
Plunder Isle
Maelstrom Makrura and Naga capital

That made my eyes hurt, I'll just pretend I read it all and respond to that.

The beginning of cata was the perfect time to introduce races that could pick their alliance. I agree, allowing pandarens to pick their allegiance would be a great feature, but I'm guessing Blizz would have to completely redo the way they sort factions to make it work. Maybe that's the big surprise in 4.3, but as someone here mentioned some time back Blizz is probably saving the ability to pick factions for the last expansion.
08/06/2011 03:04 PMPosted by Ethenil
did you ever hear of a magical thing called paragraph?

Never mind paragraphs, how about spell checking? There's a handy one even available as you're typing out your posts.

Personally, I would doubt Pandaran will be a playable race. But if it is, it will probably (as with previous races) go to one faction or another, not both.
Are you a wizard?
pandarens will NOT be a playable race, most likely there will be a new class say "monk" and you will be trained at pandaren's island by pandaren monks like you do with DK at ebon hold

anyways, i don't see enough lore on pandarens to sustain an antire expansion, maybe a patch?
i would play a furbolg, idc what side they're on. lol
Are you a wizard?

no he´s a hunter

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