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The original thread capped continuing here.

Here is the link to the original thread

Also for those kind enough to read more of the posts lets vote up others ideas as my space on this post is limited.

The city of gilneas was originally intended to be a battelground. They shelved the idea for whatever reason. Now we have this beautifully designed city just sitting there.

So with all the recent threads about how world pvp is dead and people seem to want it back. Why not use Gilneas as a world pvp hub. Like Hala in Nagrand but better. Have it be completely player driven.

"But Darckshade we could go there and fight now". True but people these days seem to need some incentive(shiny things) to go fight somewhere. So here are a few ideas and if anyone wants to add please do and maybe they might take notice.

1. Players start the combat in some way. Like they do in Hala but not exactly the same.

2. There could be quests that give honor. These quests could be of the kill,gather or escort variety.

3. Full use of the terrain. Fight inside and out of buildings and the use of vehicles. By vehicles i mean like the cannons and small siege weapons used in the quest battle for Gilneas.

4. Increase honor gained for kills in the city. Not a ridiculous amount just enough to peak a pvper's interest.

5. Have vendors that offer unique rewards not attainable through battlegrounds or arena. They do not have to be uber weapons or gear but cool things you could not get any where else. Also no things that will become outdated quickly or things only usable in that area such as potions.

6. Add a continent wide buff for the holder. It could increase xp,honor, or whatever. Just needs to be good enough to get people to want to hold the city.

7. No time limits for battles. Do not restrict the players let them fight. By time limits i mean having to wait an hour to start another battle. If a faction wants to hold the city they have to be ready to fight at any time to keep it.

8. Limited or no flying within the city. If you come to fight you fight. If you want to leave hearth or hope you make it out of the city. Basically you could fly in but not mount a flyer once you land. As well as there should be guards to dismount players from flyers.

9. No sanctuary or a very small one. Come to fight or don't show up at all.

10. There should be a portal to the city. The portal could be placed where all the new zone portals are located in the 2 factions capitals.

11. Players are automatically flagged upon entering the city.

12. The conditions for victory in each section could change with each battle. There does not have to always be one way to win. Switch it up and keep it interesting and the city would be less likely to become a dead zone.

13. Guards should patrol. Not to say some stationary ones would be a problem but with a city like this it would add some surprises.

Those are just some ideas. Please feel free to add some if you got them. Maybe if it were to work they could add something like it in kalimdor.

Addition: With concerns for off hour times and server imbalance. One solution could be to set a limit to how long a faction can hold the city. So battles could start at any time but if one side holds for to long the city reverts after a set period of like 2-4 hours.

Or add a debuff to the holder after a set amount of time. That way if one side holds it for a long amount of time it would give the other faction a shot at taking it.

Addition by Boatmurdered: Make it like a city siege like Halaa where it can be done anytime, and that Npcs for the faction that control it guard the city sections you own. The city is easily divided into sections via bridges so it wouldn't be hard to do.

Example you control the chapel district. There's an indicator at the top of the screen that tells you how many guards remain in that area. Once the guards are down spawn a mini boss like say a chapel reverend, and once he's down then the area shifts to enemy control. Put different vendors only when you control a section in different areas to encourage pvp all over the place.

Addition by Jayjcat: Use phasing for imbalance issues if possible.

Addition by Stagnome: As it is the worgens homeland they could receive some buff. Nothing major maybe a movement speed increase or something fun but would not tip the scale in their favor.

Addition by Gerente: Each district gives a separate buff and is guarded by elite NPCs (this way soloers can't take the whole place over during off peak) the ultimate goal is to take over the entire 4 districts which in turn would grant the full continent wide buff.

Addition by Chillywindy: Have siege type battles on the outskirts of the city. Something that could affect one sides capabilities inside the city.

I like this idea as it adds room for more people and makes the battle feel less confined. By that i mean it would really feel like war. A real war would take place all around.

Edit: I will update this post with any suggestions people might have to make this something Blizzard might consider.

Edit2: If you like this idea please like the post. Lets get Blizzard to take notice.

Addition by Fraydin: I think there should also be 85 resources as another incentive. For example, remember that mine in the Wogen questline? Why not just stick a good amount of mining nodes in there and a few around the island. There could be herbs in places like the Blackwald. The whole zone could become an open PVP area with the city being the epicenter.

"But Fraydin, won't people just fly around and avoid each other?" Not if they disabled flying mounts. Think about it, have you ever flown around the whole zone? there are so many cool places that have never been seen by 90% of the game's players. With the resource nodes mentioned above, it would force people to run across each other and fight for them.

Keep in mind as well that the city has three entrances. That would be able to discourage people from keeping the opposing faction out of the city.

Addition by Cyirria: Also I would like to see Formations of NPC that fight each other aswell.... I love in Northrend when you have the Forsaken archers attacking the Ally camp.

This is good as it would add a dynamic feel to the area. They can be npc that hurt players and vice versa but not overpowered. Adds to making it feel like a war to have npc fighting each other.
Oh good, I saw that it was capped and just made my own thread demanding it be
Keep supporting guys!
Agree with you guys, right now, what we need is something new, not just to add World PVP in Gilneas, but there are plenty of locations to do it too :), but...
For now, let's just focus on the idea of the World PVP on Gilneas, if they extended the cap, maybe they will do what we want and deserve, let's hope and wait, but please, if any of the Developer's are reading this, make something new, not just recycle other ideas, there are too much things no other MMOs added yet, and you could make it here :)
Nice iniciative and Idea, Darckshade :D

*Posted this in the other topic, posting here too :), Great idea, and keep supporting folks o/
I still support this x100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

08/07/2011 07:39 PMPosted by Vincere
I still support this x100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
I posted on the first page of the first thread and here I am again to show my support!!

Thanks for that. Lets keep the ideas flowing in as well.
Sounds great!

Perhaps to help prevent one faction keeping it indefinitely, each district could start fortified in some way, with extra guards, barricade type things and cannons etc. But once destroyed they don't respawn until the district changes hands?
Very interesting, I like it.
There could be like 5 (random number) Sections of the city. And they all could be individually captured. and say if the Alliance have the city. The horde could slowly move up and capture each section. Just and idea.
A few of the rewards could be mounts. Everyone loves mounts.
This must happen!
You deleted my suggestion. :O

Other than that, I still agree with everything here. I just rode around Gilneas today imagining the epic battles there.
You deleted my suggestion. :O

Other than that, I still agree with everything here. I just rode around Gilneas today imagining the epic battles there.

Didn't delete them just have to re add them.
How about adding titles that are earned from honor kills in gilneas? Perhaps also add some vanity pets, and maybe even some "fun" items that can only be used while your faction holds gilneas?

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