Gilneas, An idea for world pvp continued.

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i don't want this weird faction balancing stuff they added to WG or TB

i mean it sucks for unbalanced factions but it added realism

who ever heard of this: "halt soldier, you have to wait until one of our enemies enter the battle before you go" in a war?
08/10/2011 10:17 PMPosted by Deathkilledu
this idea is radical yo bumping
Sounds awesome. Then we can really put those dogs in their place.
08/10/2011 09:17 PMPosted by Fleurselle
can you add mine to the list or are they not good?

It's not that i have a lot of real life stuff going on lately. So i haven't been able to keep an eye on this thread as much.

Also even if it doesn't make it on the OP does not by any means indicate someones idea is not good. There have been a lot of great additions by people on both threads.
Phase 1: Attacking faction has to take mines for resources to make siege vehicles.
Phase 2: Attacking faction must protect siege vehicles to get to the gates of the city, then take down the gates (assuming there are gates).
Phase 3: Horde vs. Alliance with NPCs pooring in through the gates with players fighting each other (healing NPCs included).
Phase 4: Attacking faction must control each section, gaining a buff each time, defending faction also has a buff for the sections they control.

This could all be started at any time, and not scheduled time like TB/WG. Likely whenever a faction can get control of a node, likely mines, when the chain would start to assult the city. But if the defending faction can wipe the offence and take back the mines and siege creation... place... it will start over, but the guards don't respawn untill defending faction takes the section again. The walls won't be repaired untill taken down either.
this thing is falling down the charts i need to post to bring it back up jeez
08/07/2011 07:22 PMPosted by Darckshade
6. Add a continent wide buff for the holder. It could increase xp,honor, or whatever. Just needs to be good enough to get people to want to hold the city.

I would say full world, since Horde is mostly based in Kalimdor. And it should award both extra XP and Honor.

08/07/2011 07:22 PMPosted by Darckshade
7. No time limits for battles. Do not restrict the players let them fight. By time limits i mean having to wait an hour to start another battle. If a faction wants to hold the city they have to be ready to fight at any time to keep it.

Same problem, Horde have a disadvantage. In ALL major cities (So we're not forced to sit in SW/Org all day.) there should be portals to Gilneas City. Such as having one in Ruins of Lordaeron....Not sure about Orgrimmar, but I'm sure they can figure it out, next to Genn in Stormwind Keep, Howling Oak of Darnassus, etc.

Otherwise, GREAT IDEA, but I doubt Blizzard will implement something like this, considering the current lack of content and a huge loss in production.
Some good news for those who are starting to lose hope in this... I had to file a ticket about getting an old character back. Here is blizzard's response when I snuck this into it.

Greetings again! :)

Thanks for your follow up, I can assure you that this post has recieved developer attention, while we may not issue a reply, this is something being discussed around the offices! We very much appreciate constructive forum posts with great ideas.

Take care and have a great day!

Game Master Methyrn
This could work. It'd be like a tol barad without the time limit or the many objectives. Your only objective would be (in simple terms) kill the other faction. I support this.
I agree with Mcsnizzle's idea of fortifications, things may get a bit crazy with districts being tossed around and constantly changing control over them (also fortifications just seem plain fun). Plus, with elite guards mixed with the incentives it would encourage players to make raid groups to take control of a district, so that would increase the chance of a large war. I hate to see Gilneas just sit there with nothing going on. D:
I LOVE the mini boss for each district idea
Some good news for those who are starting to lose hope in this... I had to file a ticket about getting an old character back. Here is blizzard's response when I snuck this into it.

Greetings again! :)

Thanks for your follow up, I can assure you that this post has recieved developer attention, while we may not issue a reply, this is something being discussed around the offices! We very much appreciate constructive forum posts with great ideas.

Take care and have a great day!

Game Master Methyrn

Happy Bumper atm
Hey Darckshade I am going to see if I can draw up something more complete out of these ideas you got for Blizzard to look at and see that people took not only the time to add in ideas but to also create a full concept map if you will.

Alright most of this is going to be fighting for the city so let’s start there. Each section of the city will have specific guards of their own. I count five sections because I count the cathedral itself as its own section. The Military District will have Prison Guards, the Merchant Square will have Soldiers, Greaymane Court will have either Gilnean Nobles or Forsaken Invaders, the Cathedral Quarter will have Recruits, and finally the Light's Dawn Cathedral will have either Gilnean Priests or Forsaken Dark Priests. Some guards will patrol others will be stationary. Once all the guards in a section are killed a boss will spawn and once that boss is down then that section switches faction possession. The boss would have a lot of different abilities because it is someone fighting to control a city they are going to use many different things to keep it. A staircase should be added to the Light's Dawn Cathedral because I have seen unused floors above the main level. Each areas vendor will have different things to sell. There would be dailies here that are like go out and gather a certain ore for weapons, or poison the other guards, maybe escort this person from point a to point b. Flying above the city will be two airships one for each faction. The point of these isn't to destroy building or people inside Gilneas City but to destroy oncoming siege vehicles that are trying to destroy a gate to get into the city. Each gate will be recreated when the section connected to that gate switches faction control. The airships can also attack each other so that one faction can stop the other faction from destroying their siege engines.

Now for the other areas in Gilneas. The entire area that is underwater now will be rebuilt to how it was with the water receded. Siege vehicles will be either a Siege carriage or a Siege Plague Wagon. These will be used to gain access to the city if it is completely controlled by one faction or to take a section from other angles. It can also be used to capture the farm in the southwestern corner, the mine in the northeast, Keel Harbor in the northwest, Aderic's Repose, and the building southeast of Tempest's Reach. Each area will be capture by destroying the fortifications around it and killing the guards protecting it on the other side of those fortifications. Each spot will have artillery to help protect it. Greymane Manor will be captured by the use of planes that will drop bombs on guards and passengers down to the ground. Once all the guards are killed it switches possession. Each area will give a buff to the people within Gilneas. The farm will give increased stamina, Keel Harbor increased agility, Emberstone Mine increased strength, the tower increased intellect, and Aderic’s Repose increased spirit. Greymane Manor will give more than just a buff; it will unlock vendors and give portals to the sections in the city controlled by the faction that controls the manor. The area where you will obtain the planes to take Greymane Manor will be accessible by land and will be in the mountains near Greymane Manor. The siege vehicles will be made at the gate for the Horde and the area where the Night Elves rescued the Worgen for the Alliance. There will be submarine battles and/or boat battles in the southwestern corner where the Haywards were for a point where the controlling faction can sail to and obtain reinforcements. The Headlands, the Northern Headlands, and the Northgate Woods will have animals that will be able to be skinned. There will be herbs in The Blackwald. Mining nodes will be in the Emberstone Mine and in other rocky areas.
A section in Stormwind and Orgimmar will be put in dedicated to this area to start off a quest chain that leads you to Gilneas and throughout that quest chain you unlock rewards you can then buy at the vendors. These quests would take place in places like Duskhaven and Stormglen Village. Some rewards found at the vendors could be a Weaken Curse of the Worgen potion usable anywhere that makes you look like a Worgen. The Worgen Bot that is a mechanical Worgen suit that can do different moves and is only usable in Gilneas. Another could be the Worgen Jumper 9000 which allows you to jump great distances like a Worgen and hop from roof to roof. Mounts will be sold as will gear and weapons.
Upon entering Gilneas you are not only flagged for PvP but you are also immediately put into a large group larger than any other type of group in existence, a Gilnean Group. This works like a battleground group where when you join it shows you are in this group but players that you were in a group with beforehand will still see you in their group. This group puts everyone in one groups setting and allows a channel to be going on through the group. It will be divided into sections like a raid group, every five people is a section, and has a limit of like two-hundred people in that group. There would be one group per faction. The guards get buffs and debuffs depending on how many players there are in Gilneas for each faction. If there are tons of Horde trying to take the city with no Alliance players then the guards get buffs that make them just a bit stronger than an average player.

Everything keeps happening with the NPC’s and such but to take a section or anything a player has to do it. There won’t ever be time limits on when you can fight. Quest rewards will very but most will give honor. Cannons will be placed at area that experience siege damage to combat against the siege vehicles. The world wide buff for holding the entire city could be increased experience and honor gained and could be named Worgen/Forsaken Energizer. Flying can only happen if you are in a plane and that is in the Greymane Manor area only. Military District could have prisoners that the opposing faction has to free along with killing the guards to spawn the mini boss. At the edges of sections where the two faction’s NPC’s come across each other they fight and fend the other off.

Ummm I am pretty sure I covered everything and if I didn’t just add it as quoting something in this I got just about everything I could packed into this.
EDIT- If Blizzard doesn't reply to this pretty much complete plan then I don't know what will get them to reply.
EDIT 2- The Blackwald and the Emberstone Mine will have resources to gather like wood, stone, and metal that can repair fortifications, airships, build siege engines, planes, and boats.
Still think this would be awesome, even if I dislike PvP!

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