Gilneas, An idea for world pvp continued.

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i agree strongly with this idea to it would bring back alot of world pvp
I support this 100%
Long live this thread!
Same problem, Horde have a disadvantage. In ALL major cities (So we're not forced to sit in SW/Org all day.) there should be portals to Gilneas City. Such as having one in Ruins of Lordaeron....Not sure about Orgrimmar, but I'm sure they can figure it out, next to Genn in Stormwind Keep, Howling Oak of Darnassus, etc.

Otherwise, GREAT IDEA, but I doubt Blizzard will implement something like this, considering the current lack of content and a huge loss in production.

I actually have it in the OP to add portals to the city. Granted i suggested put them in the two main capitals where they currently have us sit now but they could be in others.

Some good news for those who are starting to lose hope in this... I had to file a ticket about getting an old character back. Here is blizzard's response when I snuck this into it.

Greetings again! :)

Thanks for your follow up, I can assure you that this post has recieved developer attention, while we may not issue a reply, this is something being discussed around the offices! We very much appreciate constructive forum posts with great ideas.

Take care and have a great day!

Game Master Methyrn

That is good news. Hopefully they will see the types of things we want and use at least some of them.
That's a good response! Hopefully at least some of these idea will be implemented.
Bump for a tremendous idear.
Add goal quests. What i mean by that is like when blizz added silithus in. So players go out and do quests to get wood. After all the players as a whole, not individually, have handed in x amount of wood the fortifications around district A would increase. You could also do this with armor, after you take the blacksmith have a quest to collect minerals, after x amount of minerals give the guards cooler armor and more HP.
Completely support world PvP, I HEAVILY HEAVILY HEAVILY HEAVILY Miss those times. It seems that wow is moving towards a less interactive world, i dont feel like that many things are possible now when before things were incredible and epic.

Bring back world PvP to its orginal glory.

everyday i come to this fourm and i request sticky and like it. Everyday
I would love to see this happen.
Yay! Your idea may actually make world pvp happen on my pvp server! It is quite sad to see world pvp only happening in MF.
Agreed. World PvP was fun, even though it was just a small taste mid-Wrath since I wasn't around much for BC, though I am familiar with how it worked via videos... Almost all of these are great ideas and I hope they're implemented.

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