(H) A M ß I T I Ø N is recruiting.

We are currently recruiting a talented healer (priest or shaman) and melee dps (rogue preferred). We raid Weds and Thurs from 7-10 pm server. Consistant attendance is a must. We have recently started firelands and are 2/7 normal.
Melee dps should be pulling 17k for firelands and healers 9k. Please know your class and it's abilities.
For an interview please contact Me or Belletripsy in game.
Bump for good people :D

Best of luck with Progression

- Vivaa
Currently 3/7 still in need of consistent healers
6/7 now! Still need healers!
you are a westcoast server right?
Yes we are.
You guys still need talented healers? I'm looking to xfer for ideal personal rl times so I can consistently raid with this toon and your times work perfect for me. I can bring my resto shaman if you prefer as well, please reply here. Thanks.
I can come heal for you. Just sayin.
Bump for good ppl and cause of holy
he doesnt troll =P
And im in need a good raid guild if you still need healers.
12/19/2011 12:50 PMPosted by Belastor
To be in need of a good raid guild you need to be good yourself

Trolls will troll. =[
Although, you could at least do it on your main so you don't look so pathetic, even though I have a great guess as to who you are.

People from Ambition, I'm sorry this person is following me, I don't get into this drama stuff.

Sir troll, please leave, you're doing nothing to me; all you're doing is soiling ambition's recruitment thread.
Yes, we are in fact still in need of a dedicated healer. Whisper me in game and we can talk.
We are now 7/7 in FL and 4/8 in DS. Need talented dps to help down Ultraxion!
5/8 in DS and need a dedicated healer. Druid or Shammy Pref. Also still need dedicated and talented dps.
I'd consider myself a talented DPS, and I'm looking for a regular DS group. 10m though. Not sure if this thread is about 10m/25m.

I posted a thread for myself. Please check on it to see if I'm what you need.

Unfortunately we just picked up 2 rogues. Seems they all decided to come out of the woodwork this patch for some reason ;)

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