[BUG] Arathi Basin Reputation

Bug Report
Since 4.2, reputation awarded in Arathi basin has been bugged. The game is currently only giving a maximum of 60 reputation (66 with guild perks) via 10 (11) reputation every 260 resources gained. Before this, the game was giving 10 (11) reputation every 160 reputation gained, for a total of 100 (110) reputation for a full win. This is a huge decrease, particularly for those of us grinding for Justicar.

I have seen posts of people claiming that this was a bug, but don't see it in the known bugs post - can we please get a confirmation that this is a bug? I have posted about this multiple times, as have others, and can't seem to get a response.

Other players have reported getting GM responses that this is a known issue, but as we all know GM responses can vary widely.

If you have posted it already that's it, no need to do more unless you have additional information. QA have said they will only post if they need to ask for more information, so I consider it lucky that sapperwix posts on anything at all just to say he's aware of it.

That said, "We're aware of it" is the best you'd get here too. Don't expect a different answer from the QA compared to GM response.
Actually, all I am looking for is a "We're aware of it" because I don't want to clog up the GM queue and wait 3 days for a response that may or may not be correct. People have been posting about this since 4.2 has came out and we can't get one single blue post simply saying "we know this is going on and are working to fix it." Or "nope, thats an intended nerf to reputation gain."
Ah sorry I misunderstood. I thought you had acknowledged it from other players reports.

In that case I'm afraid the likelihood of getting a response is extremely low. They'll fix it if it's bugged, they'll ask for info if they need it, but we can't guarantee anything past that.

Like I said, it's a very lucky occasion when they say they're aware of an issue.
It's a problem for Horde players as well, as Defiler rep is in the same situation.

It'd be nice if this was sorted out before the AB weekend. Unlikely, I know.
Forgive me considering I haven't done AB since shortly after the change to 1600 instead of 2000 but you sure it wasn't AB weekend during the time you got 100. I know AB weekend changes the per X value lower during it
Been doing AB all weekend and ~60 rep per win is about all I'm getting. However, my understanding and according to wowpedia, it should be 11 rep per 260 resources on a non-weekend, and 11 per 250 on AB weekend. I haven't done AB until very recently so I don't know which is the correct value.
When they switched it from 2000 to 1600 the rep breakdown was:

10 rep every 160 points in a regular non-holiday Arathi Basin
10 rep every 150 points in a holiday Arathi Basin

So you'd get 100 rep per win in a regular non-holiday Arathi Basin and 110 during a holiday.

The stuff on WoWPedia that talks about 260 is regarding the bonus honor. The way that was calculated was that every 260 points (1/6 of a win, rounded down to the nearest 10) you'd get bonus honor. On a holiday weekend you'd get the bonus honor every 200 points (1/8 of a win).

As of 4.2, the rep gains match the old bonus honor calculations:

10 rep per 260 points in a regular non-holiday Arathi Basin
10 rep per 200 points in a holiday Arathi Basin

So you get 60 rep per win in a regular non-holiday Arathi Basin and 80 during a holiday.

I don't know if anything has happened to the bonus honor calculation.
It appears bonus honor remains unchanged.

Still a problem for rep though. Unless this is an intended change that has not been documented in the patch notes.
This is also not in the "Patch 4.2 Known Bugs" thread even though it has been reported by quite a few people...

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