Rogue PVP, Assassination or Subtlety?

Hi, i am kinda newish to playing WoW and everyone tells me that Sub is the rogue PVP spec of choice. So as i like PVP i leveled my rogue up to 85 as Sub an still PVP as sub and use Assassination as my PVE/raiding spec. But a couple times now i have forgotten to switch spec and have accidently been PVPing as Assassination, but i have been doing better. My deaths have been staying around the same but my damage and KBs have gone up alot. So i was just wondering for Non-rated BGs and possibly 2v2s (with my Disc Priest brother) is Assassination just as good as Sub?

Also on a similiar note, should i be using the Bloodthirsty set for PVP until i replace them for the extra resilence? At the moment i am just using my PVE gear with Season 10 gloves, shoulders and trinket.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

- Draikan
Yes Assasination. MASTERY is your friend. i do about 60% increase in poison dmg. use your bloodthirsty for now and farm your honor for the welfare epics. its easy to get 2 pieces a day in straight bg farming.
I have not personally tried Assassination in pvp, but I do use it in pve. I've seen some nasty assassination rogues, but never enough to make me want to try it. I love my shadowstep way too much. Its all about what you like to do though, if assassination is working for you then stay with it.

As for bloodthirsty its a big yes, you'll find you do more damage in pve gear, but you die so quickly that you end up being cannon fodder for anyone in pvp gear. PvP gear helps you stay alive so you can use your cloak of shadows + vanish to get away and come back to wreck more havoc on the enemy.
yes, i would suggest you farm honor and buy pieces at a time. make a lot of bgs. stay out of troubles (big crowds) at least for the moment until you manage to get a hold on some pieces. You need 3400 + resilence to stand a chance.

i am an assasination rogue. did not try subtlety. i don't know if i will ever do. but well..try it and then just chose.
Thanks for the help guys, i'm up to 3.1k resil now and i am doing quiet alot better, i think for the most part it's due to the fact that i am starting to master the ways of the rogue.

Once again, thanks

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