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Good day guys.

I just picked up a Rat 9 mouse and was wondering what you guys are using the thumb scroll for? i.e. key binds and what not...

Damn I got a rat 7 and totally forgot about that wheel.

Yha trying to figure out what's best to use it for.. still on the wall
I used to have a Cyborg RAT mouse but quickly learned that its not that great for wow, its more of a shooter mouse, if you want a good mouse for wow, get a Razer Naga.

Yha i know a lot of people that use the naga however i don't feel i need that many buttons on my mouse. mouse is meant to steer and move around I am more confutable using the keyboard for all my keybindings. All i use on my mouse is Silencing shot, feign death and scatter everything else is on the keyboard.

I am playing around with the idea of using the thumb scroll for target next nearest target and last target.
No other thoughts.

I have it bound to next target and last target
seems to be working ok for the time being..

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