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My Bank alt >_>
Oooh, bankaltopia here?

I levelled up to 10 so I could learn how to tame a pet- didn't have the starter pet because I rolled the toon before that happened. I love my fuzzy wuzzum gull though :)
Hai. I has bank alt.
i have a bunch.
08/11/2011 05:19 AMPosted by Currency
i have a bunch.

here is another one.
08/11/2011 05:20 AMPosted by Monetary
i have a bunch.

here is another one.

and another.

i have more bank toons but the names dont relate to cash, mbs, or cds.

although, i do have a bank guild called Money Never Sleeps.
My bank alt's name is Bankeriah... original I know
What ever you need I got it, or I can get it.. I know people.

<-- his own guild

I leveled him to 10 so he will show up in the armory, and I can use the mobile AH.
I have many different outfits for him depending on my mood. He is also in the process of collecting all of the fish that you can equip on your offhand. He also has over 50 pets, and has Stinker - which goes really nice with the tux outfit.

Happy banking!
Hi there!!

More storage than banking.
This is mine :)
Oh hai
Ignorance is bliss
I R Purty, but u can't see me
me bank alt

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