[H] Children of the Damned 8/12 - Recruiting

Children of the Damned is a Level 25 Raiding and Casual Guild.

The last few expansions have seen raids within the Guild progress through ALL normal content and a significant amount of heroic content while maintaining our casual, mature and friendly approach towards raiding.

All guild members, both casual and raiders, are considered friends and family, and will stop at nothing to achieve our goals, which is primarily to enjoy the game...and maybe snatch the odd Realm First! Working as a Better Team now and again.

Currently we are seeking mature aged and friendly gamers with a good sense of humour and without the attitude to add more depth to both our guild and potential raiding groups.

Current Raiding Schedule/Recruitment:

Stripes Run - Friday 6-9pm; Saturday 6-9pm (considering some Applications)
Taupe Run - Wednesday (Sunday on hold) 1:30-4:30am, 7:30AEST-10:30 (Currently considering any application, in particular a tank)

Our doors are always open to suitable casual gamers and some additional spots may become available in any of the raids starting in the near future.

For more information please visit our website @ www.taupe.org.au, or contact any of the officers listed below in-game.

GM: Fatcat (Endcat, Alchemius)
Officers: Niya; Habs; Jaffle; Mekquake; Gazamel; Hollie
Raid Leads: Issabella; Axa; Beef, Canibull
Bump for a good guild and great friends!
Updated 6/9/11
Good bunch of folks. Recommend.
Good buncha folks my !@#...they booted me just cause i Didn't agree with something an officer was saying...Im sorry you aussie asshats...I don't live in a dictatorship
i think you're mistaking Australia for a country with a Tea party, oh wait nm that's the US
(returns Emo-Teelk to the cellar)

If anything, we'd be a Cake Party.

But thank you Materva for clarifying to Cenarius what sort of behaviour our guild does not tolerate. Missed a few key details, but the message is clear.

OP Updated 21/9/11.


Still Looking for a Tank (DK, Paladin), Healer (Disc) and DPS (Mage) for our Friday/Saturday Evening (Red) Run pool that meets our requirements.
No raids when I when I wasn't at work. =(
Not getting enough action outa the pvp these days.

Ah, well. If you ever need one more for a RBG group, I'm ussually down.

Looking for a few DPS/healer for Friday/Sat Run
Bump for updates
bump for updates, looking for one tank for thurs nights.
hooo du I hitt up ubout joyning you're kool gild?

Gratz on moving into Horde 2nd on WowProgress.... damn I gotta start watching my !@#$ for you guys as well now!
bump for further updates
Now looking for an additional raider or two for our Taupe Raid (Oceania Week Nights), for now and going into MoP. In particular a DPS with a Tank Offspec such as Druid or DK.

As always, we will also consider interest into our other Raids & Casual Members.
Well, I wish you guys the best of luck. Would you mind telling us what three hardmodes you have down?

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