[H] Children of the Damned 8/12 - Recruiting

04/30/2012 01:51 AMPosted by Sidenorna
Well, I wish you guys the best of luck. Would you mind telling us what three hardmodes you have down?

bump for updates
Updated for MoP
Bump for updates
Bump. Taupe Raid needs a couple more
Bump! :-)
Bump ... Aussie (Taupe) groups needs a tank!

Where are all the tanks? Aussie group running at 12:30am server time twice a week (Wednesday and Monday) is looking for a regular tank, could use another dps with a tanky off spec too!

Bump for updates
Heres what i got on horde side....Dps warrior, Mage, Affy/destro lock, Prot/ret pally. Lemme know what u think. These are all different players mind u
Oh sweet! Hi! Looks great! i know the taupe (Aussie) group is desperate for a tank! And I'm pretty sure stripes run will take the dps! Depending on your time availabilities of course!

If you each could take a quick 2 minutes each and jump on the guild forums and give us a little more info, and we will go from there :-)

Please visit http://www.taupe.org.au/forum/index.php :-)

Thanks :-)

definitely the coolest bunch of ladies & gents I know on the server, but then again I'm a bit biased.
after work bumpage & a whistle @ Axa, Issa & Miss Habsy
/wink Jehova :P

So fats time for an update 3 new bosses down in 2 weeks :) pretty good for 1 night a week at the moment due to shortage of players!

Anyway bumpage! :-)
it's my birthday bump for CotD
it's my birthday bump for CotD

You expecting a present?

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