Mysterious Letters [RP] 2

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The old thread capped!
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NOTE: If you have a journal entry please mail it to Veresia!

Events so far:

Only a couple nights ago it began, mysterious letters with disturbing attatchments made their way across many Kingdoms, cities, and mailboxes. Most of them different all tied to the orders many associated themselves with. It was odd but for a moment it was shrugged off until more letters were sent out, detailing personal secrets, deep understanding of military rule, and personal loves. It was clear that whoever was sending these out knew many things but most importantly knew how to make them cower.

Over the coming days a steady flow of letters were sent out, most held little clues with the exception of locations pointing towards Deadwind and a place simply referenced as a 'Watchtower'. Multiple camps of soldiers and clergymen as well as their associates and friends gathered in order to speak of the clues and gifts presented to them by messenger. A runed eyeball that had been preserved, a couple cards, and other odd and various trinkets.

Those that participated in these games were now sent on a hunt, to find the corpse of Old Man Jack, put him together just as they did his poem and in exchange they'd save the other men trapped beneath the crypts. Tonight they'll gather to put him back in his resting place while The Broken Doll continues to taunt them and has decided that it is time to involve more in their deeds.

Those with the parts of Jack and a "few" others interested in watching arrived at the graveyard in Stormwind and placed the pieces back together. Expecting something magical, or something to suddenly jump out at them, the group stood around for a bit until Wuzzjolt found a note saying that the first prisoner had been released and that we've won this game, but to expect another.

The rest of the evening was relatively quiet as people tried to relax and enjoy themselves at the Moon Festival in Darnassus. Jarayn(Vicara on the forums) and Veresia headed back to Stormwind to check on a strange map that had been found earlier. The two deduced various locations based on their own maps and geographical locations and are soon to have the mages check them to see if ley lines might be involved. It wasn't until the very early hours of the morning when new letters were sent out: ones that appeared to be someone's journal. Was this Jack's or someone new? Or maybe... Had they stumbled across something the Broken Doll had actually possessed? A search was spread out over a few of the starting locations, looking for insight into the journal and its contents.

Word spread over the Gnomecorders that one of their own had been kidnapped and tortured by the Broken Doll, his blood being taken and placed into a skull with the utterance of a location: Serpent's Hollow. The League of Lordaeron, and many others involved with the letters, rushed to find Cartres in the Sludge Fields in the Hillsbrad Foothills. Just as the party arrived, the build lit up, threatening to burn all within. Heroically, or foolishly, a few members of the League rushed back inside to grab odd books they had found. Outside, the cloud of smoke churned into a skull: This was the work of the Doll.

Relocating to Chillwind after an unrelated run in with the Sunguard, the party tried to decide what to do next. After a good time of arguing, a few noticed more letters in the mail; ones pointing to Veresia as betraying them. As Veresia fled the potential conflict (though few believed the letters, to her surprise), the group was attacked by a poison similar to the one found near Raven Hill, one which affected only the elven members present. Another game by the Doll, perhaps a punishment. The Broken Doll mocked the group as the "Judge" faltered in her decision of who to save. Luckily for the group, the elves responded well to restorative healing and none were lost for good. With new drive, Felarius vowed to hunt down the Doll, deciding to search in the Wailing Caverns. Jarayn(Vicara) also suggested the party move to the Caverns of Time due to a letter from the Doll.

Meanwhile, it appeared that others within the Horde were just beginning their game.

Horde Organizers: Tugros, Xalavius, Heartling, Blammy, Volanaro,
Alliance Organizers: Cartres, Kerdic, Dalavesta, Athiina
Contact these people if you need to know anything regarding current events, questions about items found, etc. They have a direct line to the Doll.

The Current Game: Twenty black stones (Alliance)

Below I'll add relevant information like letters/maps/journal entries.
Woo hoo. Last night was tense.
Various useful information:

Indeed, last night was insane.

Also Ana, I'm surprised you consider Vere a friend. They've only talked like.. twice, and once she thought she was going crazy!
So if one of my characters got a mysterious threatening letter, is it you I contact to get in on events or...?

Little Meg was terrified. Good job, Broken Doll.
You should contact one of us, yes. Especially now that we trust each other a little more.

fdskjnfksdh I'm still mad I missed all the fun last night!
I hope today can be just as good, and that I am able to take part.
Well, now that the craziness that was real life is over (for now), I've been reading over the thread and this sounds like amazing fun!

To the mysterious broken doll: if you need help in any way, I could be of assistance, be it on an alt, providing goodies to send (hooray for Sedali the pickpocketing rogue!), or whatever you might need. I love playing NPCs!

If you don't need any help, well... I wouldn't mind a letter! I've got Osuro here, Golrag the old orc warlock, or maybe Miraen the elder harvest witch now turned worgen (hmm. I have a lot of older characters, now that I think about it). I'm just terrible at making random roleplay, so this would be a good jump start to help me.
Veresia, I humbly ask that you provide some content on the first post. Some major but short points about the story, the leaders, where the activities are happening through the days and perhaps special points: The current game, the maps, ect, ect, ect.

There were a minimal ammount of letters sent out last night due to planning for the next couple days, however everything that has been send out to complete the story in the journal has been as well as the instructions that Ana' holds.

Let us hope you finish it soon, your lack of ability is showing and it's causing people to get die...

-The Broken Doll
I've chosen to just step out of this.

When horde leaders step up to organize the RP as they did on (A) side they will be given my RealID, until such a time comes I can be of little help in-game aside from the letters. That is how it came to be Alliance side and how it will evolve if at all, horde side.

And as I recall Sana you were not very involved, afterall, I had never seen your in the channel or in any of the Roleplay, I appreciate the respectful exit.

-The Broken Doll
Many others have gotten letters, some special guilds/people are Blammy, Dominion of the Sun, The KKL (By request though they never posted, what a shame.), and a few others. When out of these guild or people comes a leader I will 'step up' the Games on horde side.
Sighing softly, Fal lifted himself from his chair at Light's Hope Chapel, picking up his ax, and strapping it to his back. Giving a greeting to everyone he passed, he arrived at the mailbox, deciding to go through his mail.

"Auction house, auction house, auction house, Gloiran... What's this?" He muttered softly, picking up a crisp letter with a red wax seal. Frowning, he decided to break the seal, pulling out a note with message on it.

You cannot escape me... To escape means to outrun Death itself. I hope you're quick.

-The Broken Doll

Frowning again at the ominous contents, he folded up the note, before stuffing it into a pouch at his belt. "I need to find someone who knows of this Broken Doll..." He muttered to himself, glancing around, before heading to the Flight Master, purchasing a ride to Undercity, and making his way to Orgrimmar to find some info on this 'Broken Doll'....

Not sure who's in charge of the Horde sect of this. Anyone know? D:
It is not guild centric, however getting others involved outside of guilds is tricky, thus the channels being set up, the ongoing forum posts, and most of all the simple requests to be involved in the RP.

Those that request a letter will receive one, however it is upsetting when someone requests one and never posts it.

-The Broken Doll

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