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08/17/2011 05:25 PMPosted by Eruzies
I'm just glad everyone won't look the same anymore.

I find you're sense of humor to be rather amazing. I LOL'd irl, too bad everyone is going to be in the same tier gear they loved. Not many classes have more than one tier gear that is "stand out" if you know what i mean. They all may look good, but there's always the one tier that will reign supreme.

You have to have the gear. It's not when patch 4.3 hits, everyone's just going to have access to every piece of tier gear ever made. And trust me, farming a full set of old tier can get really boring and tedious.

Only the most devoted to their style will keep it up.
I'm farming for the T10 gear as we speak... so yeah, don't go lumping people together and say "LOL EVERYONE IN VANILLA GEAR LOL!"
Let's face it, Transmogrification is going to end Blizzards creativity when it comes to gear design. What's the point of Blizzard trying to astound people with aesthetics anymore now that every paladin in the world is going to resemble a banana. This is by no means a hate thread, it's simply a debate thread.
In my humble opinion, Blizzard has no need to try and make great looking gear anymore now that everyone will be rolling around in Vanilla gear. No longer will we see new tiers that are Transmogrification worthy like the majority of the low level tier was. If anyone would bring up this problem, I can picture them passing it off with a simple "try Transmogrifying your gear to make it look better."
Maybe I'm just over reacting, maybe I'm not. What does everyone else think?

P.S. People have brought up the idea that there should be an interface button to disable viewing of Transmogrified items, this seems like it would be a pain to make but I think it's the best solution I've heard yet. Then at least it would be a win-win, if you wanted to RP some with some friends in old gear you could, but if you wanted to raid without seeing people looking like all different colors of power rangers, you could too.

Dude, you just don't get it do you? What's going to happen when T15 comes out and people really miss T14 because T15 is all shadows and light and hurts everyone's graphics cards?

This is an ongoing preservation of interesting and innovative item designs.

So basically according to you, everyone is going to be one tier behind. I don't have a HUGE problem with this idea, I think it's different which is good. I just have doubts that it will go according to plan and create more diversity.
instead of every one looking the same at endgame gear we can have a chance to look different from people and show off what gear we obtained in the past.

Going to sport around my S3 vengeful set now in EVERYTHING
I like this option because honestly in my opinion too many old gear look a lot better than new ones, i am a huge fan of big swords for example, and all the new ones are too much like knifes instead of swords... so, yeah, good idea for everyone, if you like it do it, if you don't, then don't...
Did you stop and think that perhaps this means artists are free to create art rather than being constrained to trying to hit a middle ground to please more players?

This means they have free reign to go nuts and really be creative with armor and weapons now.
I'd rather look like a Power Ranger than Identical Mage #5165.
I doubt it o_O if anything won't they get to see what designs we like, use that to make better designs (and thus designs folks will copy over to new gear)?

Also pfft vanilla -- I'm recycling my SMV moosehat and flowering Wyrmhide Spaulders, thank you very much!
I'm not here to bash Blizzard I love the majority of the stuff that they have done to this game, even this idea sounds cool. I just think after a few months it may become a little, "mehh" if you will. If i do use it though you can guarantee I'll be rocking the old tier looking like a tree or a moose.
''Oh man, remember their 12? Yeah, that was the best tier ever, dang blizz screws everything they touch''

Yeah, no.
I'm going to be using TBC gear; Vanilla gear just doesn't do it for me, and Bloodfang looks terrible on blood elves.
I just hope i can use my TF, tho we know that would = fun and that can't happen, cause i can't use my hand of raggy as a staff.
I think this is going to be great as long as you don't need to already have acquired the gear.

I'm looking forward to leveling alts with the latest tier look. No longer will I look like a motley misfit clown when I reach the Outlands.

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Good job Blizzard. This is one change the community has been dieing for and I personally think you came up with a creative way to give us some appearence options that were something different (and better) than just paint.

But please don't have any requirements other than gold!
Maybe it will also provide feedback to the artists when they run around the game world and see what is popular... the playerbase actively get to provide limited feedback "this is what Horde warriors looks like" there will be diversity but trends will emerge.
I Agree as well as disagree with this new idea. Its cool to see that we dont have to wear the off set looking gear all the time, but at the same time it will get old. In my opinion I think that Blizzard should use RIFT's game idea and go with recoloring gear. They already Have a color wheel in WoW, they would just need to apply it to gear instead of Guild tabards and arena banners.

I tried RIFT and it was a good game, but i like WoW's gameplay better. RIFT had some good ideas in their game though.
dog, at least wait til the things implemented in the game b4 u bash it, jeez... dont know zilch about how it works and just jump to the worst possible conclusion...
I believe it may have a level req, just like reforging does i believe. Otherwise level ones would be running around in T12? Maybe I'm wrong. /prays that I'm right

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