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Too bad that would make all of the old raids completely pointless^
I think it is awesome that you have the time to do that. :P. However, in my case (and I am sure others), I have a full raid schedule and a full RBG schedule on another toon and a full time career, I don't foresee me having enough time to go back and re-visit raid content, at least to extent it would require to form another set, that I had previously owned (but destroyed).

You may think it's awesome... but I think it's awesome that you have time to raid. So we're even :)
Most of the tier gear already either looks bad, doesn't match offset pieces, and/or has a helm that must be hidden at all costs. Yes, this gives the artists more freedom to try something cool that not everyone will like... but the truth is that the art is already highly subjective.

Remember, the coolness of a piece of gear is inversely proportional to the number of other people wearing it. You might see a surge of paladins wearing Lawbringer for luls, but they will quickly die down as it falls out of fashion. Players who were actually around in Vanilla know that most people didn't wear those shoulders because they wanted to look like a banana...

On the topic of Void Storage, my guess is that it will amount to permanent "storing" the items by registering that you once had them, and then deleting the item itself. That would mean you can't preserve enchant glows, for example, and your weapon would show whatever your current enchant looks like. It would also mean that every item you've ever had could potentially be "restored" into the system; though I doubt the logs go back that far, every quest reward should definitely be possible.

The question is a bit off topic for this thread, but yes. The item must be in your possession, and you have to be able to use (wear it), at the time of the Transmogrification.

Stupidest requirement ever.

It's actually not completely stupid. Having people be able to make a character such a Death Knight have the appearance of say a priest would be misleading in a PvP environment. By now we've all realized that Blizz is very cautious about doing absolutely anything that could have an impact on PvP, and this isn't something that's unreasonable.
This whole argument about design is ridiculous.

Take a look at this sword: Lionheart Executioner

That 3D model doesn't do it justice. In my mind, it is the greatest sword designed in this game. That model is exclusive to this sword. If it has been used for a different sword, I haven't seen it.

It is a Burning Crusade weapon made solely by Blacksmith, usable only by Blacksmiths. It requires the rarest Outland materials to make.

So how do you think the designer of that wonderful sword feels knowing that currently NOBODY will ever make one again? Why should he or she have created such a beautiful piece of art if it was just going to disappear totally after the next Xpac?

Who knows? But they still did it!

And with Transmogryfication, the designers will STILL make great armor and weapon designs.

Oh, and now, that Lionheart Executioner will be seen once again. I'll bet whoever designed that is happy now.
08/17/2011 05:25 PMPosted by Eruzies
I'm just glad everyone won't look the same anymore.

I find you're sense of humor to be rather amazing. I LOL'd irl, too bad everyone is going to be in the same tier gear they loved. Not many classes have more than one tier gear that is "stand out" if you know what i mean. They all may look good, but there's always the one tier that will reign supreme.

You clearly have not played an MMO that has an appearance tab. I see far less "drone syndrome" in games that allow appearance armor because people DON'T want to look like everyone else.
08/17/2011 06:18 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Off-topic or not, this ruined the feature for me.


Because unless your a tank, assembling a group on a regular basis to get the gear you want is going to be nigh impossible.
Didn't read all 5 pages, so excuse my repetition, if there is any at all. Here are my 2-cents:

1) This is an AWESOME change because it inspires players to go back and re-do those instances that weren't seen by 90% of the population - i.e. Molten Core (these days, I don't think there are a ridiculous amount of vanilla-ers) or even Sunwell Plateau. When people go around in Stormwind and see some piece of gear that they may have never seen before because nobody uses it anymore, they begin to want it and they start running instances to go get it. I think it's a pretty solid attempt to renew that sort of interest in the game.

2) If you hate the way piece of gear looks, this gives you the opportunity to make it look like something you love. Everybody has different taste, and so this allows players to customize themselves a little more - but they also have to somewhat work for it, you have to go back and get it to drop.

I think this is a really healthy change that will benefit the game..I've always aspired to go back to my Burning Crusade days anyway, and this sort-of brings me one step closer ^_~
I thought it was just going to be color changes. That would have at least made people look different. Now every player will most likely have the same set. Rogue majority will go bloodfang, warrior Majority probably naxx40 dreadnought. Can't wait for the game to be less unique.

The question is a bit off topic for this thread, but yes. The item must be in your possession, and you have to be able to use (wear it), at the time of the Transmogrification.

Stupidest requirement ever.

God forbid Blizzard doesn't hand everything out for 0 effort, it's an MMO go play an RPG with cheats if you want stuff handed to you.
I have all my sets up to Wrath, didnt bother raiding then, and buying it with badges seemed purpose defeating. Keep in mind, when I say all my sets I mean dungeon 0.5, all the tiers (except 3), Zandalar gear and in the process of getting AQ tier stuff. Despite this, I will be mogging into what I am currently wearing.

We dont all want to look like superheroes. Sometimes the best stories come from the little guys you defied all odds to win.
08/17/2011 06:44 PMPosted by Cailler
Simply implementing transmogrification is a win-win for everyone. It was in Warhammer Online, and I can't imagine that it wouldn't be in this game too.

Look how well Warhammer Online is doing.

Does not mean they didnt have some great ideas.
Why should I bother playing?

I do understand why, but gear shouldn't be required to make it look like we're wearing it.

Yes, current gear should. I see no problem with that. But past gear?

You know how many tier sets from vanilla and BC I vendored on my toons that I LOVED the looks of, but I just didn't have th ebank space to hold?

You're telling me I have to go back, HOPE TO GOD THEY DROP, and get EVERY SINGLE PIECE again? Heck no.

At the least, make non-current tier available if you have 1 piece of that tier.

Stupidest requirement ever.

God forbid Blizzard doesn't hand everything out for 0 effort, it's an MMO go play an RPG with cheats if you want stuff handed to you.

If you had read his second post, this isn't what he is saying at all. I spent months farming gear in previous content and destroyed due to space constraints. I don't like the idea of having to go back and re-farm that.

My suggestion was to make a vendor (much like the pet/tabard vendors) where those who did destroy these previous sets (way before this announcement was made) can "buy-back" the gear they destroyed. That allows ppl who never farmed in the first place the opportunity to go back into those raids "fresh" and those of us who did farm, tediously to re-purchase said gear.
I like to keep up to date on the armor I wear. I like living in the present and reflecting the end-game content I'm currently doing. Plus I feel it's fitting for a warrior to strap on the thickest, spikiest, most immolated armor s/he can find as often as s/he can find them.

I may end up turning every shield into the Bullwark of Azinoth however...

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