The Most Powerful Fictional Character Ever?

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I had a debate with my dad the other day over who was the most powerful fictional character ever.

His argument was Yoda, given he commands the powers of the universe, and even in death, transcends the mortal realm and becomes only stronger. Also, lightsabers cut through everything.

After a while, I submitted, as the writing of Yoda's character is too well crafted. Master Chief's bullets are worthless, Reapers from Mass Effect would likely be unable to exert mental control over him as well as their hulls being easily breached by a lightsaber, Superman is weak to kryptonite as well as being unable to punch the super agile Yoda, Sephiroth's sword would just get cut in half, Gods were killed by Kratos and Kratos would arguably get destroyed by Yoda in a one on one.

Hell, we've seen Yoda single handedly wipe out armies with just his brain. In addition, there exists many other potent Jedi spread amongst the entire universe, in which Yoda would be able to call on in an instant.

He commands the universe's force like no other and has the power, skill and technological edge that makes him the end all, be all most powerful fictional character ever.

So I challenge you, present a case as to how there exists another fictional character that could truly defeat Yoda.

TL;DR you can't think of a fictional character more powerful than Yoda.

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Uh, it's kind of hard to say in all of fiction.

Why not just say...Superman? He's pretty much a god.
Dr. Manhattan
Yoda's pretty cool and all but I wouldn't have even considered him a contender in a "most powerful character" debate.

Compared to many other characters, he's just really slow. I mean he doesn't have any sort of speed boosting abilities at all. And he's physically weak, and even using the force the amount of strength he controls is relatively insignificant. It doesn't matter what his lightsaber can cut through if his opponent can move faster than he can swing.

I would probably go with Q from Star Trek, but that just sort of feels like cheating for some reason.

Mewtwo could be a contender with his Psych Up ability, but only if no one has access to a Master Ball.

Goku is pretty stupidly overpowered, when you consider it takes a power level of ~300 to destroy the moon, and Goku ends up with a PL of several hundred million. He's also fast, to the point where he can travel the distance between planets instantaneously.

So I'm just gonna say Goku.
Elder God Demonbane

It's safe to assume it has the abilities of the other Demonbanes, but Elder God Demonbane is just on a level of its own.

He can grow so large to the point he pops the universe he's in and come out unharmed. He also grows to a point where he pops other universes he brushes up against. It survives the collapses of universes unharmed.

It can control time. Even if it's damaged at all it just instantly rewinds time to stop that. Even if you destroy it it would simply rewind time to restore itself.

It can operate in different universes with different laws of physics and time.

It can summon infinite "Demonbanes" which it considers anything that fights for Justice. It can also summon other versions of itself, past and present. Even if they don't exist, he summons them to fight for him.

Shining Trapazohedron can seal away gods and cut through dimensions.

Has a decent amount of weapons that can cause the collapse of a universe.

Demonbane also fights Nyarlathotep across the multiverse and has beaten him 414633276 times. Nyarlathotep himself states this number so we know it's true. In the last fight Demonbane didn't even attack. His mere presence warped reality enough to summon an infinite number of Demonbanes to destroy his enemy.

Then of course we've got stuff like Shin Getter and Ideon, but they're not anywhere near the power of Elder God Demonbane. I'm probably forgetting a few things about it and I didn't even list its weapons outside of the fact Lemuria Impact can cause the collapse of the universe from the energy released.
Guts from the manga Berserk.
Dear God I'd crap myself if i met him.
White Phoenix of the Crown(basically Jean Grey in God-mode) 2nd to that of the creator(meaning Stan Lee I assume) >.>

Marvel Universe
Ganondorf. He's just huge, for one. Also, if he knew that he was going up against someone like Yoda, he'd use his Shadow magic or the Triforce of Power to significantly increase his durability against a lightsaber and mind attacks.

EDIT: Also, Master Vrook would beat Yoda in a 1v1. The Old Jedi > The New Jedi

08/05/2011 05:46 PMPosted by Vindagor
I would probably go with Q from Star Trek, but that just sort of feels like cheating for some reason.

I'd have to go with this but it still feels like cheating.
I'm going to go with Dr. Manhattan as well, out of the characters that I'm familiar with. Superman may have been a contender at one point, but he's been nerfed a few times.

I asked my husband what his opinion was, because we're nerdy like that, and his answer was a Marvel(?) character named The Beyonder.
I think the topic is too broad, a better question would be more narrow things such as "most powerful magic user" or "most powerful mecha". Otherwise it just ends up being some god character.
Thanos w/Infinity Gauntlet.

08/06/2011 06:58 AMPosted by Wolfsongaz
Otherwise it just ends up being some god character.

But yeah, pretty much this.
Hiro Nakamura he controls space and time.

Haruhi Suzumiya

If you know who she is, you know what I'm talking about.

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