The Most Powerful Fictional Character Ever?

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Enoby Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way
Saurfang would cleave that lil green munchkin in two.
Either Dr Manhattan or Goku
That weird cosmic armor thought robot Superman. Though I'm pretty sure he was written just for this sort of argument.

"Gonna launch a planet at you."
"Yeah, I adapted to that, sorry."
"Then I'm going to make a star go supernova on you."
"If I weren't able to adapt to anything, that would probably hurt."
"Then how about a galaxy?"
"How about an entropy weapon that ends the universe?"
"Got anything just a little bigger I can't adapt to?"
"Then how about-"
"I'm pretty sure we've established I can adapt and counter any threat in this and any other reality. Heck, this works even OUTSIDE of time, space, and reality. So let's just stop you there and I'll smite you into oblivion now."
Like people said before, I really think you need to make it so people can only use characters that AREN't god-level. With that in mind, I'd have to agree with the OP. Yoda's just... Yoda. The only reason Sidious sent him on the run was... man, I don't even know why. I have a spspicion that Yoda simply got bored and decided to see how Dagoba worked out.
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That one alien an the end of Men in Black that is playing marbles with our galaxy.

This person wins, can't believe this post hasn't been praised. This is the best answer regarding this subject... Period.
White Phoenix of the Crown(basically Jean Grey in God-mode) 2nd to that of the creator(meaning Stan Lee I assume) >.>

Marvel Universe

Owen Reese. Owen took out the Beyonder, need I say more?

The other gods actually sacrificed Purusha to himself to create everything.
If anyone of you are familiar with Star Trek, I'll say Q would make a most powerful fictional character.

bow down or be eternally damned.
He can copy anyone or things ability's and he is unkillable so.

bow down or be eternally damned.

Shirley that's Bow Down And Yet Still Be Eternally Damned.
Pretty sure Yahweh could !@#$ any of those retards up.
09/23/2012 08:14 AMPosted by Misbelief
Pretty sure Yahweh could !@#$ any of those retards up.






cthulhu >
Inb4 Goku. Hanging out with basically the supreme god of his universe. Far more powerful than said god (Supreme Kai), beats up beings that can easily destroy the gods.

EDIT: Forgot about Dr Manhattan. He basically exists outside of time and can manipulate reality to his will. His "body" is just something he made for convenience, he doesn't need it.
Thor when he isn't holding back so as not to hurt mere mortals.

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