The Most Powerful Fictional Character Ever?

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She literally rewrites the laws of the Universe and every possible reality in the past or future.
Pretty sure she trumps your little Master Chiefs.

Feh, all that "power" and the only thing she can do is stop magical girls from becoming witches. Kinda weak. That law rewriting was a one time deal for her so it's not like she can keep doing it.

But still, her existence is spread out across time and space. So at best, she's a stalemate with anyone. Even Master Chief. LOL

Uhm, she becomes a God.
Hence why she's always at Homura's side.

I think you don't understand what rewriting the laws of reality and universe takes.

So what if she's a god? God's are killed off all the time in fiction. Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is also a god and if she decides the universe is boring and everything sucks then the universe gets scrapped and then recreated to fit what she thinks is a fun place to be. But that kind of talk takes the fun out of these kind of debates.

If you include Dragonball GT as canon, then Gogeta (a fused SSJ4 Goku and Vegeta) is hands down the strongest. But sticking to the canon of Dragonball and DBZ, Vegetto (fused Goku and Vegeta) would be the strongest. Vegeta could have destroyed the planet in the beginning of the series, while Cell could’ve destroyed the galaxy. With that in mind, how about some perspective of Vegetto’s strength dating back to the start of DBZ. Skipping all the training and whatnot. Just following the powering up.

Goku and Piccolo are the strongest on the planet. Together they are just barely able to beat Raditz who is about the same power level of a Saibaiman. Saibamen are killed instantly by Tenshinhan and Piccolo, both of who don’t stand a chance against Nappa

Nappa is beaten by a powered-up Goku, who must face off against a Vegeta who’s twice as strong (planet destroying level here), powers up considerably and Vegeta still can’t even faze Recoome. Goku kills Recoome in one hit, but still can’t face up to the final form of Freeza until going Super Saiyan. Freeza makes a short return only to get cut to pieces by Trunks using half his power level who, in return, is just a fly when compared to Android 17.

17 is sucked up and used as a power-up for Cell who is handily beaten by Vegeta until the tables are turned after Cell absorbs Android 18 and becomes unstoppable (galaxy destroying power here). At least until an enraged Gohan destroys him.

Vegeta then passes Gohan in strength but still can’t defeat Majin Buu. Buu, in return, isn't as strong as an awakened Gohan. Then Majin Buu once again becomes stronger than Gohan after having sucked up Piccolo and Gotenks, adding their strength to his own.

Buu absorbs Gohan, growing even stronger, but is completely dominated by Vegetto. Who was kicking !@# even when he got turned into a piece of candy.

If you delve into GT territory the strength goes to even more ridiculous levels to the point where Goku simply changing to SSJ4 negates the power of a wish that altered him. The fused SSJ4 Goku and Vegeta (Gogeta) is far greater than that.

Of course Light, from Death Note, could write Goku's name in his Death Note and all that strength can't save him. Except for him existing in the afterlife where his power dwarfs the gods.
Necro, aye, but kinda interesting one.

Excluding 'god like' beings I'm gonna have to go for The Doctor, too.
One word. Carnage!
08/03/2012 05:18 PMPosted by Cowbacca
Every character at the end of Dragonball GT
If people say Morchok is the most powerful (which he obviously isn't), I will say Hidan. I will not argue.
The Borg Queen- she was one of the most powerful fictional character's in my point of view
Species 8472- although a group of fictional characters they kicked the Borgs' a r s e.

Edited because they blotted out a r s e ^_^
SCP-682 is up there.
Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star.
If were sticking to mortals here, I'd have to say Saxton Hale.

Not only is he notorious for being kicked out of an airplane only to catch an eagle mid-descent and cartwheel into his office building (he cartwheels into his office from an airplane every morning), but he also has absolutely insane amounts of money and weaponry.

He is responsible for the extinction of no less than 3 species: The Indonesian Berzerker Shark (he made a SHARK cry), gorillas in general (had his company print one of his comic book adventures completely in gorilla blood, selling 17 million issues and leaving only 5 gorillas left on the planet), and just last weekend he had an 8-hour battle to the death with the world's last living yeti.

His company has developed over 100 different weapons, all of which he has killed at least 8500 armed mercenaries with (this is reflected in-game on kill-counting weapons, where the final rank unlocked is called "Hale's Own").

Other notable achievements include being the richest man in the Western Hemisphere, inventing Jarate, the jar-based karate, inventing the high-five, purchasing England, the death of Bob Hope for no real reason, and fire-bombing Woodstock from a helicopter.

Lastly, 98% of this is done with his bare hands.
Actually, for a brief period, Father in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. In which he was literally omnipotent, except the souls he was harboring to power his omnipotence were fighting against him and debilitating him, so he was weak enough to confront.
It boils down to Goku or Superman. Anyone else in comic universe would gtfo if this were a real discussion.
SAXTON HALE (in correct, all-caps spelling), is the most powerful mortal. Se his exploits described above.
For the most powerful fictional character I would say between

The Doctor from Doctor Who.


The Doctor would be able to destroy almost anyone who exists.
A Timelord:
- Sees the past, the present, and what could be the future
- Is incredibly hard for a non omnipotent being to kill.

These arn't what would make the Doctor the strongest, for that I have 2 arguments:

First) As shown in the end of the 1st new Doctor Who season, one can pop the lid off a Tardis (which the Doctor owns) and absorb the time vortex. This allows:
- The ability to destroy anything that exists in atom form, just separate the atoms.
- The ability to modify/rewrite events happening at any time that can be seen.
- The ability to bring someone back to life, and potentially define them as 'alive' for as long as time exists... so they cannot be killed.

Combine these abilities with an incredibly intelligent being who can see all space/time, ie a Timelord (The Doctor) with the time vortex absorbed. IE their enemy could disintegrate after birth.

Doing this costs a regeneration, however the regeneration's of a Timelord can be reset (its a physical property) and as such a Timelord could reset their regeneration's.

Second) The weapons/abilities of the Timelords themselves, who could help the Doctor (I'm assuming before the Time War)
Such things include:
- A weapon that removes the target from existence, and adjusts the universe accordingly so nothing else changes.
- Freeze a object (eg planet) in Time, so it cannot do anything
- Rewrite the nature of the Universe (remove magic for example as it was too unpredictable)
- Travel between parallel universes.
- Created black holes apparently.

Some of these (IE Time freezing, or remove from existence) could be use by the Doctor if he wished

Thus only a true god (non matter based or existence at all) would be able to defeat that.

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