[Through a Glass, Darkly]: A warlock guide

After you have collected 25 Eternal Embers for the [Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest] quest line the next major quest is [Through a Glass, Darkly]. The quest asks that you follow Tarecgosa through a special instance of Nexus culminating in a confrontation with Thyrinar, the final boss of the special instance.

The confrontation with Thyrinar is on the platform that usually contains Anomalus. This provides a tight area for the battle that can be a curse or a blessing depending on how you exploit it. For instance pets get stuck easily. There are several other factors that make this one of the more challenging solo encounters you will have as a warlock, mostly because of pet dynamics and the complexity of the fight.

The purpose of this guide is to help those that have progressed to this quest and are finding it more of a block than a bump in the road. Those who have not yet progressed to this point may also find it useful.

-- Thyrinar Abilities
Thyrinar will rise from below to the back of the platform, engage in very brief RP which disables Tarecgosa and then attack you. He has 3 major abilities:

Twilight Blast: 2.5 second cast single target shadow ball. He casts this constantly unless casting something else or positioning for Twisting Twilight.

Twilight Restoration: 1 second cast buff lasting 16 seconds that reduces damage by 50%, heals for 10,000 per second and restores 1000 mana per second. It looks like a big spherical purple shield.

Twisting Twilight: 1 second cast uninterpretable beam that slowly follows the player for 14 seconds. If hit the player takes 45-66k arcane damage. Tarecgosa emotes "Careful, avoid the beam at all costs" (or something like that) and she is right. Do not get hit by this beam.

-- Adds
About 30-45 seconds into the encounter an add will spawn at the bottom of the ramp. It will proceed up the ramp and once on the platform charge the player. It has several abilities but they are secondary to the initial charge and getting dazed while running from the beam.

These adds appear about every 60 seconds.

-- Tarecgosa's abilities
Even incapacitated Tarecgosa still provides aid to the player via two abilities. The first is available for the whole fight. The second activates at 20%.

Presence of Tarecgosa: gives periodic HP and Mana.
Essence of the Blue: Regaining 5% of maximum mana per second. Empowered with 100% melee, ranged, and spell haste.
-- Strategy
If you cannot burn Thyrinar to 20% before the first add appears then a strategy of attrition might be required. This means surviving the fight for 6-7 minutes and possibly as much as 10. This guide details a way to do this. It is possible to beat this encounter with destro, demo or affliction (Read below to see pointers from different warlocks on different specs). For expedience I will detail the demo spec I used and the general strat.



Notable talents are:
Soul Siphon
Siphon Life.
Demonic Embrace (critical)
Fel Synergy (critical)
Demonic Rebirth (critical)
Imp Health Funnel (critical)

Notable Glyphs:
Soul Link

Shadow Protection for a priest (very nice to have)
Int Food buff.
DPS Flask.
Soul Link (critical)
DPS Potion
Demon Armor (in place of Fel Armor)

Contrary to popular belief purging Twilight Restoration is not the highest priority. Avoiding damage is. There are two major sources of damage: the beam and the add. Dealing well with both of these sources virtually guarantees victory. Dealing badly with either or both assures defeat.

Mitigating Twisting Twilight:
Before casting Twisting Twilight Thyrinar will reposition, often turning to fly to the 3 or 9 o'clock position on the platform. Use this time to position yourself about 5-10 feet from the ramp facing it. As soon as Tarecgosa emotes "Carefull" start running down the ramp in the left or right "lane". When you near the bottom of the ramp turn and run back up the other lane to the top. Placing a portal 3/4 of the way up the ramp reduces the run time and increase time to DPS, re-summon, bandage etc.

The effect of this strategy for dealing with the beam is that the flames it leaves behind do not limit your movement on the platform. Additionally, you pet is less likely to get stuck if you stay in the center of the platform or are running on the ramp. Moving to the edges of the platform seems to bug the pet out.

Dealing with Adds:
The adds spawn at the bottom of the ramp and will not aggro until they run to the top. This gives you time to pet attack and dot the mob. If the ad is attacking you while you are running from the beam you will probably die. For this reason I used only instant cast dots and pet attack allowing the pet to maintain aggro.

Dealing with Twilight Restoration:
Whenever possible devour this. Getting hit by a beam is far worse than letting this tick for 4-5 seconds.

Mitigating Twilight Blast:
Keeping CoT up on the boss at all times reduces damage from Twilight Blast by maybe 50%.
Shadow Protection from a priest will mitigate about 60-70k damage per minute in the fight w/o CoT.
Felhunter Spell Block and Shadow Ward are a big help too.
Together CoT and Shadow Protection are good enough. If you are having trouble dealing with all the mechanics, then simply go with CoT and SP.
Example Fight:
The encounter begins when you start up the ramp. At about 3/4 way up the ramp I drop a Demonic Circle then run up onto the ramp and to the back/right. My camera is zoomed way out. As soon as Thyrinar appears below the ramp i set focus with a macro on a hotkey:
/focus target

When the RP starts I down a Volcanic potion and wait. On the first cast of Twilight Blast I have the Felhunter (who is on passive) Spell block with the following hotkeyed macro:

/cast [target=focus,exists,nodead,pet:felhunter]Spell Lock;[pet:felhunter]Spell Lock;[target=focus,exists,nodead,pet:felguard]Intercept;[pet:felguard]Intercept;[target=focus,exists,nodead,pet:succubus] Seduction;[pet:succubus]Seduction

I then open up with CoT, DoTs, HoG, Meta, and cooldowns. Twilight Restoration can be spell blocked but I used devour to heal using the Felhunter Glyph. I have the following macro hotkeyed:

/cast [target=focus,exists,nodead,pet:felhunter]Devour Magic;[pet:felhunter]Devour Magic;

Eventually, Thyrinar will stop casting blasts and move away from the platform. Almost always to 3 or 9 o'clock positions. At this time I turn around and position for the ramp, running down it when he begins his cast of Twisting Twilight. I use the portal to get back up to the ramp and refresh CoT and DoTs. I have a hotkeyed macro for CoT:

/cast [target=focus, exists] Curse of Tongues; Curse of Tongues

About this time the add appears at the bottom of the ramp. I target it, pet attack (on a hotkey) and then apply dots with a hotkeyed macro:

/castsequence reset=target/combat/15 Curse of Tongues, Corruption, Bane of Agony

I am not certain if CoT is useful but these are the only DoTs I apply and the add is usually dead seconds after reaching the top.

I switch back to the boss and Drain, DoT, HoG as needed. I only nuke if Shadow Bolt glyph or Molten Core proc.

The adds and the boss are not in sync so I keep a constant eye on the bottom of the ramp. The first time my pet dies I used Demonic Rebirth. The second time I Soulburn Summon. Several times during the beam I heal the pet with Health Funnel.

At 20% Tarecgosa applies Essence of the Blue. In this spec the buff does not make a major impact. The fight gets easier but I calmly keeping doing what I have been doing. The adds are dead on time and are not dazing me while running from the beam. CoT is always up. I refresh the Demonic Circle once. I am purging Twilight Restoration in good time.

Eventually the boss dies, i have 90% HP and 75% mana and no adds are alive.
Use felhunter if you plan to purge and spell block
Avoid beams at all costs - running beams down ramp is effective
Twilight Restoration: purge it when you can but YOUR hp is priority
Pet attack and DoT the adds at the bottom of the ramp
Shadow Protection and CoT are very helpful
Demon Armor is a good choice
At 20% keep doing what you were doing. It just gets easier
just for the record i killed this boss as destro and used my imp , when he switches to each phase he will fly to a random spot . during his flight you can use shadowflame or conflag to slow him and at this point hes a free kill and so are his adds. only took me 50 wipes to figure this out =( .

also when he casts the twilight beam , setup your portal from start of fight so you can run this to the farthest spot on the arena and then port and go to town on damage. (rinse and repeat)

to use destro you will need to respec for fel armor and 10% stamina and have netherward specced in all 3 points. must keep netherward up at all times.
Wow, I respect you for sticking with destro. And curious how you got the imp to do any damage. I could not get him to attack the boss, at all. On multiple attempts. The slow idea is ingenious. How long was he in transit?

his flight speed is already slow and i use shadow flame on him just as he started flight. if his random flight goes across the arena , he will use all of shadowflame+conflag slowtime befor he comes to a stop. my imp did fine on damage im not sure why yours didnt attack.

if i timed it right i could get 2 conflags off for all of the duration during transit. the hardest part of the fight for me were the adds because i couldnt let them hit me as destro. so i had to make sure my portal+conflag+shadowfury were ready when they came up.
Very cool to see someone take the time to compose a warlock specific guide for this quest, nice work. I definitely agree that avoiding the damage is way more important than dispelling the healing debuff.

From my personal experience, I did the quest in the pvp Affliction spec I had at the time and the problem that I ran into was that my Felhunter seemed out of range to purge when I set him to attack the boss. I then put him on passive and made sure I was closer to the edge near the boss and it worked fine. Definitely a cool quest and it was nice to see that I actually had to put a little thought into it.
Very nice guide.

One thing I'd like to add was that, after I got tired of dying, I found my (as in it worked very well for me) solution in using Demon Armor instead of Fel Armor (haven't seen this in your guide) and spamming DL while keeping my dots and SE up. As needed, I used either my HS, Death Coil, or a Health Potion.

Also, take advantage of your puppy being out and interrupt as often as you can. Sometimes he will be stuck and will refuse to cast, the way I solved this was to move a tad closer to the boss while ordering the Fel Hunter to follow and try to cast again 'till it worked.

Takes a little patience, but it worked nicely. When he was finally around 5%-6%, I stopped Drain Life to cast Drain Soul, just to feel even more victorious. His soul is proudly mine.
I will modify it to reflect information about how to do it with Destro and that the imp can be used (for some people).
I finally finished this quest after multiple attempts on my lock.
I tried "survival"specs in both aff and demo. In the end affliction "felt" better.
I liked the strat of running the fire down the ramp and teleporting up again.
I still couldn't get him lower than about 32%. What I realised was that i was spending too much time dealing with the adds and not enough time on the boss.
Finally, I resorted to sending the pet onto the add, 2 instant spells of corruption and BoA, and then straight back onto the boss. 2 points in fel synergy mostly keeps the pet up (I had to soulburn a pet once) and the boss goes down quickly.

So my only new advice is not to over-complicate the fight with the adds, just pet tank them and 2 dots, keep up CoT on the boss and shadow ward on cooldown. Glyph of felhunter seemed quite worthwhile, my health jumped each time he devoured magic!
Very nice guide, I thought the only possible answer for this fight was affliction but I respect the strat for demo and those that made destro work as well!

After much trial and error I finished it with a pvp style affliction spec, improved howl of terror helps keep ads away without wasting time to cast in a pinch, all sub points in demo for demonic rebirth, master summoner and what not... Using drain life for filler opposed to shadowbolts kept my health in a comfortable balance amidst all the juggling between him and the adds and positioning.

• Another great tip for any spec would be to use a Prismatic Elixir for this fight for an extra 90 resist to all spell damage. That plus shadow ward on cooldown helped me out a ton vs. his twighlight blast.

A little pet management and this is the despicably easy, lol.
Some additional notes on the next phase:

When you combine the shards to make the portal, all of your shards disappear. I am not certain if you can re-open that portal on the next night, in case you failed to get the branch. Does anyone know?
thanks for the tips..will be trying this tonight after work. Anyone try it with a voidie?
If you were to do this as destro, why would you use the imp? Just get out a felhunter.

If you made a guide on how to do it that way, you'd basically be making a guide on how to succeed by doing it wrong.

Play your class.
I ended up just going with the old drain life spec, felhunter and soul swap to the add, death coil on the add if it was coming out the same time a beam was coming. Pretty much though, the fight is a sinch if you Spell lock each cast you can, pop SHadow Ward every now and then, and don't get hit by beams. Getting one tick of a beam = extreme struggle to regain the health back. Don't get hit at all? Didn't even need to touch the healthstone and I didn't go in with any buffs but my fel armor, Soul Link, and DI on the felpup.
If you were to do this as destro, why would you use the imp? Just get out a felhunter.

If you made a guide on how to do it that way, you'd basically be making a guide on how to succeed by doing it wrong.


if you succeed , then you did something right.

felpuppy doesnt do enough damage between adds and the boss especialy when you dont have drain life to restore your health. this boss needs to die fast as destro. the imp is also a very large part of destro dps. (its all in the mechanics)
Boss keeping up a buff that's going to make him take half as much damage, and heal for about 160k means he won't die fast. Your imp isn't fixing that.

Twilight Restoration: 1 second cast buff lasting 16 seconds that reduces damage by 50%, heals for 10,000 per second and restores 1000 mana per second.

Felhunter is effectively doing well over 200k damage each dispel it does. Probably much more than that.

You can dig a hole to china with a spoon, that does not mean you are doing it right.

EDIT : Can't believe I just replied to someone who is using 40 haste and 40 hit gems. Game over.

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