Fishing for Sea Turtles?

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Well my good friends, i'm on a hunt for the Sea Turtle mount while I fish. But i'm at a loss of where I should fish.

Cataclysm zones? Or Northrend zones?

Do different schools of fish have better chances?

Cases show people have gotten their sea turtle much faster in Cataclysm zones. Yet, the Drop Rate -Appears- to be less than in Northrend.

I need comments and opinions for the best place to be fishing!
any wrath (northrend) or cata (hyjal, uldum, twilight highlands, tol barad) school. drop chance is the same
more people got them in cata zones cause thats where the peeps are at. Its all random chance, school of fish, center of pool, fishing skill, dont mean nothing. Its all in what number the rng comes up with
Wowhead shows grizzly hills at a .03% chance. The most turtles were found there, but in reality it's a .01% chance for any Northrend or Cata school. I found the dark herring in howling fjord but no turtle yet. I've been fishing Northrend on many characters since that expansion launched and haven't found Sea Turtle yet. I wish you better luck than what I've had.
Go for Cata zones, then you can sell your catch on the AH.

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