Rate the Deathknight name above you

Death Knight
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Lets see those ratings!
"Plaugebringr"? Like, really? Did you misspell two words on purpose?
Umm I guess 6/10. Cool to make puns with I guess.
eeew, starcraft reference? 6/10 :P
Meh, 7/10

At least it's not "LOLDEEKAY". :P
6.5/10 another +2 if you do 2's with your partners name being doink
10/10 for phreezer...i dig it
8.5/10 sounds like you have half a !@#$% lol

7/10 Didn't gem for the socket bonuses on some stuff and can still get some ruthless gear

EDIT: Snuck in your post above mine I was talking about Semi

For you i'd say PVP 1/10 PVE 5/10 lots of gear to go!
4/10 IMO
6/10 using a proc trinket instead of binding on use with pillar of frost and can still get some ruthless gear.

jk its not a gear thread its names 6/10 for pants

7/10 for ohmygod if u wreck and make people say that

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