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Death Knight
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Malevolence: Ill will. It's perfect.
7/10: I chuckled
Solid 8/10
Not a fan of special characters, as well as "gangsta" spelling. I like the name itself though, so that's why it's not 0.
Chocolate chip 7/10
Oreo 8/10

not bad, no special characters, which is always good.
08/09/2011 10:46 AMPosted by Darkdk
^ 5/10. Old movie is old bruddah!

What old movie are you talking about?
8/10 like it! ^
8/10 Sounds like an evil name.
@ Kihr

Look and sounds evil 8/10 :)
9/10 just makes sense
7/10. Good idea, but -1 for being a bit of a tongue-twister.
8/10 don't know why, but i like.

also rating me anything less than a 10/10 would be considered racist and upon such incident i will contact my local NAACP chapter.
Well, hubby is Desecrater so mine had to be close : P
4/10 @ Desecratress since your a wifey DK I feel Deathgriphusbandsfreedom is more correct :P .. I tease I tease.
8/10 for no odd characters and neat combo

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