Rate the Deathknight name above you

Death Knight
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Is that Rot Hall or Roth All?[/quote]
i guess


Not a Death Knight, gtfo Druid! :D

Not a Death Knight, gtfo Druid! :D

Oops, wrong toon

This is Prejudice's main :p

B/10. B for boo, shoo go away. Twit no want you here.
1/10 horrid name
9/10 after you consider how many people hate the class just for being dks :D

It's more of a warrior name. Imo
lolwut 7
lol kinky ;) jk
It would be funnier if your main spec was DPS instead of an actual tank spec. I'm kind of a fan of irony. But at least it doesn't have 'death' in it or use any special characters. 5/10

To whoever posts below me: Whenever I summon my minion and his name starts with 'Beetle,' I dance.
8/10 Hiredtotank
5/10 lydia w/ghoul
8/10 OMGWTFhax
2/10 Ðeathgrip, We all do that

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