Dwarves and blood elves

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I've always seen it as:

Humans vs. orcs (Face it, these are the two 'main' races for each side)
Dwarves vs. Trolls (Winner gets the 'Most awesome race on Azeroth' trophy)
Worgen vs. Forsaken (This time, it's PERSONAL)
Nelves vs. Tauren (Dueling Druids)
Gnomes vs. Goblins (Dueling Napoleon complexes)
Draenei vs. Belves (Dueling pretentiousness)
I think that dwarves still being decent engineers and using war machines quite commonly shoul be with the gnomes and rival goblins wjile dranei rival belf's considering their infraction on Bloodmyst Isle which was quite a large infraction in my opinion.Also they were inserted in BC as rivals. Scryers and aldor and are pitted aginst each other in every possible way in outland.
I think a lot of the dranei and blood elf conflict ended when M'uru redeemed the elves. The dranei should be in conflict with the orcs and the blood elves, but I'm not going to talk about how Blizzard has failed the dranei here, this is about dwarves. The real big conflict is with the Wildhammer and the Revantusk, but it would be interesting to see the Reliquary and Explorers League drive their people into further conflict, and it would be great to see the goblin-gnome rivalry increase. Dimble wants to kill some inferior engineers... sorry zoned out for a second. And by the way

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Nelves vs. Tauren (Dueling Druids)
the night elves and tauren practically love each other, why would they become a massive conflict?
Well, I kinda hate Dwarves so you've got that going for this idea.
Dwarves and trolls are one of the oldest races on Azeroth.

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