How do I multi dot as affliction

I really like my warlock a lot and am thinking about making it my main, but I don't quite understand how to multi dot affliction. Do I keep my dots up on both targets at once, or do I just soul swap them over to a second whenever the cooldown on glyph of soul swap is up and focus on dpsing one target, or do I actively make sure all my dots are up on these targets as often as possible. This is the one thing that might mess up warlock for me, I enjoy the specs and the base ability usage but I am not sure I will enjoy this multi dotting thing. I might though.

I have a bit of trouble tracking my dots on my non main target, is there any addon that could help for this? [what about a name plate addon, I haven't used name plates in forever but I have been hearing a lot of people do now adays].

So could anyone give me a run down of exactly what I do in fights with multiple targets? I am a new 85 and obviously my gear isn't very good so I have yet to do any raids yet that might have fights to take advantage of this. So what do I do? Thank you very much.
If you're multi-dotting, you should be actively making sure that all of your dots are up on as many targets as possible. If you have a little down time, find a target (preferably your tank's) to throw some SBs or a Haunt at.

You may wish to download Ellipsis KithMod to help with DoT tracking.
Ok thank you first responder. So when do I know if I should multi dot vs single target dot? That is my other question now that you explained the first ones.
I throw dots up on anything thats going to live long enough to let them tick. Ill maintain full dots on secondary boss targets like riplimb/rageface but only put up ua and corruption on adds like spinners/sons of rag. I used to us agony on those too but they tend to die so fast it doesnt have enough time to ramp resulting in wasted mana/gcds.
Put all dots on first add(Jinx, Shadowbolt, haunt, BoD, corruption, unstable affliction), mouseover soul swap to second add, cast BoA on first add since BoD got moved to second add, you can/should shadowbolt second add. BoA/Corruption/Unstable Affliction 3rd add and shadowbolt if you have time before haunt is off cd. Haunt first add when it comes off cd and shadowbolt 2nd add then 3rd add.

That's what I attempt to do.

And, really it all depends on how long each add is going to live. As someone above said, if they're going to die fast, there's no point in putting BoA on them and just put corruption and UA.

If it's a trash pack you can easily spam Seed of Corruption.

If you don't want to multidot but still look semicompetent in dps on recount but not really be useful in aoe, you can focus on the add that you know/think will live longest(no one but you is on it :P).
Make sure atleast corruption is on all targets for more chance at eradication
Try practicing on dummies first. Start off with 3 - try maintaining your single target rotation on one while keeping UA and Corruption rolling on the other two the entire time. You should see your DPS increase by about 50% if done correctly (personally, mine went from the typical 14k single target to 22k). Once you get a feel for that you can try doing that in raids. BoA can be good too, but only in fights where you have adds that will live a long time so BoA can tick for its full duration.

Soul swap can help immensely with your multidotting as well, if glyphed.
-You want to make sure the dots are actually going to be up most if not all of their duration. (Putting a corruption up when the targets going to die in 3 seconds is not good.)

-Corruption has a slightly higher damage per cast time than unstable affliction.

- In a situation where you're multi-dotting numerous spread adds you want to make sure jinx is up, then first priority is to make sure corruption and UA are on each add.

-BOA is usually a bad idea unless you know it will last its full duration on the target.

-If you have a secondary add that you can get full duration Curse of Doom's off on, you should make sure to have one up.

-Remember that one of your most powerful tools is Demon Soul for multi-dotting. Demon soul must be popped before the dots are put up for its effects to work on the target.

-If you're AOEing with seed, use Demon Soul, then soulburn-seed of corruption.

Just a few pieces of advice for you, sorry its late!

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