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08/16/2011 12:21 PMPosted by Siull
Oh don't spout that bull!@#$. Cata has been out for eight months, *8* months. There has been plenty of time for you to get your head out of your %^- and get your game together. Even in the nerfed content that has been out for weeks, you still can't do it.

Every Cata raid instance I have entered, I have walked out with a successful kill. Granted that`s only three of them, but that`s exactly my point. The issue for a good chunk of the population is not ability, it`s accessibility. Raids just aren`t accessible to us. I am trying fix it so that they will be and everybody who wants to will have equal access to the content.

I really don`t understand why this has you so excited...It will not affect you in any way shape or form. You obviously have a good guild, you`re working on current tier content which the LFR I am proposing forbids, and you can obviously pug whatever you want when you why do you even care?
A cross-realm raid finder will destroy the last vestige of community that I still feel in this game, which is limited to PUG raiding.

A cross realm raid finder would seal the deal on ending any sense of community in WoW. It's over if that happens. We've seen the damage done by LFD, the entitlement issues it has raised, and the bads it breeds.

Please read my post on page 4 regarding the lockout system. It`s towards the bottom. If anything, it would make your server pugging scene a lot better. More people with achieves, more people that know the content, and more people that have improved as players from doing it. Sure it will be sketchy for a little while, but eventually people will catch up to the curve. Just like the Cata heroics, just like the Zul´s.

And on top of it all, nobody would ever under any circumstances force you to use it. You can still run with your friends and your guild.

Sigh...I`m afraid we`ve arrived that 5 page mark where people just stop reading the first post in the thread and just spout whatever the title inspires...
People please no more don't fight no more and lets give love to those who need it LETS MAKE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT WARCRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!
This idea is completely myopic, utterly dumb, reinforces that you can me mediocre with your own friends no matter what and do not need to actually have skill and go raid with the best people you know on your Real I.D

Stop looking for reasons as to why you cannot do any PvE content, stop trying to find ways out for it, and please, for the love of all that is good and holy, STOP trying to blame Blizz for your own shortcomings.

Not everyone can do PvE, they just don't have the skill to do it. Now, if you want to jump in the fray of what everyone can do, go do PvP. I think every already now knows my stance on all this bullcrap.
RealID was created for the purpose of keeping in touch with your own friends, and only serves raiders in the sense that now you can keep 1 name on your list instead of all their 20 alts as well. Strike 1.

Raiding does not require the best people you can find. In fact, raiding doesn't require much beyond decent gear. It isn't much harder than 5-man dungeons, except for needing to find twice as many people. The reason raiding is still challenging has little to do with skill, but getting 9 other people who want to raid, at the same time you want to raid, and doing so from outside of trade chat, because many of us have no interest spending our entire WoW experience standing in SW/Org spamming trade chat. Furthermore, we're not asking to nerf 10-mans so randoms can pug it, so nobody is enforcing mediocrity. In fact, the opposite is true, because we're getting all the people who are standing around being mediocre into a raid where they will be pushed to be better. Strike 2.

PvE is actually inherently far easier than PvP. PvE has a stationary goalpost. As you get better, winning gets easier. PvP has a constantly moving goalpost. As you get better, so do your opponents. Yes, you get to the point where you're beating a greater percentage of people, but the elite of the elite, the guys as the very top, the Lich Kings and Ragnaroses of PvP, those guys don't stay the same week after week while you figure out how to beat them. Strike 3, you're out.

Your kidding right. Most people at 85 dont even use the LFD anymore for za and zg.
All you get is scrubs in greens and pvp tanks. You think LFR is a good option?
Good luck geting anyone decently geared to go! 346 was the za minimum and lets face it people still sux at 360 i lvl.
As much good as you think this option will provide all i can see is baddies tring to get in the LFR because they cant do good enough dps to get in a guild
That's funny. Because what I see in the Zandalari dungeons is people in blues from the Heroic 5-mans (it's kinda in your post that you need somewhere along those lines, just to get in), and people at 360 ilvl blowing through the place like it's RFC. That little "xxx party members needs a higher ilvl to enter this dungeon" is what forces people to be decently-geared. You think I can't do enough dps to get into a guild? Is that why I was beating people with better gear, who raid every week in raiding guilds, on a raid I had never seen? No, I don't get into guilds because I hate dealing with 12-year-old, elitist snobs. I play to have fun, and would much rather spend 10 weeks beating <insert raid here> with easy-going, socially adept people who make the game fun than 2 weeks beating the same raid with a bunch of people who don't understand the basic social skills most of us learned when we were 5. There are things I promise I am far, far better than you at. That doesn't mean I'm going rub it in your face and call you names. If you actually want to get better, I'll teach you to the best of my abilities. That's how adults do things. Welcome to life 101.
Why do people say accessible when that's not true? That raid instance portal is sitting there the same as it is for you and me. The only difference between us is I decided to make relationships with people who want to go into that raid instance portal and figure out how to kill the things inside of it - and we have done just that. The only thing standing between you and boss kills are making friends, and learning encounters.

It's not about learning encounters, I've seen so many videos and so many guides and can practically recite the dungeon journal to you by heart.

The problem with making friends is that even they will require you to have an achievement to run with them. On my server I know people who will regularly pick me up to run with them in the Zul's and other instances because they know I'm a good player and I do good DPS...but they just won't ever invite me to a raid without an achievement, hence the need for a way to earn one on my own. And it's not just me, a lot of people are in the same boat and are feeling locked out. A good chunk of them are quitting too, in case you haven't noticed.

Actually no. See, I care far less about your achievement than I do with who you are. I like to get to know people on my server, and I do that by having a small set of people who know some other people (see that's how circles of friends work) and if we wanna do a raid, we ask our friends and then they ask their friends, and we go raid if we can find people. Worst case we end up 1-2 short and we ask in trade chat.

And you are definitely a credit to the player base, but the majority of the people don't think that way. They don't want to get to know me or my play style or skill level beyond if four out of five names on my achievement are green or gray. I would love to run with you sometime and show you what I can do just to prove that what I'm discussing is not a breeding ground for bads and bad behavior. Your'e going to have those two things no matter what you put into this game, they're not going anywhere. Might as well leave the option open for the rest of us.

That's what they said about LFD. It doesn't work out like that.

And who's fault is that? The game designers' for having put it in the game?

And it does work out like that. All the time in both of my guilds (this one and my alt's), there are people wanting to run Heroics and trolls together. All the time. Our trade chat is full of "LFM ZA/ZG". It's an entirely optional tool. You can get a group of three or four together and use it to queue up whatever you can't pug. You can do the same thing with the system I'm talking about. So your healer and a ranged didn't show up...pop the queue and bam, three seconds later you've got them. No trade spam required, no checking armories, no asking for achievements, no pissing people off when you won't let them come with you. If it sucks and causes your group to wipe, I've included a nice little kick function that allows you to boot players that suck, liberally.

08/16/2011 12:56 PMPosted by Firestyle
With some stupid LFR tool, this sort of friends asking friends things would never happen - because a group is 1 button away, and that's easier than asking some player you kinda know but don't - but by asking just once and maybe raiding with them - you'd get to know them better and make a new friend.

And you'll get to run with them when you do your server run. I don't believe you read what I wrote on that subject or this objection would not have come up.
What horribly populated server are you on that doesnt PuG tier 11 content every day? On my server I have seen tier 11 runs at 11 am or 3 am on every day of the week. Raids are very accessible you just chose not to participate in them.

I have never made any such decision. I try to get into every group I can. It's the people who require me to have a 360+ ilvl and full achievement that make that decision for me. I think it would be great to take that power out of their hands and be able to queue up for an encounter and earn my achievement that way, so that I can run with them in the future.
08/16/2011 12:33 PMPosted by Siull
And I don't care that this does not affect me, it infuriates me that people like you waste peoples time with something that will never happen, for such an idiotic reason.

Then I give you my full permission to leave this thread and I will have wasted no more of your time. Go find something that you enjoy doing and spend time on that, you'll probably feel a lot better.

And I really hope the Blues do read all of your replies, because you are an exact case study of the kind of person that I'm trying to get out of my way in this game.
We have some plans. They're good plans.
08/16/2011 02:30 PMPosted by Zarhym
We have some plans. They're good plans.
Sent a chill down my spine.
08/16/2011 02:30 PMPosted by Zarhym
We have some plans. They're good plans.

08/16/2011 02:30 PMPosted by Zarhym
We have some plans. They're good plans.

Have anything to do with Real ID?

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