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08/16/2011 05:08 PMPosted by Firestyle
What you are suggesting is that because I will never be in your circle of friends, I should never be allowed to raid. What I am suggesting is that you can continue raiding with your circle of friends, and I will be given a better method of finding a pug. That's it. LFD hasn't changed my relation to you in the slightest, and neither will LFR.

What I'm saying is that you don't meet people because LFD allows you to use people for a group and dispose of them. Effectively making them NPCs of varying degrees of AI and quality.

Furthermore, these players who you do not meet may have invited you to raid at some point or another - but you'll never know because you never met them. This effect, across every player on a realm is dramatic - and it is why the community of WoW is dead.
And I'm saying you're wrong. I was around on WoW before LFD, and I have played countless hours on many other MMO's, some with vastly superior communication methods. Never, in the last 20 years of playing online games, have I had online "friends" who lasted more than a few weeks.
I really endorse this idea. Maybe, people won't complain about the LFG tool as much..
For the love of all that is good, could you please let us know about how long we should expect to see something? I know people who are on the verge of transferring a couple of their alts, and this would prevent them from having to do so.
It is rather unfair for people to assume one can raid if they just look for people. Some servers are that bad.

Sentinels isn't the worst, but pug raids do not exist here anymore. Seriously, I have kept track (by accident, since the numbers are so low) and since patch 4.2 started I have seen 3 non BH pugs, 2 were raids on mobs in FL for rep. Counting BH, its 7. I don't play constantly, of course, but those numbers are horrible.

What's worse is that this time frame is when t11 raids were outdated, so there should have been an explosion of pugs. The community is dead because some servers are simply just that, while others are alive and well.

A cross realm raid finder would help this, or server folding would. But something has to be done.
Anyone against it is selfish.

The LFD community isn't always bad. Even so we still use it so it isn't bad enough

The LFR comes out and guess what? It will be just like the LFD. Some people will complain about ninjas and other stupid stuff but hey, that happens anyway.

And people will still run current raids with their guild because that way will always be tops. The LFR may have a bit of a wait but that still beats never being able to raid because your server is dead. OR never being able to raid because you don't have a set schedule.

Anyone that is against this is only thinking of themselves. I'm glad this is being worked on.
08/16/2011 02:30 PMPosted by Zarhym
We have some plans. They're good plans.

I really hope the loot system has a lot of time put into it then... I've always thought cross realm raids wouldn't work because of ninja looters.

Also, I see a lot more time being put into testing Titan features on WoW versus creating WoW content for WoW, sad trend to see.
I think we should be able to get 2 dks per realm 1 per faction...
I like it. Good way to make people take it seriously? Make them put a down payment of gold to get into the Queue, so that people dont wipe intentionally. Maybe make repairs in the dungeon free.
this will be so terrible ><

unless they nerf every raid down to a simple tank and spank, in which the actions of a single player cannot effect the group, and with dps requirements so low that all the dps can die and you will still down the boss

either way, i would use it once just to see how lol it is :P
I can 8 man BoT.

I'm pretty sure the nerfs have done the job already.
08/16/2011 03:24 PMPosted by Firestyle
I may seriously quit this game if there isn't something done to reinforce the community nature of a server. I don't see a looking for raid tool positively impacting player relationships.

The problem here is you are looking for blizzard to fix a social problem. They cannot do that. They cannot make people play nice, they cannot make people get along and they cannot make people give a crap.

Would be nice - but they cannot. The LFD didn't ruin it, the attitudes of gamers in general ruined it.
08/13/2011 02:51 PMPosted by Ricardozara

So.... you have to have a higher level of gear to do the nerfed content than you did to do it when it was new?

Tell that to the people running the pugs in Trade that want 360. That's the alternative.

Funny story.

I'm on my bear druid alt, looking to tank a BoT or BwD to kill time (I already every piece of gear I need from there), and I see someone looking for a tank. "Well joy.", I think to myself.

I whisper him my 360 iLvl and the achievement from 3 months ago, but he was pretty adamant on his 365+ requirement.

Tell that to the people running the pugs in Trade that want 360. That's the alternative.

Funny story.

I'm on my bear druid alt, looking to tank a BoT or BwD to kill time (I already every piece of gear I need from there), and I see someone looking for a tank. "Well joy.", I think to myself.

I whisper him my 360 iLvl and the achievement from 3 months ago, but he was pretty adamant on his 365+ requirement.
Yup, So goes the community. You did it pre-nerf and in less gear yet he needs you to be in 365 gear or no dice.

People are stupid and I really wish I could ban idiots from the game. Or at the very least confine them to their own servers.
What would be freakin awesome is to allow the option to either lead a raid based on certain criteria or be able to browse raids who are looking for my class, ilvl, achievements, etc.

For example, I decide to start a Firelands raid for my alt and grab six guildies on their alts to run 7/7 normal, but we can't find anymore. We plan on taking two ranged and on more melee dps to come along but want certain criteria to be met.

With the raid finder we can perhaps set the following criteria before a person can request to join your raid. Modifiers would include type (tank, healer, ranged, and melee), class, previous achievements, and ilvl. So I could set the finder to look for melee dps and ranged dps with a minimum ilvl of 365 and at least 4/7 normal mode experience. Or maybe we want rogues and hunters in particular.

When the queue is set, two things happen.

1. We get a list of individuals queued for the raid finder who meet our criteria. Meanwhile,
2. Individuals looking for a raid who meet our criteria will be able to see us on a list of raids currently in queue.

As the raid leader, I can then request to speak with an individual I am interested in bringing along based on the criteria. When they accept the conversation, it it gives me the option to inspect their current gear, stats, talents, and achievements. Likewise, the player interested in joining is able to do the same with all members currently in the party.

An individual looking for a raid is able to browse available raids and request to whisper raid leaders if they meet the raid leaders criteria. Let's say a rogue goes on the browser and finds our raid in queue. The rogue could then send a request to speak with me, allowing the both of us to inspect each other's gear and achievements in game. The rogue also has the option of simply queueing up and will show up on the browser for raid leaders if the rogue meets criteria.

This feature could also apply with the raid lock system as well. Let's say I missed a raid night on my rogue that got Majordomo and Rag down. It's late Monday night before raid reset and I want to try and scrounge up a group for those two bosses. I can use the browser feature to find a group currently on one of those bosses or looking to do those bosses in particular. I could also create a raid and mention that we will only be doing Domo and Rag.

Honestly, if a feature like this were to be implemented I would pay premium service for it.

Please, Blizzard, no cross-realm raids. Cross-realm battlegrounds hurt the server communities somewhat. Cross-realm dungeons devastated the server communities. This would utterly eradicate what's left and make even more of the playerbase into flaming jerkholes. I used to make friends leveling a character as I went through, grouping with the same people over and over. I can live without that in order to get in and get out quickly.

But raids? The in-game voice chat, last I tried it (though I admit it's been a couple of years), was terrible. So how am I supposed to communicate with people? Even having half of my raid team, all of whom can hear me as raid leader, without mikes presents difficulties. Important information gets missed in the chat window. Loot will run into the same problems that spawn multiple threads per week, if not day, from the dungeon finder, only it will be worse, as you can only kill a raid boss once a week.

I've gained many friends from raiding. I actually worry sometimes that my team alienates our pugs because we have so much fun together and have so many in-jokes, though we keep managing to grab new people as needed, so it must not be that bad. Cross realm anything, unless you fix RealID to allow both pseudonyms and an ability to be offline/invisible, is going to be terrible, because you can't find the good people again, you can't control the bads coming in, and the server communities fragment and it becomes difficult to find people even on your own realm to do things with because they're already in the queue.

Please, please don't hurt the game like this. Making the RealID grouping a free, rather than premium, feature was a good step that made me feel that you were both listening to the players and considering the good of the game. Implementing cross realm raids might be listening to a small portion of the playerbase...but it doesn't seem to be considering the good of the game very well.
08/16/2011 05:07 PMPosted by Firestyle
Why join a guild and schedule a time and learn to progress, when you can find a group whenever you want?

You can do that for current tier content, which (FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME!!) cannot be queued for with this tool.

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