Social engineering in WoW? I object...

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08/13/2011 04:25 PMPosted by My
There is no possible way the OP is not a troll.

I guess having a value system makes me a troll? Sorry, I'm not a moral relativist!
If you had a value system you would have never rolled a Night Elf that sacrificed their immortality to save Azeroth.

Go roll a Worgen, their poop doesn't stink.
/rolls eyes, quietly leaves
08/13/2011 04:01 PMPosted by Germination
It's the message that it sends to young people.

Perhaps I'm mistaken. I thought the message was level cooking. As in:
Step 1: level cooking
Step 2: sell stat food to people through the AH
Step 3: ?????
Step 4: PROFIT!

Of course not only would you be earning cold hard video game cash through your hard work, but you would be providing a much needed service for other hard working individuals by providing them with much needed video game stat buffs.
I laughed, then some of your responses made me think you might be serious which is concerning.
Dear flesh morsel,

Amoka can't tell if you're trolling or just stupid. Either way, she's going to Westfall now to steal all the stew.

The defias beggan with a noble purpose, but like all humans...

They were rotten in the inside.

At least we are true to ourselves.
Reminds me of Fox News.
08/13/2011 03:43 PMPosted by Paen
I'm laughing so hard right now I'm actually crying a little.
So.. you're mad because you killed video game boars to make video game stew and then were requested to give the video game food to video game homeless who lost their video game homes and livelihoods to video game dragons breaking the video game world? Especially when you are a video game skinner and will end up killing more video game boars, relieving them of their video game meat so that you can craft video game armor? The social engineering isn't how they're making you give fake food to make believe people, it's how they got you so invested in it that you respond in outrage at being parted with a pretend meal when your character doesn't even need to eat.

I look forward to when you're digging through video game poop and torturing video game prisoners.

Also, less Rand and more dragon punching.

It's the message that it sends to young people.

There is no *message* nor is it intended. You're seeing something where there is none. If you wanna QQ about WoW then QQ about the Grand Theft Auto games, but WAIT IT IS JUST A GAME SO IT IS ALL FICTIONAL!
08/13/2011 10:01 PMPosted by
Reminds me of Fox News.

Typical liberal response.

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