Ever talk to yourself while playing?

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08/15/2011 09:45 AMPosted by Fanahlia
Do you make the "pew pew!" sound for Ice Lance? cuz i do.

I do that too... Or scream certain things when casting certain spells... Like when I use Avenger's Shield in PvP when someone is casting at me, I'll sometimes scream "I'm Captain F***ing America!" And for some reason, and I can't stop myself from doing it, every time I cast Holy Wrath, I always, ALWAYS, end up screaming "Bwee!" I don't know why it makes a Bwee sound, but it does to me.
I say cool sounding Japanese words that I don't even know the meaning of when I PvP.
Oh and another thing.... whenever I'm playing my Warlock everytime I use conflagrate I have to say outloud conflagrate. It is a fun word to say. This is also true for some other spells. Oh and sometimes while on my warrior I say boom! <Ability name> for every ability used.... I just realized how mental I truely am....
I usually say "O NOEZ, WHY IS ANIMALS ON MY FASE!!!" whenever I jump someone.

And of course, if a rogue blinds me, I will always yell out "HE BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE!"

I'll also start singing random bits from 70's-80's era music whenever I get into an intense pvp situation.
this is what i sound like:

"stupid overpowered Rogue, blizz should remove that ability"'
"stupid overpowered DK, blizz should remove that ability"
"stupid overpowered Hunter, blizz should remove that ability"
"stupid overpowered Shaman, blizz should remove that ability"
"stupid overpowered Paladin, blizz should remove that ability"
"stupid overpowered Priest, blizz should remove that ability"
"stupid overpowered Warlock, blizz should remove that ability"
"stupid overpowered Mage, blizz should remove that ability"
"stupid overpowered Druid, blizz should remove that ability"
I usually only talk to myself when I get scared... Like when I'm playing Amnesia... T_T
Sometimes in a random battleground I'll push my ctrl key and try to talk to my team over vent.

Of course I'm not actually IN vent... so I feel kinda dumb.
08/15/2011 09:15 AMPosted by Nethaera
"Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most." ;)

Woah! This isn't woodshop class?
in terms of looting things i always either say "now to loot this..." or "eh too lazy to loot, move on". its like i dictate whether im going loot something or not hahaha. and then i go "shift+click
oh wait i forgot to mention my favourite thing i do. when i make a killshot, i go "BOOM THERE IT IS!" hahaha. the enthusiasm varies depending on how good the kill was, and my mood hahaha
08/15/2011 05:29 AMPosted by Killercaitie
I totally make sound effects for my spells. :B

I LOVE all the healing sound effects I make the noises randomly throughout the day lol
I talk to myself, or sing or the funny accents too

But my friends don't like my singing (well it's pretty horribad) so I'm not allowed to sing while in open mic Vent (I still do it :D)

Also the clasic "OK [name] let's do this nice and slow is not like you're trying to keep these guys alive while tanking and trying to get the mobs they attack because they are not targeting the same mob you're focusing on or even a mob in the same pull [cue nasty words in spanish, english and japanese]
I don't talk to myself while I play...when I'm driving down the street, just to clear my head, I DO talk though. And if it's something that's REALLY bothering me, yes, it can become quite animated. Ever seen a driver that makes you wish a two lane road was three lanes so you could put one between you and the other driver? I'm the other driver.
Mostly just when I'm wondering how we are going to survive this huge mob pack the DPS just pulled halfway through the pull we were working on...when I am healing lol
Yep, you caught me. I do talk to myself.

Usually things like:
"Owies...that cliff was bigger than I thought..."
*Yelling at hunter pet* "Sollux, quit it!"
"Stupid gryphon...HURRYITUPALREADY!"
"Next on the list is-OOH! Thorium."

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