BC guilds?

Sup. I heard that there was a decent 70 BC population on this server, and was wondering if I could join a guid, or at least find a few peeps to talk to. Anyone out there?
<Retro> Horde side, <Surreal> Alliance side
just wondering which one is more active in raiding. Im looking to bring this toon to raid. just need a few more items--including glaives of course.
I think Surreal was made because retro had too many people, I could be wrong, but I think they are equally as active. and since you are a gnome, I would say alliance side is the one you want.
Its not really raiding when retro gets 85s to carry them and do sunwell, bt and kara in 75 mins
Someone is mad they didn't get into retro^^
they both raid alot but i have talked to people who left retro saying they dont like them and they say surreal is better.
Horde raids a lot more, Alliance is more PvP based.
Retro doesn't really raid though..just gets 85s to carry them...idk the point of that.
retro does all 70 raids with the use of no 85's
No, Retro does raids and uses 85's to carry them.
what you idiotic 85's dont understand is that the runs that we use with 85's consists of alts who did NOT make the GUILD runs of the week and would like to get saved. retro does full 70 GUILD runs every week. but some guildies also do pugs (that include 85's) so they can get saved for the week.
I wouldn't think a hardcore BC raiding guild would use ... DK's
I think Ashes needs to look into his addiction to Necro'ing threads. This thread is over a month old... you think the people who post it still check it? And I have to agree with Barfus.. lol@ Dk's in a BC hardcore raiding guild, if they want to be BC here's hoping they don't have worgens as well.
<--- i have multiple 70's. and i made a dk to test and see what id be like at 70. so far its a blast. so keep trolling please.
They see me trollin', they hatin'...

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