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i am starting college soon and other than doing my homework on the laptop, i want to play WoW on my spare time, so whats a laptop that can play wow on the highest graphic settings-or close to it and still be good for school? The Most i can spend is $1400 but would like it to cost less. thanks
I suggest an Asus G-series laptop, reasonable ones go for about 1400
I'd suggest a Clevo-based laptop like this one:

Or how about this if you want 2 hard drives?:

Both of them do not come with Windows unless you buy it from them, which adds 90$ to the total cost.

Both come with an i5 CPU, but they are perfectly fine for gaming, although i7 upgrade is available for fairly cheap.

Both come with 1920x1080 resolution, although Lotus comes with matte by default, while you must upgrade on the MSI Force to get matte.

Both come with GeForce 560M, 192bit, 1.5GB VRAM.

Lotus only comes with 1 hard drive, while MSI Force comes with 2 plus the DVD drive.
if you wanna be cool in college, buy a macbook pro 15"
08/17/2011 12:20 PMPosted by Linearsystms
if you wanna be cool in college, buy a macbook pro 15"

Only if you want to pay a significant amount of money for crap.
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08/17/2011 12:41 PMPosted by Linearsystms
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When buying from Mac, you're paying for the name. You can get better laptops for cheaper.
Not much help in this thread. you know what opinions are like, so i'll offer mine. I play mainly on a desktop, but have also had some laptops. WoW is tough to play on ultra settings with an ordinary laptop, so i'd suggest a laptop more suited for gaming and then as a side you can also use it for school. If you want portability, you could go with an M17X which is an alienware/dell product, or if you want more portability than that, you can go for a Razer Blade, but may not get ultra with high fps during raids. Asus 74X is also an option. you need to look at reviews and see which have what you want in a system. These laptops are designed for removing the heat from the laptop which, heat will slow your system down, and lifespan of your laptop is shortened.
I agree with Linearsystems. I cannot buy Mac for the brand name. We should figure out what we need. It's just running WOW at all.

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