Marks and Survival PvP Guide (4.3)

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4.3.3 Marks and Survival PVP Guide

Table of Contents:

[aaab] II. Why Hunter?
[aaac] III. General Rules and Tips

[aaad] IV. Talent Specialization’s
[aaza] 1. Marksmanship Talents
[abaa] 2. Survival Talents
[acaa] 3. Beast Mastery Talents (Tiers 1 and 2)

[aaae] V. Pets

[aaaf] VI. Gearing Up
[aaag] VII. Glyphs
[aaah] VIII. Gemming and Enchanting
[aaai] IX. Reforging

[aaaj] X. Macros
[aaal] XI. Addons

[aaam] XII. Battlegrounds

[aaan] XIII. Dueling / Class Strategies
[aaao] 1. Arms/Fury Warrior
[aaap] 2. Protection Warrior
[aaaq] 3. Warlock
[aaar] 4. Shadow Priest
[aaas] 5. Enhancement Shaman
[aaat] 6. Elemental Shaman
[aaau] 7. Protection Paladin
[aaav] 8. Retribution Paladin
[aaaw] 9. Rogue
[aaax] 10. Frost Mage
[aaay] 11. Fire/Arcane Mage
[aaaz] 12. Feral Druid
[aaba] 13. Balance Druid
[aaca] 14. Blood Death Knight
[aada] 15. Frost/Unholy Death Knight
[aaha] 16. Hunter

[aaea] XIV. Arena
[ahaa] 1. 2v2 Common Compositions and Strategies
[aaia] 2. 3v3 Common Compositions and Strategies
[aaja] 3. 5v5 Common Compositions and Strategies
[aaka] 4. Blade’s Edge Arena
[aala] 5. Nagrand Arena
[aama]6. Dalaran Sewers
[aana] 7. Ruins of Lordaeron
[aaoa] 8. Ring of Trials
[aapa] 9. Positioning
[aaqa]10. Diminishing Returns
[aara] 11. Crowd Control
[aasa] 12. Focus
[aata] 13. Picking Targets
[aaua]14. Swapping Targets
[aava]15. Communication
[aawa]16. The Art of Peeling
[aaxa]17. What to do when you win
[aaya]18. What to do when you lose

[aafa] XV. Random Tips and Tricks

[aaga] XVI. Works Cited, Helpful Links
[aaab] II. Why hunter?

I’ve always liked the hunter class, I enjoy being able to kill my targets at range before they’re able to get to me. I also like being the only ranged physical damage dealing class. As a hunter we have the ability to drastically alter a battle from 40 yards away and keep melee classes at bay for an extended period of time. We have tracking and eagle eye, which makes us great scouts in battlegrounds as well as a reliable way to slow down a group of enemies at once and loyal pets. Now with cataclysm we can use camouflage which makes us excellent defenders in battlegrounds. However, with all these advantages I think most would agree that playing a hunter in PvP at a high level is a very challenging endeavor. We are the only class that needs to use a cc in order to setup our main cc, as well as being the only class that has to place an ability on the terrain instead of just having it used on our target, as well as being the only class that requires most of our abilities to be used at range. It makes me feel accomplished when I do well playing one of the hardest classes to play in pvp, especially in Arenas.

[aaac] III. General Rules and Tips

a. Keybind, Keybind, KEYBIND!!! All of your main abilities. If you find that you are running out of keys to bind you can use ESDF instead of WASD (or IJKL instead of OKL: if you’re left handed) for movement, this also makes it easier for your hands to find their place on the keyboard with the indent on the F(or J) key on most keyboards. Keybinding your abilities allows you to use them faster and frees up your mouse so that you can use it to turn your character and view much quicker and more dynamically than by turning your character via the keyboard. It also makes it much easier for your eyes to be focused on more important things than where your own abilities are on your bars, such as if that warrior just used shield wall, or if there’s a healer who joins the fight. If you’re busy clicking on your abilities you may not see this crucial information quick enough. However, I’m sure there are many fantastic players who click their abilities, I’m not saying that if you click your abilities you’re a bad player. I just personally believe it’s the best way to play in pvp, if you’re more comfortable clicking your abilities then go for it, but I implore you to at least try keybinding. If you have difficulty getting used to a lot of new keybinds try binding a couple abilities and playing for a few days with them and then every day add a few more and get used to them until eventually your whole repertoire is bound. These are the keybinds I use:
W - run forward
Q - strafe left
E - strafe right
A - master’s call
D - Bullheaded (Pet Trinket)
F - aspect of the cheetah
G - main pet ability (pin, snatch, etc)
C - scatter shot+trap launcher (macro)
X - disengage
Z - mount
V - wing clip
R - freezing trap
~ - trap launcher
T - Bandage
1 - kill shot
2 - auto shot toggle (I actually do use this sometimes, like if I’m tranq shooting someone who’s in a freezing trap)
3 - concussive shot
4 - Widow's Venom
5 - arcane shot/explosive shot
6 - serpent sting
shift+1 - kill command
shift+2 - steady/cobra shot
shift+3 - snake trap
shift+4 - ice trap
shift+A - multi-shot
shift+S - flare
shift+Q - aimed shot
shift+W - hunter’s mark
shift+E - silencing shot/wyvern sting
shift+R - feign death
shift+F - chimera shot/black arrow
shift+G - roar of sacrifice
shift+D - explosive trap
shift+Z - aspect of the hawk/fox (cast sequence macro)
shift+X - mend pet
shift+T - pet attack
shift+tab - deterrence
shift+V - rapid fire
shift+H - misdirection
shift+C - scare beast
shift+mouse wheel scroll down - pet follow/stop attacking
shift+mouse wheel scroll up - engineering nitro boosts (belt tinker)
left side mouse button - auto run
shift+left side mouse button - tranquilizing shot
shift+right side mouse button - camouflage
spacebar - jump
shift+spacebar - every man for himself/pvp trinket
right side mouse button - readiness
b. Attitude, Excuses, What to do when faced with adversity

One of the most important pieces of advice me, or anyone else, can give you is to be patient with yourself and your teammates. PvP (and most things) in WoW is usually some sort of team effort, meaning you can’t do everything on your own, so don’t expect to. You and your teammates will make mistakes, sometimes that may cause your team to lose. Blaming others, pointing fingers and making excuses doesn’t make you a better player. When you lose - because everyone loses sometimes - the important thing is to not get angry at yourself or your teammates but to look back at what happened with a cool head and try to think about what you and your teammates can do better next time. If you present your teammates with calm, sound advice instead of yelling at them that they suck, they will be much more likely to actually listen to what you have to say. This is true for yourself too, oftentimes I’ll find myself making excuses for myself like “he outgeared me” or “I was lagging” or “someone healed him”, then I have to stop and realize that I’m just making excuses and try to figure out how my last encounter can teach me something that I can bring into the next battle to hopefully help me win next time. Communication with your teammates is essential, especially in arenas. Make sure you’re on the same page as them, for instance, make sure that you both have similar definitions of success. Some players consider winning 40% of their games to be good, other players won’t be satisfied with anything lower than an 80% win rate, if your definitions of success differ too much it can become very difficult to continue playing with that person.

c. Control your Pet

Put your pet on passive, keybind pet attack and pet follow and micro-manage your pet manually. I cannot stress the importance of this enough, especially with the recent removal of aggressive stance (the hunter forums are still drenched in tears over this) and the new assist stance which is not very helpful (from what I hear, I haven’t tried it out myself much) it’s even more imperative that you manage your pet manually. Not only should you control when your pet attacks and retreats but you should also take his important abilities off of autocast, keybind them and use them manually as well. This should include roar of sacrifice, pin, snatch, web, and other similar abilities. You just need to be able to use these abilities when you need them and not have your pet randomly decide when they should use their abilities. Their attack abilities such as claw and bite should be left on autocast though.

d. Use Macros!

There are a lot of very helpful macro threads on these and other forums that are linked in this guide as well. Look at them and start getting familiar with how macros can help improve your game. My favorite macro is the mouseover scatter shot into freeze trap macro. This casts scatter shot on your current target and trap launcher at the same time, or it casts scatter shot on your mouseover target and trap launcher, then with the next press it selects freezing trap to launch and then you just click to launch it like normal. It basically combines three buttons into one while also providing nifty utility with the mouseover option. There is also a similar macro for silencing shot or wyvern sting that casts it on your mouseover if hostile or your target if there’s no mouseover. This allows you to not break your target while casting silencing shot on the healer at the same time.
[aaad] IV. Talent Specialization's

[aaza] a. Marksmanship

That is the spec that I use for marks pvp, there are some variations, but for the most part that is the basic spec. Other variations include getting bestial discipline and spirit bond in BM to get the increased healing to you by 10% which is very useful if you run with a healer but I personally prefer the low end talents that survival has to offer. The last point you can put wherever, I chose rapid killing b/c that tends to help me in random bg's.

Tier 1:
Recommended - Go for the Throat: Your ranged auto shot criticals cause your pet to generate 10 focus.
This is an okay talent, mostly taken just to get further up the talent tree.

Mandatory - Efficiency: Reduces the focus cost of your arcane shot by 3 and your explosive and chimera shot by 6.
This is a must-have talent, no matter what spec you are. Reduces the cost of your three main shots from each spec in one talent is amazing.

Optional - Rapid Killing: After killing an opponent that yields experience or honor your next aimed shot, steady shot, or cobra shot deals 20% more damage, lasts 20 seconds.
I like this talent, it’s good for battlegrounds and TB since I tend to get a lot of killing blows via kill shot. It’s not as good for arenas because usually if you get a kill that means you’re on your way to winning the match anyways. Pick this one up, there are far worse talents in this tree.

Tier 2:
1 Point recommended - Sic ‘Em: When you critically hit with your aimed shot, arcane shot, or explosive shot, the cost of your pet’s next basic attack is reduced by 100%
This is a good talent that will keep your pet high on focus a lot of the time. Don't put two points in this though, as unless you're BM this will be overkill.

Mandatory - Improved Steady Shot: When you steady shot twice in a row your ranged attack speed is increased by 15%, lasts for 8 seconds
Good talent, get it. With fox kiting even while getting focused we can make pretty good use of this talent.

Mandatory - Careful Aim: Increases the critical strike chance of your aimed shot, steady shot, and cobra shot on targets at or above 90% health.
This was recently nerfed from 80% health, which was much better for pvp but got the nerf because of pve, which sucks but hey we gotta live with it. Still a good talent and still worth getting in my opinion.

Tier 3:
Mandatory - Silencing Shot: 35 yard range, 20 second cooldown, A shot that silences the target and interrupts spellcasting for 3 seconds.
It’s the staple of marks pvp, amazing for anything....WHY WOULD YOU NOT GET IT!?!?

Recommended - Concussive Barrage: Your successful chimera shots and multi shots have a 100% chance to daze the target for 4 seconds.
This is a pretty meh talent, the daze isn’t affected by diminishing returns which is its only real draw. I don’t find this being very useful because I usually have a concussive shot on my target anyways and we can keep concussive shot up indefinitely so there’s not a lot of need for this unless we’re multi shot spamming in TB or something. However, if you find yourself not refreshing concussive shot on people as often then feel free to pick this one up.

Mandatory - Piercing Shots: Your aimed steady shot, and chimera shot criticals cause your target to bleed for 30% of the damage done over 8 seconds.
Good talent, more damage is never bad. Unless you want to use freezing trap on the target, in which case you can just use cobra shot because that doesn’t work with piercing shots.

Tier 4:
Not Recommended - Bombardment: When you critically hit with multi-shot, the focus cost of your next multi-shot is reduced by 50%
Really pretty dumb talent, one of the worst in the tree, I skip this one. Only really useful for PvE aoe in my opinion

Mandatory - Trueshot Aura: Increases the attack power of all party and raid members within 100 yards by 10%
Staple of the spec, at one point theres no reason not to get it, good passive buff.

Optional - Termination: Your steady shot and cobra shots grant an additional 6 focus when dealt on targets at or below 25% health.
An okay talent here, obviously you won’t be using steady or cobra shot on targets that low in pvp very often, mostly a pve talent here but I get it because believe it or not there are worse talents (see below).

Not Recommended - Resistance is futile: When your marked target attempts to run, flee, or move, you have a 4% chance for your next kill command used within 8 seconds to refund the focus cost.
Update for 4.3, now works with Marked for Death which makes it semi-useful but still pretty terrible.
Tier 5:
Mandatory - Rapid Recuperation: Causes you to gain 12 focus every three seconds while under the effect of rapid fire and you gain 50 focus instantly when you gain rapid killing.
Good talent, makes your dps go way up when rapid fire is used.

Mandatory - Master Marksman: Your steady shots have a 60% chance to grant you the master marksman buff, upon reaching 5 stacks your next aimed shot is instant cast and costs no focus, lasts 30 seconds.
I have actually gotten the instant aimed shot numerous times in arenas, it just requires someone to be standing still for a very long time which doesn’t happen often. The real reason you get this talent is because its required for chimera shot.

Mandatory - Readiness: Resets all other hunter cooldowns 3 minute cooldown.
Excellent for pvp, really what brings marks over the top, lets you double up on disengage, master’s call, feign death, deterrence, rapid fire, silencing shot, scatter shot and flare. Really awesome talent, although I’m still kinda miffed about survival losing this.

Tier 6:
Mandatory - Posthaste: Reduces the cooldown of rapid fire by 2 minutes and your run speed is increased by 30% for 4 seconds after you use disengage.
Great talent, rapid fire cooldown reduction makes it sync nicely with readiness, also the speed increase stacks with aspect of the cheetah letting you run 60% for a few seconds which can be very useful in certain instances, just be careful you won’t get hit.

Recommended - Marked for Death: Your arcane and chimera shots have a 100% chance to apply the marked for death effect which is just like hunter’s mark except it doesn’t give unerring vision of the target and is undispellable.
This can be a useful talent if you find healers dispelling your hunter's mark, pick this one up if you have extra points.

Tier 7:
Mandatory - Chimera Shot: 50 focus, deals damage, refreshes the serpent sting on your target and heals you for 5% of the damage done.
Obviously a must-have talent, great ability. Also recently the heal has actually proven fairly useful to me because of the buff to crit heals makes you heal 10% if it crits.

[acaa] BM Tier 1:

Optional - One With Nature: Increases your attack power bonus from aspect of the hawk by 30% and increases the amount of focus restored by your aspect of the fox by 3.
Great talent, plus the buff to hawk makes this talent almost a must-have, adding 600 attack power while in hawk. Very nice dps increase.

Optional (if going for spirit bond) Bestial Discipline: Increases the focus regeneration of your pets by 30%
Kind of a meh talent, especially as a non-BM spec, I skip this one, plus go for the throat and sic’em makes this talent not worth it in my opinion.

Not Recommended - Improved Kill Command: Increases the critical strike chance of kill command by 10%
Well kill command does need a lot of improvements...but this doesn’t do a good enough job of it. Terrible talent unless you’re going all the way down BM, and even then it’s not that great. Mostly because kill command is a pretty terrible ability to begin with.

BM Tier 2:
Not Recommended - Pathfinding: Increases the speed bonus of your aspect of the pack and aspect of the cheetah by 8%, and increases your speed while mounted by 10%. The mounted movement speed does not stack with other effects.
This is a very bad are rarely relying on the speed increase from those aspects, and even if you are an extra 8% won’t mean much. The mounted speed boost is laughable considering it doesn’t stack with anything, so as soon as someone throws up crusader aura it cancels out this talent. Don’t pick this one up.

Optional - Spirit Bond: Causes you and your pet to regenerate 2% of your maximum health every 10 seconds while your pet is active and increases all healing done to you and your pet by 10%.
This is a good talent worth considering if you run with a healer often. Especially in a long fight, that extra 10% can add up to a lot of extra healing. The first part of this talent is pretty negligible though.

Not Recommended - Frenzy: Your pet gains 6% attack speed after attacking with a basic attack, lasting for 10 seconds and stacking up to 5 times.
This is a pretty lackluster talent for non-BM specs. Provides a good dps increase for your pet, but there are better talents you should be getting if you decide to put your extra points in BM.

Not Recommended - Improved Mend Pet: Gives your mend pet a 50% chance of cleansing 1 curse, disease, magic, or poison effect from the pet each tick.
This is an excellent talent for BM specs, as a lot of their dps relies on the pet being out of cc’s and taking less damage. However, for survival and marks this is not a great talent, as we don’t rely on our pet nearly as much as BM hunters.
[abaa] b. Survival
That is my survival spec, I skip out on counterattack, point of no escape, and sniper training
That is another option, which gets Spirit Bond to help with survivability. is also an option that is more focused toward single target dps and skips out on black arrow.

Tier 1:
Optional - Hunter vs Wild: Increase stamina by 15%
Helps you live longer, good talent. Pretty straightforward.

Optional - Pathing: Increase ranged haste by 3%
Shoot faster, I like it, helps with getting improved steady shot up. I put 2 points in this so I can put two points into survival tactics (for my marks spec). It’s also good for a full survival spec.

Optional - Improved Serpent Sting: Causes your serpent sting to instantly deal 30% of the total dot damage and also increases the periodical critical strike chance of your serpent sting by 10%.
This is a good talent, get it if you want, gives you a little more dps when you apply serpent sting. Works very nicely with serpent spread as well.

Tier 2:
Mandatory - Survival Tactics: Reduces the cooldown of your disengage by 4 seconds and reduces the chance for your traps to be resisted by 4%.
Great talent, getting your traps resisted sucks and being able to disengage more often can sometimes save your life.

Optional - Trap Mastery: Increases duration of ice trap and freezing trap by 30%, increases damage of immolation trap, explosive trap, and black arrow by 30%, increases number of snakes summoned by your snake trap by 6.
Good talent, the bonus damage to fire traps and BA is nice, and more snakes can be useful too. Also, ice trap lasting longer is very helpful. Definitely pick this one up.

Optional - Point of no Escape: Increases your ranged critical strike chance of all your attacks against targets affected by your ice trap and freezing trap by 6%
This is an okay talent, much better for BG's than arenas because in arenas I'm usually dropping freezing traps on people, but it does have good synergy with Lock and Load.

Tier 3:
Recommended - Thrill of the Hunt: You have a 15% chance whenever you use arcane shot explosive shot or black arrow to instantly regain 40% of the base focus cost of the shot.
Great talent, can potentially get you tons of extra focus during a fight. Grab this one.

Not Recommended - Counterattack: A strike that becomes active after parrying an opponent’s attack, it causes damage and roots the target for 5 seconds, cannot be blocked dodged or parried.
This is so terrible now....mainly because deterrence no longer causes you to actually parry attacks, so it doesn’t activate counterattack. And we have a base parry chance of...5%...I don’t bother spending a point on this anymore.

Mandatory - Lock and Load: You have a 100% chance whenever you trap someone with your ice trap or freezing trap to cause your next two explosive shots or arcane shots to trigger no cooldown and cost no focus.
Excellent talent, must have. source of most of survival’s burst damage.

Tier 4:
Mandatory - Resourcefullness: Reduces the cooldown of all traps and black arrow by 6 seconds
really really good, lets you throw down more ice and snake traps! definitely a must have.

Optional - Mirrored Blades: You have a 100% chance to reflect any spell cast at you while in deterrence.
I think this is an extremely underrated and under-talked about talent. It’s a very interesting talent that can be used in a variety of ways offensively or defensively, and both at the same time. For instance to use offensively you could reflect a warlock fear and then take deterrence off and attack him while he’s in his own fear. Great talent and I highly recommend it. It also has the surprise factor because not many hunters spec survival for pvp so people won’t expect it. Optional at higher ratings because most good players will be quick to notice deterrence and won't cast too many spells into it.

Recommended - T.N.T: When you deal periodic damage with your immolation trap, explosive trap, or black arrow you have a 12% chance to trigger lock and load.
Good talent, sometimes gets me unexpected lock and load procs, definitely recommended.
Tier 5:
Mandatory - Toxicology: Increases the periodical damage of your serpent sting and black arrow by 100%
Good talent, gives you more damage to two of your main dots, get this one.

Mandatory - Wyvern Sting: Puts the target to sleep for 6 seconds, any damage will wake the target, after the target wakes up the sting causes 2739 damage over 6 seconds.
There are a lot of problems with wyvern sting, but it is still a good talent to get. It’s useful in a lot of circumstances like getting a quick interrupt on a healer, or getting another CC after a freezing trap or to open on someone to make sure you get an ice trap on em.

Mandatory - Noxious Stings: Increases your damage against targets afflicted by your serpent sting by 10% and if your wyvern sting is dispelled the dispeller is also afflicted by 50% of the remaining duration of wyvern sting.
This is a good talent, mainly for the first part, basically gives you a passive 10% damage buff. The second part is very rarely useful and even if someone immediately dispells wyvern sting it would only last 3 seconds on them, still a useful talent worth getting though.

Recommended - Hunting Party: Increases your agility by an additional 2% and increases the ranged and melee attack speed of all party members by 10%
Great talent, more agility=more damage and more attack speed=more damage, no reason not to get this talent, plus it helps anyone near you.

Tier 6:
Not Recommended - Sniper Training: Increases the critical strike chance of your kill shot by 15% and after remaining stationary for 6 seconds your steady shot and cobra shot deal 6% more damage for 15 seconds.
This is a PvE talent, you are very very rarely standing still for that long in PvP, and even if you are it would be a minimal dps increase. The bonus crit chance to kill shot is okay, but not spectacular. I skip this talent.

Optional - Serpent Spread: Targets hit by your multi-shot are also afflicted by your serpent sting lasting 9 seconds of its total duration.
This is an amazing talent for AoE and in large scale battles like TB, Isle of Conquest and Alterac Valley it can really come in handy. One note about this talent is you really don’t need 2 points in this, as you will usually be able to multi shot at least twice before 6 seconds goes by, so by putting 2 points in this talent your second point is effectively wasted because you will almost always refresh the serpent sting before 6 seconds, plus a lot of the damage comes from the instant damage improved serpent sting (tier 1) provides.

Tier 7:
Recommended - Black Arrow: 35 Focus 22 second cooldown, fires a black arrow at the target causing 18250 damage over 15 seconds. Black arrow shares a cooldown with fire traps.
Ah Black Arrow. It is sadly very very lacking in PvP scenarios simply because it can be dispelled with no adverse ramifications to the dispeller. It also doesn’t really do that much damage even with its recent 40% buff. Still worth getting though in my opinion for classes that can’t dispel. You could, however, skip this talent and glyph immolation trap depending on your playstyle.
[aaae] V. Pets

Note: This first section is an excerpt from Kujalol’s post on Arena Junkies Strategy section and all credit goes to her. Here is a link to her post.

Pets! We all love them, it is the reason most of us chose to play Hunter. There is one very useful site for information on pets: get used to using it for finding pets, updates on pet abilities and even the new spirit beasts!

Marksman and Survival Pets:

The beauty of the pet overhaul some time ago is that we now have a pet for every occasion. In addition, we now have the ability to swap our pets in combat – meaning that with thought we can have a pet to counter whatever comp we come across.
The usual pet line-up for non Beast Mastery hunters will consist of some of the following:

Monkey – Gives a 4 second disorient, (however counts as controlled stun that cannot be blinked out of).

Scorpid/Bird of Prey – 10 second disarm (1 minute cooldown).

Moth – 4 second lockout (1 minute cooldown).

Spider/Crab – 5 second root that does not break on damage (40 second cooldown).

Wind Serpent – Increases magic damage taken by the target by 8% (great for Survival Hunters or if you are playing with a caster that is not a warlock).

Bat - 2 Second stun on a 1 minute cooldown. Very useful, can interrupt casts, be a gap creator, and doesn't share DR with an ability we have (except intimidation). Also has a 20 yard range.

These 6 pets together provide a well balanced group of pets that can be used to increase the utility of your team.

Side notes: There are many other pets that give a variety of debuffs, mostly for PVE purposes, in certain situations where you might know who you are facing (such as a tournament) you may find these other pets to be of better use. I highly recommend using regularly, add it to your favorites and have a browse through the various pet abilities.

a. Ferocity
1. Talent Specialization's for Ferocity Pets
This is the specialization that I use for my Ferocity PvP pets: I mostly go for all offensive talents for maximum pet dps.

Tier 1:
Serpent’s Swiftness: Increases your pet’s attack speed by 10%
Great talent, more dps is always good for your pets in pvp.

Dash: 30 Focus 32 second cooldown Increases your pet’s movement speed by 80% for 16 seconds
Another solid talent for pvp, gets your pet to the target faster, grab this and keep it on auto-cast.

Great Stamina: Increases your pet’s health by 12%
Good talent for pve, but your pet is not going to be focusesd very often, and even if he is a little extra health won’t have a noticable impact on his survivability.

Natural Armor: Increases your pet’s armor by 10%
Another pve “pet tanking” talent, don’t pick this one up.

Tier 2:
Improved Cower: Reduces the movement speed penalty of your pet’s cower by 100%
Not worth getting in my opinion, as there are better talents out there.

Bloodthirsty: Your pet’s attacks have a 20% chance to heal 5% of its total health over 5 seconds.
This is a good talent, will likely keep your pet’s hp high if he’s receiving light damage. Is also required for heart of the phoenix, pick this one up.

Spiked Collar: Increases the damage from your pet’s basic attacks by 9%
Great talent, raw dps increase for your pet.

Boar’s Speed: Increases the movement speed of your pet by 30%
Another really good pvp talent, having a faster pet is always helpful, whether for attacking or retreating.

Tier 3:
Culling the Herd: When your pet’s basic attack deals a critical strike, you and your pet deal 3% increased damage for 10 seconds.
Very decent talent, your pet crits a lot, so you should have this buff a lot if your pet is attacking something. Pick this one up if you have the points.

Lionhearted: Reduces the duration of all stun and fear effects on your pet by 30%
This is a great talent, I hate it when my pet is cced and I can’t master’s call or roar of sacrifice when I need to.

Charge: 35 Focus 8-25 yard range 25 second cooldown Your pet charges an enemy, immobilizing it for 1 second and increasing the pet’s melee attack power by 25% for its next attack.
Another great talent, when your pet gets to the target faster it’s always a good thing.

Tier 4
Heart of the Phoenix: 8 min cooldown When used, your pet miraculously returns to life with full health.
Good talent if someone decides to focus down your pet in an arena.

Spider’s Bite: Increases the critical strike chance of your pet by 9%
Another good talent, works well with culling the herd.

Great Resistance: Your pet takes 15% less damage from arcane, fire, frost, nature, and shadow magic.
A lackluster talent for me, a defensive talent for an offensive pet.
Tier 5
Rabid: 45 second cooldown Your pet goes into a killing frenzy, successful attacks will increase your pet’s attack power by 5%, stacks up to 5 times.
Great talent, really good dps increase for your pet as this will most of the time be at 5 stacks.

Lick Your Wounds: 3 min cooldown Your pet heals itself for 100% of its total health over 5 seconds.
Not a great talent, your pet must channel to maintain this spell, and it is rarely useful in my opinion. Mend pet does a good enough job of keeping your pet alive.

Call of the Wild: 5 min cooldown Your pet roars, increasing you and your pet’s melee and ranged attack power by 10% for 20 seconds.
Good cooldown ability, will give both you and your pet a nice temporary dps increase.

Tier 6
Shark Attack: Your pet does an additional 6% damage with all attacks
This is a good dps increase for your pet, but I usually don’t have enough talent points for my pet to get this one.

Call of the Wild: When your pet is at or above 50 focus, your pet’s basic attacks will deal 120% more damage but cost an additional 100% focus.
This is also a decent talent, provides a nice dps boost at the start of the fight.

b. Cunning

1. Talent Specialization’s for Cunning Pets That is the talent spec I use for Cunning pets, this provides a good balance between utility and offense.

Tier 1
Serpent’s Swiftness: Increases your pet’s attack speed by 10%
Great talent, more dps is always good for your pets in pvp.

Dash: 30 Focus 32 second cooldown Increases your pet’s movement speed by 80% for 16 seconds
Another solid talent for pvp, gets your pet to the target faster, grab this and keep it on auto-cast.

Great Stamina: Increases your pet’s health by 12%
Good talent for pve, but your pet is not going to be focusesd very often, and even if he is a little extra health won’t have a noticable impact on his survivability.

Natural Armor: Increases your pet’s armor by 10%
Another pve “pet tanking” talent, don’t pick this one up.

Tier 2
Boar’s Speed: Increases the movement speed of your pet by 30%
Another really good pvp talent, having a faster pet is always helpful, whether for attacking or retreating.

Mobility: Reduces the cooldown of your pet’s dash ability by 16 seconds.
Great talent, makes it so dash is always available for your pet to use.

Owl’s Focus: Your pet has a 30% chance after using a basic attack to cause the next basic attack to cost no focus if used within 8 seconds.
An okay talent here, provides a moderate dps increase for your pet, I prefer to get other talents here for pvp however.

Spiked Collar: Increases the damage from your pet’s basic attacks by 9%
Great talent, raw dps increase for your pet.

Tier 3
Culling the Herd: When your pet’s basic attack deals a critical strike, you and your pet deal 3% increased damage for 10 seconds.
Very decent talent, your pet crits a lot, so you should have this buff a lot if your pet is attacking something. Pick this one up if you have the points.

Lionhearted: Reduces the duration of all stun and fear effects on your pet by 30%
This is a great talent, I hate it when my pet is cced and I can’t master’s call or roar of sacrifice when I need to.

Carrion Feeder: 5 yard range 30 second cooldown Your pet can regenerate health by eating a corpse. Will not work on the remains of elemental or mechanical creatures.
Not a very good talent here, as you will rarely be thinking of (or needing to) use this to heal your pet after you get a kill.

Tier 4
Great Resistance: Your pet takes 15% less damage from arcane, fire, frost, nature, and shadow magic.
A lackluster talent for me, a defensive talent for an offensive pet.

Cornered: When at less than 35% health, your pet does 50% more damage and has a 60% reduced chance to be critically hit
Not a very good talent here either, your pet will rarely be that low for an extended period of time, and if he is he’ll most likely either be dead or healed back up soon

Feeding Frenzy: Your pet does 16% additional damage to targets at or below 35% health
A decent talent here, but there are better talents in the tree so I skip this one.
Tier 5
Wolverine Bite: Melee range, 10 second cooldown A fierce attack causing damage that your pet can use after it makes a critical strike, cannot be blocked dodged or parried.
This is an okay talent, your pet will likely crit a lot so he would get a lot of use out of this ability.

Roar of Recovery: 40 yard range, 30 min cooldown Your pet’s inspiring roar restores 30 focus over 9 seconds
Not really a good amount of focus regen, and on way too long of a cooldown...skip this one in my opinion

Bullheaded: 3 min cooldown Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your pet and reduces damage done to your pet by 20% for 12 seconds.
Not a great talent, too long of a cooldown to be useful in my opinion, even though being able to break your pet out of a cc every once in a while would be nice, there are way better talents to be gotten in this tree.

Grace of the Mantis: Reduces the chance that your pet will be critically hit by 6%
This is an okay talent on its own, but it is a must have simply because it is required for roar of sacrifice, easily the best pvp pet ability in the game.

Tier 6
Wild Hunt: When your pet is at or above 50 focus, your pet’s basic attacks will deal 120% more damage but cost 100% additional focus
A good talent, provides a decent dps increase at the start of fights.

Roar of Sacrifice: 1 min cooldown Protects a friendly target from critical strikes, making attacks against that target unable to be critical strikes, but 20% of all damage taken by the target is also taken by the pet. Lasts 12 seconds.
I will rave about this talent for hours on end. This is one of the best pvp abilities that pets can acquire. First of all, you can use it on any party member, so you can make your flag carrier or healer immune to criticals for 12 seconds. If you use it on yourself, your pet casts it, not you, so you can use it even if you’re stunned or cced in any way. It also provides a significant advantage for you against other dps classes. To not get this for your pvp pet borders on moronic.

c. Tenacity
1. Talent Specialization’s for Tenacity Pets That is the spec I use for my Tenacity pets, focusing mainly on offense.

Tier 1
Serpent’s Swiftness: Increases your pet’s attack speed by 10%
Great talent, more dps is always good for your pets in pvp.

Dash: 30 Focus 32 second cooldown Increases your pet’s movement speed by 80% for 16 seconds
Another solid talent for pvp, gets your pet to the target faster, grab this and keep it on auto-cast.

Great Stamina: Increases your pet’s health by 12%
Good talent for pve, but your pet is not going to be focusesd very often, and even if he is a little extra health won’t have a noticable impact on his survivability.

Natural Armor: Increases your pet’s armor by 10%
Another pve “pet tanking” talent, don’t pick this one up.

Tier 2
Spiked Collar: Increases the damage from your pet’s basic attacks by 9%
Great talent, raw dps increase for your pet.

Boar’s Speed: Increases the movement speed of your pet by 30%
Another really good pvp talent, having a faster pet is always helpful, whether for attacking or retreating.

Blood of the Rhino: Increases all healing done to your pet by 40%
Tank pet talent, not very useful in pvp as your pet will rarely be receiving healing

Pet Barding: Increases your pet’s armor by 10% and the chance for your pet to dodge by 2%
Another tanking pet talent, don’t pick this one up either as your pet will rarely be focused enough for this talent to matter.

Tier 3
Culling the Herd: When your pet’s basic attack deals a critical strike, you and your pet deal 3% increased damage for 10 seconds.
Very decent talent, your pet crits a lot, so you should have this buff a lot if your pet is attacking something. Pick this one up if you have the points.

Guard Dog: Your pet’s growl generates an additional 20% threat
Pve talent obviously, don’t pick this one.

Lionhearted: Reduces the duration of all stun and fear effects on your pet by 30%
This is a great talent, I hate it when my pet is cced and I can’t master’s call or roar of sacrifice when I need to.

Thunderstomp: 20 focus, 10 second cooldown Shakes the ground with thundering force, dealing nature damage to all enemies within 8 yards, causes a moderate amount of additional threat.
An okay talent, consider getting this and having your pet use it manually to block flag captures and such. Be aware if this is left on auto-cast, it could cause some cc’s to be broken prematurely.
Tier 4
Grace of the Mantis: Reduces the chance that your pet will be critically hit by 6%
This is an okay talent on its own, but it is a must have simply because it is required for roar of sacrifice, which is easily the best pvp pet ability in the game.

Great Resistance: Your pet takes 15% less damage from arcane, fire, frost, nature, and shadow magic.
A lackluster talent for me, a defensive talent for an offensive pet.

Tier 5
Last Stand: 6 min cooldown Causes your pet to temporarily gain 30% of its maximum health for 20 seconds, after the effect expires the health is lost.
Not a great talent for pvp, another tanking pve talent.

Taunt: 1 min cooldown Taunts the target to attack it for 3 seconds.
Pve talent, useless in pvp.

Roar of Sacrifice: 1 min cooldown Protects a friendly target from critical strikes, making attacks against that target unable to be critical strikes, but 20% of all damage taken by the target is also taken by the pet. Lasts 12 seconds.
I will rave about this talent for hours on end. This is one of the best pvp abilities that pets can acquire. First of all, you can use it on any party member, so you can make your flag carrier or healer immune to criticals for 12 seconds. If you use it on yourself, your pet casts it, not you, so you can use it even if you’re stunned or cced in any way. It also provides a significant advantage for you against other dps classes.

Intervene: 8-25 yard range 30 second cooldown Your pet runs at high speed towards a group member, reducing the damage done by attacks made against them equal to 50% of the pet’s total health.
A decent talent, has saved my life a couple times. I’d recommend getting this and keeping it on auto-cast, your pet will do this to you if it has the focus and your health gets low.

Tier 6
Silverback: Your pet’s growl also heals it for 2% of its health
PvE talent, don’t get it for pvp

Wild Hunt: When your pet is at or above 50 focus, your pet’s basic attacks will deal 120% more damage but cost 100% additional focus
A good talent, provides a decent dps increase at the start of fights.

[aaaf] VI. Gearing Up

"He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared."
-Sun Tzu

There are 5 tiers of PvP gear. From worst to best they are...
-Vicious Crafted gear. This is now the crafted PvP armor at ilvl 377 and BoE it's a great way to gear up your fresh 85 to make that initial honor grind not quite as painful.

-Ruthless Gladiator's Season 11 Gear. This is the new gear purchasable via honor points. The armor is a 390 ilvl. The weapons from Season 10 are now purchasable with honor points as well but they are still the ilvl 378 versions from last season.

-Cataclysmic Gladiator's Season 11 Gear. This is the gear that most PvPers will be attaining on a weekly basis, and can only be bought with conquest points. The ilvl on the armor is 403 with the weapons at 397.

-Elite Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Season 11 Gear - At Item level 410, this is the best PvP equipment in the game right now, and requires a 2200 personal rating in 3v3, 5v5 arenas, or rated battlegrounds to purchase, as well as already having the non-elite cataclysmic piece of gear in order to upgrade it.

a. Honor

So you’re playing your hunter, you’re levelling up and having a good time, you maybe do some battlegrounds while levelling maybe duel a few friends around your level. Everything’s going great, you get tons of kills in battlegrounds and you’re a real asset to your team. Then it happens.
You hit 85.
Your gear is now rock bottom and you’re getting facerolled by everyone out there in full resilience gear.
So what do you do?
Keep getting facerolled.
No, really. You have to get owned a few times while grinding for your pvp gear, it’s natural because you’re starting at the bottom of the ladder gear-wise. There are some things you can do to prepare yourself for level 85 PvP so you don’t get owned as hard however.
With patch 4.3 crafters can now make “vicious” PvP gear (last season’s honor gear) the “bloodied” and "bloodthirsty" gear is now gone. So if you’re a crafter, you can grab the plans from vendors in stormwind or orgrimmar for an amount of gatherable materials and craft your own starting set of pvp gear. If you’re not a crafter, you can always browse the auction house for vicious gear (if you have the money of course). Pieces can range in price anywhere from 200g to 1200g each, give or take depending on your server’s economy. Getting a lot of these pieces of gear can really help you out in your initial honor grind and I highly recommend it.
The fastest way to grind honor is to do random battlegrounds (or the weekend battleground) and Tol Barad whenever the battle’s happening. Tol Barad should always take priority as it will net you 400-600 honor if you win (you get a bonus 200 honor if you win while defending AND protecting the towers or if you win on offense very quickly) and about 150 if you lose. Your first random battleground or weekend battleground win will get you around 250 honor and 25 conquest points (towards your rated BG conquest cap) and a loss will get you about 65 honor. After your first win that day another win will get you about 150 honor and no conquest points and a loss will get you around 45 honor. Being in a guild with the honorable perk is very helpful here, also buying a guild battle standard (if you’re friendly with your guild) and putting that down occasionally during battles will get you more honor. Winning battles will get you much, MUCH more honor than simply farming kills, so it’s not really worth it to hold the flag in WSG or twin peaks to extend the game if your team severely outmatches the enemy team.

Honor vendors are located in stormwind and orgrimmar, (you can ask a guard for directions) here you should look to buy the Season 10 item level 371 gear. When buying gear you should always replace your weakest pieces of gear first, and then work your way up till all your pieces are good. Also, you should always replace slots that do not have resilience on them yet with pieces of gear that do have resilience so as to maximize your resilience as quickly as possible. Once you obtain around 3400-3500 resilience the damage reduction percentage starts to become less and less as you get more resilience. Some people like to stack as much resilience as possible, while others like to get around 3400-3500 and then start gemming and enchanting for other stats. It really depends on your playstyle, your arena compositions, mainly whether or not you usually play with a healer. I prefer to stack resilience as much as possible to maximize my survivability, but feel free to start gemming 40 agility gems once you get around 3400, but you should aim to have at LEAST that much resilience. Note: In full ilvl 371 gear your resilience will naturally come to around 3800, which is about a 38% damage reduction in pvp. I prefer to hover around 4000 resilience with my gems and enchants.

b. Conquest

Conquest gear is the most desirable for a pvper, as it lets you buy the best pvp gear. Conquest points are earned at 180 points per arena win, 400 per rated battleground win, and 100 for your first random battleground or weekend battleground win of the day, with 50 points awarded each win after that. Your conquest points are limited on a weekly basis, meaning you can only earn a set amount of points per week. Starting out you’ll have a 1350 point cap for arenas per week, and a 1650 point cap for rated battlegrounds per week, with an overall cap of 1650 points. Your cap will go up as your arena personal rating and rated battleground rating goes past 1650, until eventually your conquest cap will cap out at 3000 points.

So what does this mean?

Basically this means that you can earn a maximum of 1650 points (at minimum rating) each week. However, you can only get 1350 points from arenas each week, meaning in order to get the maximum 1650 points you must earn either all 1650 points from rated battlegrounds or the extra 300 points from rated battlegrounds after getting capped out from arenas. The 100/50 points per day you can get from random or weekend battlegrounds counts towards your rated battleground cap.

To get arena point capped you must win 8 times (at minimum rating), so to get conquest gear at a reasonable rate you should aim to win 8 arena matches every week with the reset on tuesday. As your rating goes up you will need to win more matches every week in order to get capped. Also note that the season 11 weapons are not purchasable until you have earned 7800 conquest points on the season which means if your conquest point cap doesn’t go up it’ll take you 5-6 weeks of capping every week before you’ll be able to purchase the weapons. If you mouse over the conquest point icon on the armor/weapon vendor it’ll tell you how many points you’ve earned so far this season.

Note: If you trade valor points for conquest points, they will NOT count towards the 7800 points required to obtain the weapons. You must obtain the conquest points from arenas and rated battlegrounds for them to count towards the 7800 required for the weapons. However, if you do trade valor points for conquest points, they will count towards your rated BG cap. So for example if you’re at 1350/1650 points for the week with 1350/1350 arenas and 0/1650 for rated BG’s and you trade valor for conquest you’ll now have 1600/1650 conquest points with 1350/1350 arenas and 250/1650 rated BG’s.
[aaag] VII. Glyphs

-My Glyphs
Prime - Dazzled Prey (or Kill Shot), Chimera Shot, Arcane Shot
Major - Disengage, Master’s Call, Trap Launcher (or Concussive Shot)
Minor - Aspect of the Pack, Feign Death, Scare Beast
Prime - Explosive Shot, Arcane Shot, Dazzled Prey (or Kill Shot)
Major - Disengage, Master’s Call, Concussive Shot (or Trap Launcher)
Minor - Lesser Proportion (or Aspect of the Pack), Scare Beast, Feign Death


Explosive Shot - Must have for survival, increases the critical strike chance of explosive shot by 6%

Serpent Sting - A good Survival glyph, works great with the noxious stings talent. An okay marks glyph.

Rapid Fire - This glyph is not that great for survival because you're only using it once on a 5-minute cooldown. It's not good for marks either because there's simply no room for it because you should have chimera shot, arcane shot, and either Dazzled Prey or Kill Shot.

Steady Shot-Good glyph for marks, steady shot needs all the help it can get. Don’t use with survival as you should be using cobra shot if you’re survival.

Chimera Shot-I like this glyph, chimera is one of my main forms of damage.

Arcane Shot-Great glyph for marks and survival, as I usually start spamming this when someone’s almost dead.

Aimed Shot-A pretty lackluster glyph, 5 focus really isn’t that much, and you’re not going to be using aimed shot much if you’re getting focused, and it’s only on a crit.

Dazzled Prey-If you have 2/2 in barrage this could be worth a shot. 2 focus really isn’t that much though. Update for 4.3! With the 2 set T13 bonus this is actually a really good glyph now. It will now give you 4 focus per steady shot if you have a daze up (which you almost always should anyways) making your total focus regen a whopping 22 focus per steady shot! That's enough for an arcane shot right there! I'm currently testing this out to see if it's better than glyph of steady shot.

Kill Command-really really bad glyph, only really good if you’re BM, and even then it’s not great.



Disengage - excellent glyph, disengage is incredibly useful in so many circumstances, and being able to use it more often is never bad

Master’s Call - a must have in my opinion, it doubles the duration of master’s call giving you 8 seconds of snare and root immunity

Trap Launcher - I like this glyph because I have trap launcher macroed into my scatter shot, so I tend to use trap launcher a lot.

Immolation trap - this glyph is great for survival if you don’t like to use black arrow, although BA was buffed in 4.2 so this glyph has gone to the sidelines for me mostly because in most cases it’s much easier to get a black arrow on a target than an immolation trap.

Concussive shot - this is a great glyph, useful on anyone mounted as well as any class with a speed increase (rogues, ferals, rets, holy paladins, mages)

Raptor Strike - this is a great glyph, and can make for some excellent strategy against other hunters, death knights and warlocks with a targest nearest hostile and cast raptor strike macro.

Scatter Shot - another solid glyph, this increases scatter shot’s range, making it easier to CC targets, there are much better major glyphs though so this one sits on the bench for me.

Ice Trap - a good glyph for survival, makes kiting melee classes over it easier and is helpful in large scale battles as well.

Mending-Not a good major glyph at all, there are so many better choices for major glyphs this one really is laughable. Only somewhat useful if you’re BM.

Deterrence-Terrible, awful glyph, 10 seconds off of a 2 minute cooldown is an extreme let down, they could do so many better things with this glyph...but alas...

Snake Trap-A pretty lackluster glyph, snakes have so little health anyways even with this glyph sometimes they still die.

Bestial Wrath-Decent BM glyph

Wyvern Sting-Another severely lacking glyph, again so many options to make wyvern sting better than just a simple cooldown shortener...and not even that much either.


Aspect of the Pack-Sometimes useful, like if you’re running with your team and there’s no enemies around.

Scare Beast-Great glyph for a minor slot, helps tremendously with hunter pets and feral druids.

Feign Death-Hands down the best minor glyph for hunters, every spec should have this. Feign death is extremely useful in PvP and being able to use it more often is awesome.

Revive Pet-You really shouldn’t need this glyph as if you take the time to rez your pet while being attacked you’re probably already dead.

Lesser Proportion-I guess would make your pet harder to target....?
[aaah] VIII. Gemming, Enchanting and Gearing

Note: Most of this guide is from the Strategy section of and some credit for this guide goes to Russet from US-Eredar who originally posted this on Arena Junkies. Here is the link to her post.

a. Gemming (Updated for 4.3)

With the way gear has scaled up from 4.1 - 4.3 and the way that resilience becomes less and less effective after around 3800 resilience the natural amount of base resilience that you’re getting with even just honor gear is perfectly fine for survivability. You really shouldn’t ever gem for resilience, the only exception would maybe be if you’re running a non-standard comp like african turtle cleave where you always play really defensively.

(In the current gearset, with full PVP gear you will have exactly 1 Meta Slot, 3 Red slots, 3 Yellow slots, and 3 Blue slots. The Blue slots are very straight forward due to Spell Pen needs, and the other slots should be agility and agility/crit gems (to get the socket bonuses)

Gemming Method:
Meta Gem: Agile Shadowspirit Diamond (54 Agility and 3% Crit Damage)
Red Slots: 3x Delicate Queen’s Garnet (50 Agility) or 3x Delicate Inferno Ruby (40 Agility)
Yellow Slots: 3x Deadly Lava Coral (25 Agility and 25 Crit) or 3x Deadly Ember Topaz (20 Agility and 20 Crit)
Blue Slots: 2x Stormy Ocean Sapphire, and 1x Vivid Elven Peridot or 1x Vivid Dream Emerald
Prismatic Blet Buckle Slot: 1x Delicate Queen’s Garnet (50 Agility) or 1x Delicate Inferno Ruby (40 Agility)

And on a side note, Gemming to counter magic resistance is very, very important. Even though Spell Pen doesn't apply to traps, the effect that even a small amount of resistance has on our magic damage is very significant. Auras and Totems are 195 Resist in this expansion.

b. Enchanting

Enchanting Guidelines - There is almost no spec where you will have any variation in enchants. It will hardly make a difference if you do vary it, the slots with more than one enchanting option are very minor enchants. Your first priority is Resil, then Agi.

Helm slot: Arcanum of Vicious Agility (60 Agi/35 Resil)

Shoulder slot: Greater Inscription of Vicious Agility (50 Agi/25 Resil)

Cloak slot: Enchant Cloak - Greater Spell Piercing (70 Spell Pen)

Chest slot: Enchant Chest - Mighty Resilience (40 Resil) or Peerless Stats (+20 to all stats)

Wrist slot: Enchant Bracer - Agility (50 Agi) or Enchant Bracer - Critical Strike (poor man's alternative)

Glove slot: This is the worst slot for Hunters. Choose between 65 Mastery, 50 Mastery, 50 Haste, or 20 Agi. or an engineering tinker if you’re an engineer.

Belt slot: As mentioned above, use a Mystic Amberjewel in your belt buckle. (40 Resil) as well as an engineering tinker if you’re an engineer.

Legs slot: Dragonscale Leg Armor (190 AP/55 Crit)

Boots slot: Enchant Boots - Assassin's Step (25 Agi/8% Run Speed) or Enchant Boots - Earthen Vitality (+30 stamina and minor run speed increase) (poor man's alternative)

Melee Weapon slot: Pyrium Weapon Chain (40 Hit/-60% Disarm duration) (If you have an offhand)

Ranged Weapon slot: Gnomish X-Ray Scope (Proc 800 AP for 10 seconds) or Flintlocke’s Woodchucker (a random 1000 damage attack plus a 300 agility buff for 8 seconds)
c. PvP Gear Choices

Gearing Philosophy: Several slots have multiple viable options to choose from. Of those, I would rule out any of the Haste items, it is simply not good enough for us compared to the importance of Crit/Mastery. Where there is a choice between Crit and Mastery, I have chosen Crit for a few reasons. I tested the raw DPS increase of Crit and Mastery for Marks a while back, and found them to be relatively equal. However, since then we have seen a 50% increase on Chimera's damage, 15% increase of Arcane Shot's damage, and over 100% increase in Aimed Shot's damage. Auto Shot while moving and a 17% increase in the efficiency of Mastery Rating is just not enough to compare with that. Not to mention that BURST is more crucial than ever, and sacrificing a 2-5k damage proc in order to gain 10k damage or more on your main burst abilities is a very good tradeoff.

Also, you should be wearing 100% PVP gear. Update for 4.3 Actually, the 2 set bonus from the Wyrmstalker T13 raiding gear is REALLY good for PvP (Your steady and cobra shots generate double the focus) and I HIGHLY recommend getting into a raiding guild or grinding raid finder groups to get two pieces of this gear. The resilience trade offs (and the lackluster 4 piece PvP set bonus) for these two pieces are almost nothing compared to the awesomeness that is getting double focus on steady and cobra shots. Legs and Shoulders are the best b/c of the red sockets.

Resilience blows every other secondary stat out of the water, and since every slot has Agility/Stam/Resil/X Green Stat, you aren't losing Agi or Stam, just trading an inferior secondary stat for resilience.

Helm, Shoulders, Chest, Gloves, Legs, Rings, Weapons: No choices in these slots (beyond your preference or racial benefit for ranged weapon- we're forced to use Pikes for Two Handers this season).
Neck: Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Necklace of Prowess (Mastery green stat) is the only available Hunter-friendly option.
Back: Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Cape of Cruelty (Crit green stat)
Wrist: Never wear the Haste bracer. Use Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Wristguards of Accuracy (Hit green stat)
Belt: Use the Hit belt (this plays an important role in your reforging) Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Links of Accuracy (Hit green stat)
Boots: Again, never wear the Haste version. Use Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Sabatons of Cruelty (Crit green stat)
Trinkets: Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Medallion of Tenacity and Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Badge of Conquest -- Vial of Shadows is also an option if you like the extra burst over the survivability.

Note: Replace Vicious with Ruthless (S11) if you’re farming the honor gear and replace your Ruthless (S11) pieces with Cataclysmic pieces as you acquire conquest points.

Trinket choices:Don't use the Crit trinket. If you want to drop resilience, regem for Agility first. Only after that (160 Resil->160 Agi) would I wear the Crit trinket. It's a good place to drop resil though, since unless you're clearing heroic modes, switching PVP gear for PVE simply swaps Resilience for a different secondary stat (and in other slots you'll lose ilvl going to normal mode gear, lowering your agility). In the unlikely event that you've discovered a comp where no one gets on the Hunter (hahaha) and you don't have ilvl372 Heroic gear with Crit/Hit, swap your resil trinket with the Crit version.

[aaai] IX. Reforging

a. Reforging Rules
I left this section until close to the end because it heavily depends upon your other gear choices. The goal with reforging is to reduce as many undesirable secondary stats as possible, while maximizing the good ones. It boils down to exchanging Hit, Crit, Mastery, and Haste in a 1:1 ratio, the other stats aren't applicable to Hunters. Out of Crit, Mastery, and Haste, Crit should generally be considered the best and Haste the worst. Therefore once Hit is taken care of, everything that you reforge should be Not-Crit Rating => Crit Rating.

If you gear as I suggested above, you will have Hit rating on your Belt, Wrist, Glove, Ring, and Weapon Chain. Assuming Vicious gear (while you still have Bloodthirsty, reforge to some extra Hit somewhere), that is 626 Hit rating. The cap is 600. Now just sit back and be amazed at the magic of reforging...

Do not reforge: Cloak, Chest, Gloves, Belt, Boots, Crit Ring, Trinkets, Melee Weapon, or Ranged Weapon (all of these slots have either Crit or Hit already).
Helm: Reforge Mastery->Crit
Neck: Reforge Mastery->Crit
Shoulders: Reforge Haste->Crit
Legs: Reforge Haste->Hit
Wrist: Reforge Hit->Crit
Hit Ring: Reforge Hit->Crit

And magically, you will have exactly 5.00% Hit (600 rating).

Note: This may change a bit depending on which 2 pieces of Wyrmstalker gear you're wearing for PvP.
[aaaj] X. Macros

Arena Junkies has a great list of macros that can be found here...

And also a Hunter specific macro list by Frozirelol here...

Strider has also compiled a great list of macros that is a sticky on the hunter forums and can be found here...

Braindeadly has also released a Macro Video Guide here

My Macros:

Scatter Shot

/cast [@mouseover, harm] Scatter Shot
/castsequence reset=9 Trap Launcher, !Freezing Trap(Frost - Trap Launcher), nil
/cast [@pettarget] Growl

Aspect of the Hawk / Fox

/castsequence Aspect of the Hawk, Aspect of the Fox

Eagle Eye

#showtooltip Eagle Eye
/use !Eagle Eye

Dash / Bad Manner / Web

#showtooltip Bad Manner
/cast Dash
/cast [target=focus,harm,nodead][target=target,harm.nodead][]Bad Manner
/cast [target=focus,harm,nodead][target=target,harm,nodead][]Web

Silencing Shot

#showtooltip Silencing Shot
/cast [target=focus,harm,nodead][target=target,harm.nodead][]Silencing Shot

[aaal] XI. Addons

X-Perl Unit Frames - highly recommend these unit frames, shows my debuffs much bigger on enemies than other debuffs which makes it easy to see when my snares are about to expire so I can refresh them.

Gladius - invaluable arena addon, shows enemy team members as well as an icon next to their name with the time remaining if they’re in any sort of CC or defensive cooldown. It also shows and keeps track of Diminishing returns. extremely helpful addon.

Titan Panel - helpful addon, not necessarily pvp related, but it helps me keep track of a lot of important information and puts it all neatly at the top of my screen.

Recount - pve addon, shows dps. it also provides detailed information like the percentage of damage that each of your different shots does. not very useful for pvp though.

Dominos - this addon gets rid of the gryphons on the sides of your action bars and makes all your action bars much more flexible. highly recommended for pvp, helps reduce screen clutter for me because I can make the buttons as small as I want and put them wherever I want.

Deadly Boss Mods PvP - This is a good battleground addon, it displays timers for when bases will be taken and in capture the flag BG’s shows which team member has the flags and lets you click on their names to target them.

Sexymap - It makes your minimap sexy!

Tidy Plates - Recommended by a lot of pvpers, this is a great addon that tidies up the name plates of enemies.

Power Auras - Great addon, lets you set icons to pop up on screen for important enemy cooldowns (dispersion, ice block, etc)

Quartz - This is a cast bar addon that I really like, it shows a little white bar above the cast bar for your auto attacks.

Pitbull - This is an alternate unit frames addon if you don’t like x-perl.

Bartender - An alternate action bar addon if you don’t like dominos.

Cooldowns (OmniCC, Doom Cooldown Pulse, Cooldown Watch) - OmniCC will show numbers on the icons of your abilities with cooldowns and also works with a number of other action bar addons.

Doom Cooldown Pulse flashes the icon of your ability when it cools down so you know it’s ready to use again.

Cooldown Watch - shows your cooldowns in a customizable window.

Elkano’s Buff Bar - This is a buff bar that makes seeing when buffs are about to expire much easier.

Afflicted - This lets you keep track of enemy cooldowns such as blink, very useful.
[aaam] XII. Battlegrounds

a. Your role in battlegrounds

A hunter has a myriad of tools to help his team win any battleground, and it is not limited to simply being an assassin. Most of the time your primary role is going to be the assassin, picking off that annoying healer or flag carrier from a distance. However, hunters can be extremely useful in many other ways. For example, say there’s a warrior and a death knight guarding a base in AB while you and a rogue are about to assault it. You both could just try to go toe to toe with them, maybe you’d win, maybe not. However, you can use yourself as bait to lure them away from the flag, letting your rogue sneak around and take the flag while they’re distracted by your annoying kiting. This causes your team to take the base sooner, and is a great strategy if your team is heading to the base to back you up.

Take advantage of tracking! Tracking is an invaluable tool given to only two classes. Tracking allows you to see an incoming assault before it happens, or be able to quickly see how many enemies are defending a base. Combined with eagle eye you make an excellent scout. You should take advantage of these abilities and call out to your team every chance you get with information about enemy movement. Making macros is helpful here too, for example “Large incoming to Mine!”, “Small incoming to Waterworks.”, or “One visible defender at Mage Tower”.

b. Warsong Gulch/Twin Peaks

As a hunter you are an excellent flag defender in capture the flag BG’s. sit in camo in the corner while putting your traps on the flag and then light someone up when they come to take it. This works well when you have at least a few people helping you. Even if you’re the only one defending and their whole team comes to take the flag if you have an ice trap down, wait for them to trip it and then drop another, you’ll be able to delay them for a decent amount of time. What this does is change the location of the battle in midfield, moving it closer towards your base (assuming your team isn’t delayed as well) meaning your flag carrier has a shorter distance to run from the site of the battle than their flag carrier does. Even if your team loses the midfield battle, it gives your team more time to pick up the enemy flag again to prevent the capture.

With the somewhat recent change to flag mechanics I feel that hunters have become a less viable class to actually carry the flag. We can no longer cast deterrence while holding the flag, it simply doesn’t let us do it. Feign death with the flag is also a no-no, it causes the flag to be dropped. Furthermore, for engineers we can no longer use the belt tinker nitro boosts while carrying the flag, they will activate but it will cause the flag to be dropped. It is for these reasons that I prefer not to carry the flag in these battlegrounds, I make a much better flag supporter. Don’t forget that you can cast master’s call and roar of sacrifice on any friendly target, not just yourself, these two abilities can make life much easier for your flag carrier, especially when combined with a well placed ice trap. I find it is much easier to pump out dps when I’m left alone than when everyone is gunning for me, like when I have the flag.

During a flag standoff, hunters are excellent at finding the enemy flag carrier and taking him down. Tracking has become less useful now that Blizzard has made it so you can see the enemy flag carrier on your map after a few minutes, but it is still helpful for finding out where their carrier is initially. You can also find out how many enemies are defending their flag carrier, which is extremely useful in figuring out how many players should come with you on offense.
c. Arathi Basin/Battle for Gilneas

Being a scout is extremely important in capture point battlegrounds like AB and BfG. Being able to inform your team about enemy movement via eagle eye and tracking is one of your most important roles and should always be on your mind. In AB, if my team controls at least 3 bases, I like to position myself in between two bases my team controls so as to be able to quickly come to the aid of one of the bases if it comes under attack and simultaneously inform my teammates of the attack.

Being an engineer is useful here as I can camouflage on the road between blacksmith and mine and if mine comes under attack I can use my parachute cloak to quickly reach the flag without taking fall damage. In Gilneas, if my team controls 2 bases I camo about halfway in between them making sure to have the enemy’s base in my tracking range. Once I see the enemy team move out, I inform my team and head towards the base they’re assaulting to help out. When a base is under heavy attack and you’re probably going to die, make sure you keep them from capturing the point as long as you possibly can to buy time for your team to come to your aid. Controlling your pet while in deterrence is useful here, I like to employ my crab’s thunderstomp ability near the flag to interrupt everyone while I’m in deterrence shrugging off damage, you can also place a snake trap while in deterrence as the snakes will interrupt flag assaulting.

When deterrence is over make sure you multi shot at the flag every few seconds.
When assaulting bases make sure you always flare on yourself as you begin to take the flag if it looks like there’s no one defending it. It’s good practice to flare on yourself whenever you’ll be standing still for a few seconds anyway even if you’re not the only one around.
If there’s just one enemy defending a base I always try to assault the base before engaging my opponent. Obviously if it’s a hunter, warlock, frost mage, or unholy death knight this usually won’t be possible as even if you CC them, they can just have their pet interrupt you as you try to take the flag. However, if your enemy’s trinket is down it’s very possible (especially with the recent 1 second decrease to flag capture time) to scatter shot freeze trap and assault the base while they’re frozen. The trick is to be next to the flag when you trap them so you can immediately start taking it. This way even if you lose the 1v1, you’ve bought your team at least half a minute where that base isn’t generating resources for the other team, in a close game a 30 second assault like this can sometimes determine the outcome. One last note about this, as survival it’s sometimes possible to do this even if two non-pet classes are defending a base via scatter/trap on one and wyvern sting on the second while taking the base, I’ve only pulled this off once though.

d. Strand of the Ancients

In Strand of the Ancients, the demolishers are 95% of the time what causes a team to win or lose. As a hunter you make an exceptional demolisher protector and killer. On offense we have a lot of tools to protect demolishers that are under attack. Scatter shot, wing clip, concussive shot, ice traps with entrapment, pet abilities, wyvern sting and freezing traps should be used as much as possible to keep the enemy team off of your demos. Because we have so many tools to protect the demos, I find myself to be more useful protecting them than actually riding in them controlling them.

On defense we can use those same tools to stop the enemy demolishers. It’s imperative that the demos always have some kind of snare or slow on them, they do a ton more damage to gates if they’re next to them than if they’re far away. If there’s just one you can just keep reapplying concussive shot or wing clip until it’s destroyed. If there’s more than one it becomes a little more tricky though. I like to use a combination of ice traps and running next to one keeping wing clip on it while keeping conc shot on the other. It’s important when trying to ice trap demolishers that you lead them, meaning set the trap where they’re going to be, not where they are so as to make up for the trap arming time. And don’t forget about seaforium bombs!
e. Isle of Conquest/Alterac Valley

The 40-man battlegrounds are personally my least favorite, as I feel that the more players there are, the less each individual player matters. However, one person can still make a big difference in whether your team wins or loses in these large-scale battlegrounds.

In Isle of Conquest, it’s all about having important bases and defending them as well as defending the seige vehicles. See my Strand of the Ancients guide for info on how to deal with seige vehicles on both offense and defense. Once again I wouldn’t recommend actually piloting these vehicles because we make much better vehicle defenders. Defending bases is very important because if your team gets your main siege vehicle base (either docks or workshop) assaulted it can provide a significant lead for the other team in their assault upon your keep, so make sure you defend important bases your team has in addition to the vehicles.

In Alterac Valley, defending and assaulting towers is very important and usually determines which team wins. As a hunter I find it very difficult to fight up in those extremely tight quarters of the towers, but it is still very possible to fight and get kills in the towers, you just have to be very precise. Use the same strategy here as in capture point battlegrounds like AB and gilneas and use tracking to inform your team of a pending attack on a tower. We also do a great job at helping out dpsing the enemy bosses.

f. Eye of the Storm

In eye of the storm I rarely venture to midfield. I find I am much more useful to my team when I am at one of the bases we control defending it, or going with an assault team to take a new base. We make excellent assassins, and in this tug of war style base system, being able to kill and stay alive is very important, and we do it well if we have some support. As stated in the wsg/battle for gilneas section we don’t make very good flag carriers and I will only be concerned with the flag if it’s heading in my direction and I can quickly assist (if our team has it) or try to kill the enemy flag carrier. Note: In Rated Eye of the Storm the bases are capture points like in AB.

g. Tol Barad

In Tol Barad, one well placed ice trap can delay a good chunk of the opposing team from reaching a base for 15-20 seconds, especially if they all dismount to kill you, it may not seem like much, but it could buy your team enough time to take a base. If you’re survival, don’t underestimate your aoe damage potential with multi-shot and serpent spread. As a hunter you have an excellent view of the battle unfolding at the bases, keep an eye out for healers and inform your team via macros and hunters mark so your team can quickly burst them down. Also inform your team about which bases the enemy team is heading to as well as how many are defending each base.

[aaan] XIII. Dueling/Class Strategies

"If you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle."
-Sun Tzu

a. Foreword, what I will be assuming

This section is devoted to 1v1 dueling strategies. Knowing how to handle certain classes is extremely important, whether someone jumps you in a contested area, one of your friends decides to bet money on a duel, or if an arena match ends in a 1v1, it’s very important to know what to do when it’s just you and him. I will assume that you are fighting in an open space and both of you are aware of eachother’s presence when the fight begins, your enemy knows what he’s doing, and you’re both level 85 with equal gear levels. I will start with a short intro, then ways to tell that the class you are fighting is that spec, important abilities of this class/spec that you should know about as well as which of those abilities you should use your pvp trinket on, and finally the actual strategy for fighting that class/spec. I will not be covering healers in this section because it’s usually pretty silly to duel healers as both of you won’t die for a long time and in BG’s and world PvP you’re probably going to need someone else’s help to take them down anyways. I will be combining some classes and specs if the strategies are similar. 10 is a very difficult fight and 1 is a very easy fight.
[aaao] b. Arms/Fury Warrior - Difficulty: 7/10

Video Guide by Zumio:

Warriors can be a very tough class to take down. Plate armor combined with excellent gap closers and amazing DPS spells a tough fight for us. However, we have a number of tools to keep these blade-wielding rage-mongers at bay.

If watching is more your thing, Zumio has a great dueling guide video here:

How to tell they’re Arms: two handed weapon wielding
How to tell they’re Fury: dual-wielding weapons

Abilities to know:

Charge/Intercept - 8-25 yard range (8-30 glyphed) with a 13 second cooldown (12 glyphed) and stuns for 1 second, generates 15 rage.

Hamstring - 10 rage, melee range maims the target slowing movement speed by 50% for 8 seconds, can be reapplied for a 5 second root every 30 seconds.

Intimidating Shout - 25 rage, 8 yard range, causes the targetted enemy to cower in fear and up to 5 nearby enemies to flee in terror for up to 8 seconds. 2 minute cooldown

Throwdown - 15 rage, melee range 45 second cooldown, stuns the target for 5 seconds.

Piercing Howl 10 rage, 10 yard range, causes all enemies within 10 yards to be dazed, reducing movement speed by 50% for 8 seconds.

Enraged Regeneration - 15 rage, 3 minute cooldown, regenerates 30% of your maximum health over 10 seconds, can only be used while enraged and no enrage effects may be gained while active.

Heroic Leap - 8 - 40 yd range 1 min cooldown
Leap through the air towards a targeted location, slamming down with destructive force to deal (1 + 0.5 * AP) damage on all enemies within 8 yards.

Bladestorm - 25 Rage, 1.5 minute cooldown. You become a whirling storm of destructive force, instantly striking all nearby enemies for 150% weapon damage and continuing to perform a whirlwind attack every 1 second for 6 seconds. While under the effects of bladestorm you do not feel pity or remorse and cannot be stopped unless killed or disarmed, but you cannot perform any other abilities.

Victory Rush -Instantly attack the target causing (AP * 56 / 100) damage and healing you for 20% of your maximum health.  Can only be used within 20 sec after you kill an enemy that yields experience or honor. With talents and glyphs can get up to 50% healing.

What to trinket: Throwdown or Intimidating shout
Marks: I prefer to use freezing traps on dps warriors as marks. It allows me to get some range and safely fire an aimed shot, chimera shot combo. Be aware of the window of time that the charge cooldown grants you and make sure you’re forcing him to charge every 13 seconds. Don’t stack escapes. By this I mean don’t use deterrence and disengage, or master’s call and disengage at the same time. For example, he charges you and hamstrings, wing clip, masters call and get to range. He heroic leaps, disengage. He bladestorms, deterrence. He piercing howls, scatter shot/freezing trap. Always know what abilities you have left and don’t use more than you have to. Practice swapping from aoth and aotf as your focus goes up and down, always be planning your next shot and your next escape. Make sure you keep concussive shot or wing clip on him 100% of the time. Edit: Warriors will no longer get victory rush procs off of killing your snakes, this has been fixed recently, so feel free to use snake trap to proc entrapment, just be aware that you won't be able to freeze trap the warrior if you do so.

If you get throwndown and your trinket is down, use RoS to negate some of the incoming damage. If your trap is up and you know his trinket is down and he doesn’t have any bleeds on you you can scatter trap and bandage a few ticks, keep an eye on your debuffs. For this reason I don’t like to use serpent sting against warriors until they’re almost dead. Tranquilizing shot is extremely important against warriors, it dispells one magic buff and one enrage buff on your target. Most of the time warriors will have at least a couple magic buffs on them from other classes, as well as their own enrages. Enraged regeneration is an extremely good self-heal available to warriors, but is only useable if they’re currently enraged, so just be prepared for the very likely possibility that you’ll have to dps through an extra 30% of their health. 4.3 Update: Use widow's venom on him if he uses enraged regen to negate some of the healing. You should be tranqing his enrages because most of them increase his damage output dramatically. One last interesting note as marks in this matchup is that warriors cannot use any of their shouts while silenced from silencing shot.

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