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I no longer care that non-raiders can't get current shoulders and helms. I just wanted a matching set--doesn't much matter which set.

Also, I am so glad I hung onto my T9 pieces.

Please keep the requirement that you need to own gear to transmogrify from it. I'd love to see people running old raids and dungeons more.

Kudos, Blizz. I never gave much thought to the appearance tab idea, but now that I have, this is a great addition I'm really looking forward to.

Now I'm gonna go run some BC raids on my pally for the Lightbringer set.
Why the lame restriction on only items with stats? There are lots of great RP items out there with no stats that would be so much fun to wear. I have an awesome Kirin Tor Wizards outfit that makes me look almost identical to Wendle Sparkshine in Dalaran. I would really love to wear this and actually feel like a mage of the kirin tor. Please don't take the fun out of this awesome improvement and allow gear with no stats to be used. Please...

I really doubt that the weapons will be restricted to having to be the same type. After all if your BiS in T13 is a dagger then they have killed their attractiveness of transmogrification if you have to use a sword to equip the legendgary. You might as well just equip the legendary in town as you can now as you still don't want to run around anywhere dangerous with it.

And I hope you have to own the gear in order to equip it. Although that is tough on the people who ran out of space and deleted sets that are now unavailable.

They did say that you won't be able to change types, right in the post. They even pointed out ranged weapons as the only exception to the rule.

I understand what they posted, but my point is since the design philosophies of fast offhand swords (namely, the fact that they no longer available over the past few raid tiers) precludes the ability to reskin to the Twinblades set, it should be made into an exception to that rule.
n general, only items that have stats can be used in the transmogrification process. Similarly, they won’t allow you to change weapon or armor types.

While I'm psyched (and about to begin farming for stuff), does this mean no chance of being a full-time Bloodsail Admiral? Or even my spring tuxedo?

If not, that just sucks, but I'll be okay knowing I can wield dual Dark Herrings, forever.

What do you think?

I think it's great. I think you have nailed a pretty decent compromise between classes looking like they should (IE- no pvp warrior that looks like a caster craziness) and people customizing what they look like.

The only restriction that confuses me is weapon type. I understand it's probably easier on the programmers to do this the way you're doing it now. However, someone who wants to use, say, fist weapons exclusively (people like monks. And prot warrior human tanking using their fists is badass) is still at the mercy of the tier if they just want to look like they're using their preferred weapon type or weapon.

Even better example. Someone happens to have an old tier sword they like and want to use. But their best in slot weapon right now is a mace. They just have to suck it up and be unable to use their tier sword they love.

I would rather every weapon be able to be transmogrified as a diff weapon type (that you can use) and not just bows and guns.

That's my only gripe.

Also, I think some clarification on what happens to the weapon/armor you use in the process is necessary. I really hope that the weapon you use to 'reskin' the one you have equipped isn't consumed in the process. That would just be incredibly cruel and unnecessary :\.
I actually really like that they're adding an in-game reason for this long-awaited feature, rather than just having it be part of the interface. I don't even mind that it costs gold: Light knows this game needs more effective gold sinks.

That said, I really, really, REALLY hope the cost scales to the iLvl, because if the gold cost is high enough to be prohibitively an end-game feature, it will destroy half the appeal of the concept: namely, leveling with the appearance you like and not looking like a different mishmash of shapes and colors every few levels.

Additionally, please rethink the weapon restrictions: A staff shouldn't be able to become a one-handed axe, BUT a two-handed axe should be able to become a two-handed sword, and a staff should be able to become a pole-arm, etc. As long as the weapons use the same animation for attacking, I think they should be interchangeable.

Just as an example for why this is important: Illidan's Twin Blades. What rogue or warrior or DK uses two one-handed swords? There just aren't enough of them in each tier to let you keep the Twin Blades graphic, because you're likely to use a sword MH and axe OH, or mace MH and sword OH.

This applies to non-legendaries too of course: if someone's favorite weapon is Death's Bite or Gorehowl, any time an axe isn't the BiS for a tier, they won't be able to use it.

Anyway, just wanted to point out some of the minor concerns :) Overall very happy WoW has finally become a modern MMO (ironic, I know, that the game that redefined modern MMO's has gone over 7 years without a feature that every other one does).

Thank you!
AH MA GAWDDDDDDD! <3 I lowe it. O_o I want it fast!
I knew there was a reason I was still running MC every week and why I had have the set saved in the bank already! This is so cool!
Sounds like time for my tailor to start crafting and stock-piling complete Black Mageweave gear sets to sell when 4.3 hits.
Very excited for this feature, it makes me want to go farm Hyjal/BT on my lock :D

How does it work with weapons? I have Hand of Rag in my bank, will I be able to turn that into my 2H Axe or do I need to be using a 2H mace?
Soooo.... do we need to own the items we want to change to? If so can we get 40 man Naxx back? A lot of people have lost items from inside there and many of the models weren't reused.
t's good that they're (at the moment) planning on allowing us to go into instances with transmogrified gear enabled. There's no reason for preventing us from doing so, and I don't even know why some players are asking for it. I can't even think of a reasonable down-side for doing so!
Um, the LFD tool is a really good reason. Seeing as it only checks what you have in your possesion to gauge your ilvl, griefers could easily equip lower tier gear and queue up just to mess with people. Restrictions are needed.

Here's the future of trade chat:

"LFM Deathwing Raid - Meet near Trade District for gear inspection" - which i thought the whole point of adding ilvl to all items was to remove the need for this. Now it will be brought back just to be sure Dressupbarbie the pally is not actually wearing t2, but has transmogrified gear that is proper ilvl for the raid content. Obviously this shouldn't be an issue if you are ONLY raiding with your guild, but i thought this was supposed to be a MMO and encourage people to branch out and play with strangers?

Don't get me wrong, i see the positive to this change as well, and it's great that Blizzard is finally adding it since players have been asking for it for a long LONG time, but restrictions need to be put in place to not allow the use of transmogrified gear in dungeons/raids/bgs/arenas otherwise it will be a mess.
This a really neat! I'm gonna start shopping around for the outfit I want!
Sigh I'm kind of sad about weapon restriction. My glaives will still be in the bank. Please rethink the weapon restriction.
BTW, here's a question if it can be answered yet:

The new feral druid staff in Firelands changes your cat's form to one of a fire cat. In future tiers, when you get a new staff to replace the Firelands one, if you make it look like the Firelands one, would the ability to have the firecat model also get transferred? This is a thing about appearance, after all.

Also, see no real reason why it can't look like you have a hammer instead of a dagger, or sword in terms of 1 handed weapons if that really is a restriction.

All the time baby!
This is brilliant. Gives us a reason to do some of the old content as well. So many cool weapons and pieces of gear to get now!
I can't wait for this to be released! :)
I knew all that random gear I've been hoarding would be useful one day

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