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This game is primarily about loot... its a status symbol, and defines the players place in the game. Taking away all visual cues around that will suck the soul out of this game 1000 times faster than the green "Heroic" tag on heroic loot could have ever dreamed of.

Status Symbol? Where?

The only items that get "status symbol" these days is legendaries, Heroic 4-pc Tier sets, and Heroic raid weapons. Anything else, even casuals got doing current content.

No one cares about "status symbols" for gear except for the top 5%....and there is a reason why there are the top 5%.

Plus, it's not like you can upgrade... so the status still applies. Just don't change yours.
I'm wondering how tier set colors will work with transmog. For example, I would very much like to retain the color scheme of Warlock T12 ilvl 378 while I work on getting ilvl391. The normal gear has an orange color scheme while the heroic is purple. My personal preference with this specific set is orange over purple. Will there be a way to keep the complete look of orange when I start becoming mixed and matched with heroic pieces here and there? How will we be able to retain the color of the piece that gets upgraded?
Dear Blizzard,

Please don't cave to the PvP community with their "not being able to tell who the weaker targets are simply by looking at their gear" complaints. All statements like that prove is that the weaker targets in BGs are preyed upon. Let's think about real life for a minute: If the world were an all out free-for-all, people would wear whatever they could find, not sets of armor that make them easily identifiable. Hell, even I'm guilty of looking at a fully geared warrior and thinking, "I need to stay the hell away from *that* guy". But come on, "Letting people transmogrify their PvP gear messes with my play style... ?" So? Times are changing. Change your play style. It'll make you a better player. I get it, I get it. PvP is only fun if you're the one facerolling the enemy. I understand. But come on. It's just a cosmetic change. If you're truly good at PvP, you'll figure out who's a beast and who's not, and you can go on your merry way preying on the clothies or the noobs.

I don't even care if you make it so the cosmetic changes don't apply in BGs and Arenas. Maybe there's even an option to turn off all cosmetic changes on the client side for those people that are hell bent on not seeing old tier sets.

In any event, this is a change that I've been looking forward to for a very long time. It's not quite armor dye, but it's a step in the right direction. I've always thought the earlier tier sets looked cooler than the more recent ones, and this gives me hope. The gear that I like the most *is* the PvP gear. Please don't make it so you can't mix PvP skins with PvE simply because the hardcore PvP players refuse to accept change.

And yes, I PvP. Yes, I mash buttons. And I'm pretty darn good at it, regardless of who I'm attacking. Once you realize what class they are, your mechanics should change. Their appearance, however, shouldn't affect that.

Thank you very much, Blizzard. I hope you make the right decision. ;0)
Concerning the inability to transmogrify legendary items...Sulfuras was closely copied/newly upgraded to the new one that drops from Firelands are those with this mace the only ones who will have a transmogrified look-alike legendary item?

Anyway, the point of my post.
Will we see the ability to "mog" legendary items in the future?
I really hope that if you still have the T0, or T0.5 gear in your bank you can trasmog those. That's the gear I worked hardest to get (since I did it level appropriate), with the timed run and all that. I loved the rogue set, and held on to most of it for 5ish years or however long it's been. I do realize there is a similar looking "set" within the BC dungeons, but I loved the color scheme of T.5, and I'd like to bring that back. Also, are you add the plain green sets, that showed up as "of the bear/monkey/ect..." for example, the Hyperion plate set was all green, but it's item level ranged from 56-59 or something. Be nice to see some of those totally random "sets" out there as well.

can you please make the Transmogrify part of the UI, instead of having to visit an NPC? i don't even care that you have to pay for it, but having to go to a city every-single-time you get a gear upgrade just to re-skin it is gonna be majorly annoying and frustrating (at the VERY least, put Transmogrify NPCs in EVERY city? i dont want to go to Orgimmar).

to me, it seems like this feature was tailored for end-gamers who always have to reforge/gem/enchant their gear before they equip it anyhow. but, for lower levels lvling up, this feature is gonna be a chore (and i ESPECIALLY dont wanna have to go outta my way to go to Orgimmar!).

and, i would really like to be able to use anything i can equip for looks, like, my Soul-Trader outfit. please? and to re-cap, please make it so we can use any 1-h wep to skin for any other 1-h wep, and any 2-h wep for any other 2-h wep.
Any thoughts on making some of the holiday outfits limited time use with transmog and open to all classes during a holiday event. It would be an one or two week usage for certain events and would be kinda nice to go raid with 24 other midsummer or Christmas outfits. At the end of the holiday just delegate them back to having to be equipped to be seen. Though I do see issues with some holiday achievements but hopefully that can be worked around.
09/01/2011 03:16 AMPosted by Zipzo
Are you serious? That's your complaint for this long awaited, awesome feature?


this "long awaited feature" is being implemented so wrong. its disappointing.

every other MMO that has an appearance altering feature, has it as PART of the equipment tab (hence, "appearance tab").

the way its going to be in WoW is that you HAVE to visit an NPC (in a city i like to avoid) just to re-skin your gear. you do know how annoying that gonna be every time you get a new piece of gear? is there anyway WHY we cant just have it part of the UI so we can drag-and-drop pieces of gear in/out when we feel?

and, yes, i don't like being limited in what we can equip as looks. it should be that anything we own and can equip, can be used as appearance (including white/gray quality items with no stats, and gear of different armour types).
we should be able to use any 1-h wep as appearance for any other 1-h wep, and the same with 2-h weps.
why are we forced to use dagger for dagger, sword for sword?
Way too many posts! Can someone tell me if BoA's are going to be able to be Transmorgrified?
09/02/2011 01:58 PMPosted by Metallic
Way too many posts! Can someone tell me if BoA's are going to be able to be Transmorgrified?

It was no at first, but now it's yes. Mailing BoAs will remove any mogging btw.
I sifted through my bank, equipped the items I'd saved forever, farmed for a couple of items to complete the look, and tamed a pet to match.

I am SO ready to spend some gold. This is the kind of fun stuff I like :)
love it!!! nothing else to say!
My only suggestions: allow shoulders to be turned off and the use of seasonal set pieces.
so ive read a couple places that claim that transmog'd gear won't be available while in BG's and Arenas...

if so, then WHY THE HECK NOT? any pvp'er with a brain knows health and mana pools determine gear and even spec of classes and players.

but if it is available, then wooohoo goin with mah headless horseman's helm! screw yall haterz

Just a thought I had when going through yet another "Please add some STR Polearms"! Now ranged weapons can be changed to any other ranged weapon under the current concept so my thought to help out a ton with such complaints is to extend that to melee weapons as well.

Consider this most racial bonuses are so good it's terribad to ignore them such as a human not using a sword. So every raid tier HAS to have a 2h sword, a 2h Mace, and a 2h Axe. This is good but the fact remains that it can be almost impossible sometimes to have RNG favor you enough to get what you need. And where does this leave weapons that don't have racial benefits? Relegated to classes that thematically shouldn't be using such things.

Now I know that there's a problem with fury not being able to wield polearms with TG. So you simply can't let us transmogrify willy-nilly I understand. So why not allow us to transmogrify any melee weapon to another melee weapon we can use however unlike ranged weapons the actual weapon type changes to match whatever the graphic of the item is. The first major effect is that players can obtain their racial bonuses even when the RNG hasn't been kind in addition to those players without bonuses being able to freely use any appropriate 2h or 1h weapon they desire without having to match it to whichever such weapon they use for stats. The second is that with such a system in place there's no longer a need to have every raid tier always have a 2h axe, sword, and hammer. The devs would be much more free to design whatever they want without worrying about covering racial weapons at all. The third and best aspect is that such a change would allow us to customize our suits much more freely. With such a change an elemental or resto shaman could freely transmog his main hand mace into any other main hand weapon he desires and has like a fist weapon. A combat rogue can transmog his Main hand and offhand into a fist weapon set with appropriate stats or even dual wield axes if that's what they wanted instead of being forced to use an offhand dagger because of it's fast speed and Combat's energy regen talents. There's a lot of room to let us build a look as is but with this we'll be free to go much, much farther.

Now for an example;
I have Akirus the Worm-Breaker. Since I'm a human I want to get the bonus from using a sword and I rather like swords to begin with. However Nef hasn't been kind enough to cough up his sword nor is my guild making much progress in Firelands for the shared boss drop sword. With my proposed change I can take any 2h sword in the game I please and transmog my hammer so that now not only does it look like a 2h sword but it also COUNTS as a 2h sword awarding me my racial benefit.

Now there are some potential issues to be sure. The first would be transmogging things into 1h or so much tomfoolery someone would try. So it couldn't simply be ANY weapon to ANY weapon. Only 2h swords, 2h axes, 2h maces, Staves, and Polearms could be used on each other. The one hand weapons would follow much the same rules with a special requirement of offhand fist weapons only be moggable to offhand weapons (due to graphic issues). The second would be TG and Polearms which if the weapon type is changed to polearms wouldn't be a problem as the weapon would immediately become an illegal equip much like switching specs to a spec without dual wield. The last problem I can see is that some names would be off due to being a different weapon type post mogging but that's not really an issue.

Allow us to transmog weapon types by 1h or 2h status and allow them to count as the new look's weapon type please!
I love the idea! Only thing more I could wish for was to be able to dye the gear into different colors as well. But I know this is alot of work, but would be fun none the less.

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