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09/07/2011 10:04 AMPosted by Chinesetiger
Might've already been answered, but can you transmogrify a class-specific armor piece to your gear if you're not the class? I.E, can I transmog my armor into Judgement or Lawbringer?

You must be able to equip the item to use it for mogging. So if you can't equip Lawbringer or won't be able to use them.

09/07/2011 10:15 AMPosted by Gxy
I know you need to have the piece of gear to make something else look like it. But what about gear that you have upgraded to its heroic version. Would you have to reacquire the non heroic piece again if you like that color scheme more?

Yes, you would have to obtain the piece again to use it's look. Even if the difference is just the color.
1.- I'm tired of using Rifles, we need dual guns or something like that
2.- BOA crossbow, Spear (for warriors & Paladins, i hate that spears are used only for Hunters and druid because they give Agility), one hand axes
3.- Transmogrification on Tabards
4.- Display amulets or something, i would like to see my Orc using a golden chain amulet, that would be really pimp.

A lot of NPCs have special outfits that mix cloth, leather, plate and mail, they look really awsome but with Transmogrification is going to be really hard. For example a troll shaman is not going to be able to use his Big Voodoo Mask
Since no tabard gives a permanent advantage, this is just a minor irritation more than an actual problem. You would only be wearing the tabards as long as you need rep, and even then only in 5-man dungeons.

While questing, while raiding, while PvPing, while running around in cities, or after you've gotten all the rep that you want/need, you can wear whatever tabard you want, or just not wear any.

What a stupid thing to say.

Nothing about transmogrification is intended to solve an "actual problem". The entire system is designed simply to allow you to wear one piece of gear for stats, and one piece of gear for looks.

The tabard suggestion fits in sync perfectly with that theme.

My warrior has been wearing this Argent Crusade tabard for the past few months now since I want the rep for the tournament, but since I cap my VP in raids every week I'm not really in any rush to be running dungeons just for rep.

When I do run a dungeon though once in a while for guildies, I want it to contribute to my Argent Crusade rep. If I take the tabard off just to run around in something pretty, I know there's a pretty significant chance that I'll forget to put it back on when I enter a dungeon, missing out on any rep gains.

Try to see past the tip of your own nose next time, and realize that everyone's situation is a little different when you decide to be argumentative just for the sake of hearing yourself talk.
Why the hell not!! This is the DUMBEST thing i have ever heard.
As a warrior, I found a set I really like - Paladin 3.5, I think it is, from Outland heroics. It includes:

Mask of Penance
Breastplate of Many Graces
Cassock of the Loyal

...and some others, but you get the idea. As you can see, these items are NOT paladin-specific, but my concern is that they have intellect on them and are clearly intended for pallies. Are these items restricted from me for transmogrifying, or is any plate fair game to a plate-wearer, excluding class requirements?
Can you PLEASE fix last laugh to not shine like it does right now? I dont know why or when it go changed.. but its by far the coolest 1 handed axe in the game, and the shine on the blade is just killing it. thank you

What do you think?

i haven't read the other posts, nor do i care to really. i'm going to respond to the OP.

I think it's a lazy way to fix laziness. Rather than redesigning skins to show some originality, you're allowing your player-base to do it for themselves. Sure, in a sense you'll be making someone who wants to wear lightbringer, or bloodfang, or whatever, happy that they can now, in their daily experiences. But i'll be stuck waiting for you to hire someone with an eye for fashion.
Forgive me if this has been asked before, When you transmorg a weapon, will it effect the enchant on that weapon. Or will it look like the weapon you used to change the graphic without the enchant effect.
Terrible idea. Way to make a great game lame. I have always given Blizz the benefit of the doubt, but this change is ridiculous. My guild now spends its time playing pretty pretty princess and claiming they are enjoying themselves. Endgame must be too hard. Awwwwww. Well, whatever makes them happy, they are still my friends, but this game is turning into a big paperdoll joke.
I put on my robe and wizard hat?
it will be nice to see the old armor sets again, and glaives and so on.

everyone has some item they like a lot for aesthetic reasons but have had to put it in their bags as it is no longer "viable".

it's good we have this option to make use of that gear once again without it being a dps/hps loss. just think, thunderfury with the stats of the tank sword off beth'tilac! :p

You will not be able to transmogrify using a legendary item as either the source or the recipient of a change.

This is the wrong choice. I've never had a legendary, but they are VERY hard to get, and VERY useless past their expansion. I would recommend allowing legendaries to act like heirloom gear for players of any level except their cap (it's not like their are too many of these, or they are too easy to get), and at the VERY least, allow their look to be copied if you own one.
09/10/2011 03:44 PMPosted by Nabkhet
Forgive me if this has been asked before, When you transmorg a weapon, will it effect the enchant on that weapon. Or will it look like the weapon you used to change the graphic without the enchant effect.

The transmogrified weapon takes the enchanted effect of the original weapon.
Please bring back the Merciless Gladiator's Crossbow of the Phoenix. The weapon has a lot of meaning behind it and one of the best designs of any ranged weapon. I know tons of other hunters would love this weapon back.
If your not letting us have the legendary, than make some non legendary weapons that come close to the look of some of them. To date, there is "not" a single weapon in wow that looks even close the the Twin Blades off of Illidan. The other ones have some sort of item that can look as cool or look even better. So, how about making some weapons that are like the Twin Blades?
WTB Shadowmourne Transmog... It'd complete my Transmog Set ='(
soon i hope should be fun
Blood-Tempered Ranseur

Would just like to add this to the list of things that could be returned to those that had them, and have since deleted/vendored/lost it. It's pretty significant to the Blood Elf Paladin, and it hurts each time i realize i don't have it anymore.....

sad panda wearing troll
What the... LOL
So is there any word on Blizzard making Transmog worthwhile to Feral or Balance Druids?

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