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Looks like we are going to be getting a Void Storage preview soon / tomorrow.

On the Transmogrification preview page, theres a "Patch 4.3 Preview: Void Storage" thing, the picture is just a pink square, and the link 404's....
This is great Blizz, good job and tyvm.

ps I'm so glad my priest kept her Chillwind Staff even tho the stats were silly for her.
08/17/2011 10:27 AMPosted by Elleii

Again, you can only get Warlord, Brutal, and Wrathful. None of the others, and for most classes, Vengeful and Merciless were the best.

You cant get merciless anymore?

Glad I have it on my rogue and lock.

You can, he's just ignorant.
Good. maybe this will slightly ease the pain of never getting my tier token to drop.
How will this work with tabards...

Like wearing the tabard of the Lightbringer and changing the appearance to say that of Tabard of Conquest. Will we keep the Use effect....

There is no tabard option.
08/17/2011 10:25 AMPosted by Itizamuh

Where...are...these vendors!?

The vendors in Gadgetzan and Dalaran, that people are mentioning, have the exact same options as the Legacy Quartermaster in Orgrimmar. And it does not have even close to all the gear from the past. Just the last season of each expansion.

The isle of Quel'danas has vendor that sell merciless and original gladiator for T4, 5, and T6 tokens.

Vengeful is unobtainable.

Off-pieces for for all seasons except the last one for each expansion are unobtainable with a few exceptions.
This makes me so very happy I have had robes of insite in my bank forever, that with my black mageweave leggings and i will be set for life lol.
Personally happy about this the mention of new/extra space makes me as a hoarder extremely insanely happy.
08/17/2011 10:27 AMPosted by Brostein
So, this idea that we have to own the sets is just pure speculation, isn't it.

it would make the most sense, and would be the right thing to do.

A lot of the gear players will want to use is many years old. I got rid of a lot of my old level 60, 70, and 80 gear to clear out bag space. Why shouldn't I be able to use the Nightslayer or Bloodfang appearance just because I didn't let the gear sit around wasting space for 5 years?
Still no mention from anyone with a source about actually needing to own the sets you wish to mimic.

"Transmogrification encourages players to hold onto items with sentimental or aesthetic value, and the Ethereals anticipate that personal bag and bank space will be at a premium now that everyone will be hoarding their frilly pantaloons and leather jerkins"

Is this it?
What about those of us who have a DK that hasn't seen or looted any old content?

We won't have any change options? I'm not even complaining about it, I am just wondering if that is a limitation?

Nothing's stopping you from running the old raids/whatever to farm up gear you want.

It may actually get me to go back and do them!
Will this be able to be used on pvp gear. I see many problems with it in the future if it did.
I'm sexually attracted to Blizzard now.
08/17/2011 10:11 AMPosted by Indoh
Please introduce a vendor with all the old PvP gear so we can at least try to get it if we desire to.

Please, I would like to use the Deadly Gladiator's Investiture Arena Season 5 Set.
Really excited for this, though before I can say anything we need to know, do we need the item before we can change other sets to look like it?
Because I'm missing a few pieces of tier 3. Unless you can convince them to bring naxx40 back =D
I feel like everyone has went mad! Kids in candy store.....ooooohhhhhh the shinies!

I think transmigrification is a horrible idea.

At first its 2 months everyone is wearing fruity armor combos and no one cares as much about different or newest armor anymore.

I seen this happen on eq after the game had been out for years. The outcome wsa not favorable.

To each his own, but big picture it changes an aspect of the game unlike any other change before. Nerfing a character or new content is one thing, but this will literally change how the game has functioned for years.

We gain nothing by this change but the quick fleeting joy of changing armor to our favorite skin.... then for eterenty we are bound to wear that skin for ages, making the game dull for many gear seekers.

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