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This is downright stupid. So you're telling me, if I go into arenas, and they have their gear Transwhateverthehell'd, I won't be able to see if they should be my first target? What the hell?

That's so imba, its not funny. And I, for one, really like the looks of my current gear. I am very disappointed, and I find this is just a desperate attempt to bring back the players who left for a lack of content.

I will never be using this pointless feature, and I disagree with it wholeheartedly. Blizzard needs to stop adding pointless aesthetic things, and start actually focusing on game content.

Dammit, Blizzard!

I've been clamoring for this since 2005. I was one of the big proponents and had many lengthy discussions about this concept.

Why did you wait until I quit to implement this!

On the other hand, you no longer have to look like a mole is eating your head.

I'd rather that then the idiocy that this change will bring.

At least I look like I'm in tank gear when I'm tanking.

No one is forcing you to use the transmogrifier.
08/17/2011 10:48 AMPosted by Morley
It gives a quick and dirty idea of what to expect from an opponent. I will concentrate more on a better equipped player than a lesser equipped player.


you should assume every character is geared up to take you's like this is the ONLY PVP complaint and it's not even a good one because many people never looked at gear until this feature was being talked PVP wants its foot in the door to try and stop it like if theyve been inspecting gear since the end of time.

times like this i REALLY wish blizz would make a poll so people could see how most PVPers could careless about inspecting gear at all.
it will be nice to see the old armor sets again, and glaives and so on.

everyone has some item they like a lot for aesthetic reasons but have had to put it in their bags as it is no longer "viable".

it's good we have this option to make use of that gear once again without it being a dps/hps loss. just think, thunderfury with the stats of the tank sword off beth'tilac! :p

You will not be able to transmogrify using a legendary item as either the source or the recipient of a change.
What is with the restrictions on weapons? I can understand not being able to change something from say 1h to 2h, or from a melee weapon to a caster weapon ect, but I think the restriction on weapon types is a bit too strict. There are usually only 1-2 viable weapons per tier for each role, so if the BiS weapon happens to not be the same type as the vanity weapon you want to change it into then you're stuck with it.

What I'd suggest is grouping the weapons a bit looser. For instance, 1h melee such as maces swords and axes are 1 group, daggers are another, 2h melee would be another grouping, staffs would be another, and so on. And the weapons could be changed to any other in that grouping. So say I was using my mandible of beth, since its really the only tank weapon this tier, but I want it to look like the axe from 10 man LK, I could do that, but if I wanted it to look like sulfuras or dragonwrath I couldn't.

What do you think?

I think you should let me use the teir 4 set without making me go get it 1st XD
08/17/2011 10:54 AMPosted by Kaivax
You will not be able to transmogrify using a legendary item as either the source or the recipient of a change.

I'm crying Kaivax! Are you happy?!

Nevermind I don't actually have any legendaries, but still.
Very excited for transmogrification and void storage!

It'd be really nice if the same-armor-type restrictions weren't in place for the helm. There are a lot of fun cloth helms available, much moreso than other things like gloves and pants.

As a person who has a vast collection of stylish cloth hats (and a few leather and mail ones), I may be slightly biased.
Add 1 stat on white vendor sets so we can transmo into them pretty please !

Some of these sets are really good looking, I want to look like a grunt !

Please do this Blizzard. Go all the way or nothing with this project. Please don't introduce an awesome new feature just to nerf it and take half the fun away.

You can, he's just ignorant.

No, I'm pointing out what can be bought with honor, and I'm right. You can waste time doing old raid content if you want; I'm one of many who are supporting the notion that you shouldn't have to have saved everything, and that owning it beforehand should be enough. Keep spouting your crap, though.

You can still get it. Just because you choose not to isn't anybody's problem but yours.
This is all good news but I do have one burning question. I apologize if it's been answered already.

Didn't someone like Zarhym actually pride himself the ability to recognize what kind of gear people are wearing just at a glance? What sort of good is this doing when we're essentially all wearing false disguises now? Did this concept just totally get thrown out of the window for the sake of aesthetic customization?

I suppose it might be possible that Blizzard will force the gear to switch back to it's original model when you enter into a PVP arena. Then when you leave you get your custom look back.

And world pvp? I'd hate to be surprised by a prot pally I thought was holy, or anything when I expect something else. The realism and immersion are poorer for this change :(
08/17/2011 10:54 AMPosted by Kaivax
You will not be able to transmogrify using a legendary item as either the source or the recipient of a change.

But the pic has a sulfuras. QQ.


1. If you have one weapon, but dual wield, can you use the same source for both weapons provided they are compatible?

2. Is it possible to transmogrify some slots into blank? (Best not to allow chest, for obvious reasons.)

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