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People complaining about PVP, why not just make the requirement that you can only transmogrify PvP (Resilience) gear with another piece that has Resilience?

This doesn't change much at all. The whole argument revolves around the ability to disguise yourself in *any* way, shape, or form in pvp. Being able to change yourself to look like a previous season still alludes to the fact that you cannot correctly identify your target's gear on a whim as should be (at least so far in the 7ish years of WoW).

I disagree, implementing a Resilience -> Resilience only restriction should be enough. Also, as someone else mentioned, Druids by design "disguise" themselves. There are other indicators: health, Mana, maybe your personal/team mmr... I mean if you're a pro 2400 ranked PvP player queuing for a match, I'm pretty sure you will very likely face another pro player in similarly stacked pvp gear.
Please let weapons be transmogrified into any weapon that will fit into that slot.

IE: 2H Axe to look like a 2h Mace, 1h Sword to 1h Axe. Not Daggers to Swords, or Axe to Polearms if those cause complications.

But I see no reason a 2h axe cant become a 2h mace.
08/17/2011 11:13 AMPosted by Liorna

so you care more about how they look and less about how well they do? who cares what they look like if they can preform

For immersion and realism, absolutely. I don't play to get teh lewtz, I play cause I like the escapism. The disconnect is jarring. Even the concept is making this game less enjoyable to me :(

Not seeing much of a difference between a DPS wearing t12 and a DPS wearing t2 in a raid. They look slightly different, oh well? They're still wearing the same type of armor they'd be wearing in their current role.

Heck, all hybrid armor is the same anyway. You "wearing holy gear while tanking" will look the same as you wearing that set's tanking set.
08/17/2011 11:13 AMPosted by Liorna
For immersion and realism have a tree eating your face...where's the realism?

08/17/2011 11:13 AMPosted by Liorna
No, but I don't have to raid with them wearing it.

well I sincerely wish you luck then finding competent players to raid with....especially if everyone decides to use this feature :)
Blizz, you have regained my faith. Thank you!
I'm happy for those that have been waiting for this feature as well as a show of proof that Blizzard does indeed listen to an extent.

But for me, this is only a step in the right direction. Perhaps the armor models were simpler in older games (can almost guarantee they were) lik Asheron's Call 2 and Star Wars Galaxies but, what I really miss is the ability to die/color your armor. As noted, perhaps WoW's models are too complex with too many colors used in them to allow players that ability. Or, perhaps color (rgb) values aren't stored in the database that way. I suspect games where this was done had their armor objects have primary, secondary, etc. color value fields but, in the case of WoW, it just may pull in an armor graphic with no other values alterable.

Still though, to be able to not only select the physical style of your armor but also the color(s) would be sweet. Want to portray "the black knight"? Dye all your armor black. Have a guild made up mostly/all of friends that are fans of the same team? Dye your armor to use those team colors. Want to blend into the background as a hunter? Take that Giantstalker set and dye it camo.

And for those who are going to say something like "Some people are never happy" or some such, please realize that I never once voiced for this feature to be added (as it's being delivered, I have chimed in on the idea of armor dying before) nor am I likely to really make use of it but, who knows. A lot will depend on how much of a gold sink it is I suspect.
Oh, the amount of armor and tier I've been saving up for this day.

My small amount of bag/bank space will be totally worth it!
Weapon limitations seem a bit too strict. Seeing as all the cool old weapons for rogues are swords, and there are no one handed swords in the current tier...

Remove the limitation of weapon type like you did for ranged, and just keep the one-hand to one-hand requirement, as well as the usable flag.

Some argument could be made for keeping daggers as daggers, though I dislike that since we are stuck with dagger off hands and well...wtb legendaries.

Just open it up more and disable it in BGs/Arenas imo.
Although a nice change, still not enough to renew my sub Sunday :(
Finally, I can get my Mage out of a robe and into some awesome pants again with the Ulduar set.
Wishing I hadn't deleted my previous tier pieces now :( I was running out of bank space and didn't think I'd ever practically need it. Unfortunately, it looks like you can't change the visual of the item unless you already have it. Guess I'll be doing some old world raids for the t1 and t2 dungeon pieces
This basically punishes Lore Masters for doing all the quests already. In order to get the look I want, I'm going to have to reroll DK and start over again to get my quest / starter gear?


We would like to offer some alternative ways to get favorite items that are no longer available, such as perhaps the dungeon tier sets or the DK start gear. This is something we will expand over time – not every favorite item will be immediately available at launch. But we’ll keep a list of items that get requested by the players and work to get them in someday.

Please, no.

While it almost pains me to say it, old sets should not be re-released. I never got T3, but I don't want to see non-40Naxx raiders running around with T3. If items are removed, don't go through and re-add them for the sake of it. Lightening the restrictions on the feature is fine, but don't start re-releasing gear. :(
Kaivax make sure you pass this on :P
- Items used in the Transmogrification process cannot be sold back to the vendor.

Otherwise by week 2 of a PVP season, everyone is going to look like they are in the full set of the new gear.
08/17/2011 11:08 AMPosted by Xelnia
Without knowing the specific details of the gear involved, with rounding, one of the pictures showing the transmogrification process lists 119 gold (rounding up) as the price to alter said piece of gear.

I wouldn't doubt it, many people have said on the forums they have too much gold and there needs to be a gold sink. I wouldn't doubt if this was also to decrease the gold players have.

(Not that I mind at all, but just me theorycrafting)
08/17/2011 11:17 AMPosted by Lunius
Blizz, you have regained my faith. Thank you!

It's about to be destroyed, this just looks like one of Blizzard's funny trolls.

Do people wearing old gear in capital cities bother you this much as well?

No, but I don't have to raid with them wearing it, and I would know it when my opponent wasn't wearing end content gear.

Why would it bother you when raiding but not in a capitol city? I'd think if you're raiding with people, you'd know them well enough to already have an idea what their gear is. However, if it's a big deal with you, simply don't raid with people who want to use transmogrification, no one's forcing you to group with people who disagree with you on this.

As for pvp, I always here people telling me that it's skill that matters in pvp, and not the person's gear. Seems you should be able to compensate regardless of what they're actually wearing if you pvp well.

For immersion and realism, absolutely. I don't play to get teh lewtz, I play cause I like the escapism. The disconnect is jarring. Even the concept is making this game less enjoyable to me :(

I don't get the disconnect, people can already bring mismatched gear to raids, and some of the older tiers of gear look just as epic as the current one. Where's the disconnect in a paladin wearing tier 2 armor, for example? He still looks like a paladin.

In a multi-target enviroment I will look for the beter equipped player first. Always. Always have. I have always used armor sets to judge targets and I'm just a casual PvPer. Those who are truly serious about it have a much bigger gripe than I do.

It shouldn't bother you at all what I see from my end of the computer. Period. Unless you are a target, your clothing doesn't mean squat to me since I don't RP at all.

The complaint is valid. Changing your gear appearance affects my game play, me not seeing it doesn't affect yours.

So you always go for the most heavily armored badass even when there's a nice squishy T11/ZA/ZG geared mage nuking you who you could three shot?

And they say taunts don't work on players.

All of this, The PVP gear at a glance thing has always been a WRONG direction. You should not assume that GEAR = PLAYER . This game is run by numbers, numbers affected by gear, however the implementation of those numbers far outweighs just putting the epic on.

As a decked out crappy player will still suck at their role, a moderately played moderately geared player will most likely come out the victor. Since all the tools of the class and spec are realized and streamlined.

It's not a very valid argument. Its an easy mode technicality built into the current PVP environment. And yes, Druids bypass that argument entirely.

/rambling on

Not seeing much of a difference between a DPS wearing t12 and a DPS wearing t2 in a raid. They look slightly different, oh well? They're still wearing the same type of armor they'd be wearing in their current role.

I'm talking about the immersion and realism of "oh hey you got a new staff, where'd you get it?". With the change I won't see the new staff, they'll be wearing some random green from westfall.

The disconnect is jarring. It takes you out of the reality of the game. I don't like it.

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