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I've seen a handful of threads about the new feature as a whole, but what about weapons? It was stated earlier via blue post that legendaries would not be options for transmogrification. Personally, I feel this is a let down. I was really looking forward to seeing people rocking Warglaives again. Maybe even seeing a thunderfury tank or two. But as it seems, you will not be able to do so.

However, I'm not here to push my opinion. I'm here to see what other's opinions are. What is your status on the issue? Do you feel it should be implemented? No? Why not?

allready several active threads on this.
I haven't seen just a plain discussion one yet.
08/18/2011 03:14 AMPosted by Llexii
I haven't seen just a plain discussion one yet.

This thread got a blue post ;)
08/18/2011 03:17 AMPosted by Solaru
I haven't seen just a plain discussion one yet.

This thread got a blue post ;)

That just reroutes to the main discussion thread, which encompasses the whole deal. I felt a more specific topic was necessary. But it seems nobody is interested. ;p
i want legendary transform plzzzzzz

i have the thunderfury which means i own it

and if this system comes out

blz should let those ppl who own lengendary able to transform

or the lengendary will forgotten by ppl
Already answered in the blog:

Similarly, they won’t allow you to change weapon or armor types. Sneaky death knights can’t make that breastplate look like a cloth robe, and you can’t make a one-handed axe look like a two-handed axe, or transform a sword’s appearance into that of a mace.

So if you have the same kind of weapon equipped, it can look like that legendary.

If your best weapon is a 2 hand mace, while the legendary is a 2 hand sword, no. The weapon you have equipped would have to be a 2 hand sword too.

Guns, bows, and crossbows will be the exception to this rule. You will finally be able to retain your dwarf’s racial gun bonus while appearing with all the splendor and elegance of a bow wielder (or at least the relative silence of one).

So I have a gun equipped. If I still had the epheonix crossbow, or whatever, I'd be able to have it look like that (since guns/bows/xbows are the exception to the rule.) But I don't have it, having deleted it for bank space.

That is what will make people the most angry; I kept stuff like my old PVP set around, but finally did delete it for space pre Cata. From the description it will indeed be only stuff you own (hence them mentioning "void space", so it sounds like the items you own can be in "void space", which would then be what you are taking on the appearance of)

Its all explained in that blog. It doesn't specifically mention "legendary", but it says any weapon as long as it is the same type (2 hand sword for 2 hand sword, 1 hand sword for 1 hand sword, etc.) Like a priest could have the look of benediction again, as long as they are wielding a 2 hand staff again.
Tom Chilton specifically states no legendary in the Q&A following the press conference.
A 1h sword can look like a 1h sword.

A dagger can look like a dagger.

Plate armor can look like plate armor.

Only cross-dressing weapons they mentioned would be guns/bows/crossbows.

Just because you own a legendary doesn't mean you should be able to make all of your weapons look like it.
08/18/2011 04:21 AMPosted by Kybeorie
I read the blog. I don't need an explanation of the feature. I was just wondering what people thought about legendary transmogrifying and whether it should be implemented, or why it's good that it isn't.

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