MG Care Package, Needs Being Updated

Moon Guard
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Bump for a really good idea and way to make the server happy
Off the second page. <3 Taking a break from other projects to work on this one soon.
Orc booty bump.
Working again.
As a note, I am no longer passing out anything on Sarodo. It is now my priest Ladania who is running the side of the project. All requests and donations need to go to her as Sarodo no longer exists.

:( no one likes my derp forsaken.
Up you go!
I'll keep those donations coming. :)

i hit the mail cap again
The Queen's mailbox is no doubt full of petitions.
hi guys. whats going on here?
what's that weird story i see behind the gbank pics about?

AND what so i can ask for stuff, and i get it for free?

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