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Hey so currently im level 70 on this toon and i have leveled to 85 4 times previous and it gets really boring at around this level... that being said what is the fastest way to get to 85, questing, bgs, dungeons? mix of each?
Anyone know the fastest way to level
The way that keeps you playing long enough to get there. Gritting your teeth to level is a recipe for burnout at cap.
Quests filled in with some AV wins!
08/09/2011 06:57 PMPosted by Timewarped

By my best estimate about 4 times faster. I leveled my druid 70-80 through quests, and it was insanely fast.
I leveled my priest 70-85 through Dungeon Finder. 70-80 was definitely slower, and 80-85 was painful, at best.
Hope this helps.
Mix of quests plus dungeons, alcohol helps a lot trying to get through Northrend. I'm about to drag alt number 5 through that place myself. ::shudder::

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